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IX TORINO 2006 PARALYMPICS WINTER GAMES March 10-19 2006 La Presse - Cesana San Sicario - View of the Biathlon facility CLASSIFICATION AT THE TORINO 2006 PARALYMPIC WINTER GAMES Classification is simply a structure for competition, providing a means to categorize athletes according to their ability to perform certain movements and tasks of a particular sport so that their sport performance is compared to other athletes with similar ability. This forms the framework for competition. The objective of classification is to allow competitive success to be determined by strategies, skills and talent of athletes and teams and not due solely to the function determined by the athletes’ physical, sensorial or intellectual ability. Traditionally, there are six different athlete groups in the Paralympic Movement. Historically, athletes were assigned to an athlete group based on medical diagnosis and associated impairment: Athletes with amputation Athletes with cerebral palsy Athletes with visual impairment Athletes with spinal injuries Athletes with intellectual disability Athletes called ‘Les Autres’ (a group of athletes not covered by other sport organizations and classification systems) The Classification process helps form the rules and regulations for each sport. Each sport on the Paralympic Programme has defined its own method by which athletes are allocated sport classes. To do this Sports certify and appoint individuals to conduct the process of classification. These people are known as classifiers. A variety of processes, including physical and technical examination and observation in and out of competition, help determine an athlete’s sport class. Classifiers assign sport classes through a variety of sport specific and general evaluations that determine the level of movement and function of each athlete. The length of time necessary to determine the sport class varies by sport (ie. one hour to one day). Classification is an on-going process. When athletes start competing, they are allocated a sport class and may be classified a number of times throughout their careers. If an athlete’s condition improves or deteriorates, for example, the athlete’s sport class may change. Athletes are assigned a sport class based on the relevant sport regulations. For most sports, a specific letter and number combination is used (LW10, B1, etc). In general, the higher sport class number indicates more function and less impairment, while the lower sport class number indicates less function and more impairment (unless otherwise stated in the specific sport rules). For example, a B1 athlete is totally blind, while a B3 athlete is partially sighted. In all sports on the Winter Paralympic Programme, athletes from a variety of athlete groups compete together. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Official Paralympics website: http://www.paralympicgames.torino2006.org/ENG/ParalympicGames/home/index.html ALL THE WINNERS ~~ Select by event, date, nation, or ALL http://www.paralympicgames.torino2006.org/ENG/ParalympicGames/sport_ed_atleti/tutti_i_vincitori.html
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