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Yes, we definately need more awareness. Todays close Papabless 06/03/22 11:58 PM
We desperately need awareness. Volume has fizzled out! subslover 06/01/22 8:29 AM
Looks to be channeling nicely and bouncing off Papabless 05/31/22 11:17 PM
Up 45% today on a sneeze. subslover 05/24/22 7:19 PM
Amazing close for the start of the trading Papabless 05/24/22 7:14 PM
Yes the consolidation is looking good. Lets see Papabless 05/19/22 12:33 PM
This one is looking good! Chart below HulkInvestment 05/16/22 3:28 PM
CSTI bidder 700k and got filled @ .0275 dieseld28 05/12/22 10:38 PM
Starting to consolidate and a beautiful close over subslover 05/12/22 5:46 PM
Almost 1m Volume 3 and half hours into Papabless 05/11/22 12:56 PM
Slight dip as the overall markets are down Papabless 05/05/22 12:52 PM
No problem at all welcome aboard! Papabless 04/27/22 12:58 PM
Buying yesterday's dip under 04. subslover 04/27/22 10:16 AM
Nice slow healthy stairs step up. Looks like madras50 04/26/22 10:05 AM
Hey bro! Really glad to see you here subslover 04/25/22 10:43 AM
$SPRN Supernova Energy, Inc. Comments on Recent Groundbreaking Thugmuffin 04/25/22 8:36 AM
SPRN looking like SEII shew Longer Than Most 04/24/22 3:24 PM
Up 48.6% to a new record high of subslover 04/22/22 6:44 PM
Hope you had a good long weekend last Papabless 04/22/22 1:06 PM
loving the consistent accumulation here and the Company subslover 04/20/22 7:10 PM
We hit 0.03 today! next stop 0.10 great Papabless 04/20/22 12:57 PM
Supernova Energy, Inc. Comments on Recent Groundbreaking EPA subslover 04/20/22 9:12 AM
Closed nice bro! 028755 just under 028 HOD. subslover 04/14/22 6:14 PM
Yes I think we can crack 0.03 in Papabless 04/14/22 10:59 AM
SPRN +NEWS out. subslover 04/14/22 9:15 AM
Up again bro! 026 close with nice volumes subslover 04/13/22 11:57 PM
Yes today was a great rebound! up 21% Papabless 04/13/22 12:11 AM
Yesterday's market gave us all an opportunity to subslover 04/12/22 4:07 PM
Considering how the market turned out today. We Papabless 04/11/22 11:56 PM
$SPRN Supernova Energy, Inc. Discusses Climate Change Problem Thugmuffin 04/10/22 3:40 PM
And another massive day! Closed 025 up 19.1%. subslover 04/08/22 4:03 PM
Exactly my reasoning on a mega huge speculative subslover 04/08/22 10:43 AM
Yes, another massive day! Lets see how strong Papabless 04/08/22 12:49 AM
Incase you missed out on the good news! Papabless 04/08/22 12:48 AM
And yet another nice day in SPRN. Closed subslover 04/07/22 4:02 PM
Nice day today with a .019 HOD close subslover 04/06/22 4:04 PM
Our world environment needs their subsidiary badly. Also, subslover 04/03/22 1:08 AM
Massive volume coming in to close the week Papabless 04/01/22 2:41 PM
We are testing 0.01 but remember to hodl Papabless 03/24/22 8:57 PM
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55k volume and up 18.3% for the day. Papabless 02/25/22 9:20 PM
Volume picking up really well at the eod. Papabless 02/24/22 8:32 PM
Greats news seeing them enter the GHG mitigation Papabless 02/18/22 6:12 PM
$SPRN Supernova Energy, Inc. Diversifies Current Business, Enters AskMuncher 01/20/22 3:19 AM
SPRN...004...Downtrend Broken with SPRN finding solid support in georgie18 03/28/20 10:57 AM
Just be sure you know who actually controls janice shell 01/03/20 2:02 PM
I see... I replied to myself saying I HaasCat 01/03/20 1:25 PM
Here's the SEC's press release on the filing janice shell 01/03/20 1:08 PM
I sent that 2 minutes prematurely....ok so HaasCat 01/03/20 1:02 PM
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Supernova Energy Inc. (SPRN)

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SPRN Website
SPRN Latest Press Releases:

Outstanding:         331,798,754        a/o 04/08/2022
Authorized:          3,000,000,000      a/o 04/08/2022
Restricted:             214,318,182        a/o 04/08/2022
Unrestricted:          117,480,572        a/o 04/08/2022 
Held at DTC:          Not Available
Float:                    79,480,572          a/o 07/30/2021

Stock Price History

52-week Change 500.00%
S&P500 52-week Change 2.35%
52 week high 0.045
52 week low 0.0040
50 Day Moving Average 0.0193
200 Day Moving Average 0.0136

Average Volume (3 months) 650.02k
Average Volume (10 Day) 851.57k

About Supernova Energy
Supernova Energy Inc. (“SPRN” or the “Company”) is an American-based publicly traded company that has a new business focus of greenhouse gas mitigation through its majority owned subsidiary KLIR Sky, Ltd. (“KLIR”).

SPRN also has assets in the oil and gas production and exploration industry, with key holdings in Kentucky. In 2022, the Company implemented a diversification plan that resulted in the focus on KLIR. 

Business Description 
Supernova Energy Inc. is a highly focused, risk-averse oil and gas exploration company with a focused strategy of building a substantial portfolio of oil and gas assets in low risk areas.

Supernova Energy Inc. will exploit projects which can deliver cash flows normally associated with higher risk projects, but without exposure to high risk failure rates. Our Company will target existing production in known oil producing states and apply new exploration technologies to increase production.

Supernova Energy Inc. holds working interests in leases located in Kansas and Kentucky. The Company has targeted these states due to the low cost of drilling and exploration as well as their oil friendly state and local governments.

The SPRN Team 

Nicholas Upchurch CEO & Founder - Mr. Nicholas Upchurch is a fifth-generation oil and gas professional whose career started in 1998 with Twin Lakes Drilling, Company. With over 18 years of experience in leasing, drilling, operating, completions, and geological analysis, Mr. Upchurch has been involved in the acquisition of over 100,000 acres across the central United States. Mr. Upchurch owned and operated Lucky Production from 2004 to 2010. He continued his oil and gas work with Olim Energy, LLC in 2011, before becoming owner and CEO of OMR Drilling in 2012. As owner Nicholas has acquired over 15,000 acres and has drilled, operated, and/or produced over 100 wells in Appalachian Basin for investors, both in the United States and internationally.   Since 2017 Mr. Upchurch has been the owner / operator of a Kentucky based charcoal plant, where he has gained extensive knowledge of the greenhouse gas mitigation space. This experience has led him so see the need for a solution to reduce and eliminate noxious gasses from these types of polluters. The visionary of KLIR SKY Ltd., Mr. Upchurch, is eager to develop KLIR into a company that can help the world reduce and one day eliminate greenhouse gases.

Supernova Energy, Inc. Announces New Corporate Website

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 4, 2022 / Supernova Energy, Inc. (OTC PINK:SPRN) ("SUPERNOVA" or the "Company") today, announces the launch of its new corporate website,

"Earlier this year we announced a diversification plan to enter the greenhouse mitigation space and have formed a new subsidiary KLIR SKY, Ltd. ("KLIR") to develop and launch a revolutionary system to bring about a new era of clean emissions from industrial smokestack polluters." said Chief Executive Officer, Nicholas Upchurch. "Our new website reflects this new direction and focus as the Company moves away from the oil and gas sector."

As the Company increases it presence, will evolve into an all-encompassing, website to be a complete source of current information detailing its corporate activities, news and more. As the site develops it will also include Vlogs and blogs from its CEO Nicholas Upchurch and other team members, allowing investors to get a deeper look into the development of KLIR and other notable events.

The Company is committed to using KLIR's Pollution Reduction as a Service ("PRaaS") to be a solution to the world's climate change and greenhouse gas ("GHG") emissions problem. Its PRaaS uses revolutionary technology to collect, liquefy and process the harmful GHG's emitted by industrial smokestacks into usable forms. KLIR then sells the processed liquefied gas. The result is possible net zero emissions for our customers that can now claim excess carbon credits by reducing their carbon footprint while contributing to a future of clean air.

The Company looks forward to sharing updates both through its regular channels as well as the new website.

Previous Releases:

May 17,2022

May 4,2022

April 20,2022

April 14,2022

April 7,2022



KLIR SKY Inc.(“KLIR”) is a greenhouse gas mitigation company. We are committed to using our Pollution Reduction as a Service (“PRaaS”) to be a solution to the world’s greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions problem.

Our PRaaS uses revolutionary technology to collect, liquefy and process the harmful GHG’s emitted by industrial smokestacks into usable forms. KLIR then sells the processed liquefied gas. The result is possible net zero emissions for our customers that can now claim carbon credits by reducing their carbon footprint while contributing to a future of clean air.  KLIR is currently building our first PRaaS system to be deployed in the charcoal industry.

Our Services

Klir Sky Inc. provides Pollution Reduction as a Service (“PRaaS”) to industries that pollute the air through their smokestacks. Our PRaaS is powered by a revolutionary Gas Processing and Liquefaction System (GPLS).   The GPLS equipment eliminates greenhouse gasses by:
- Connecting the equipment to the smokestacks to capture the emissions.
- Scrub and split the emission gasses into the various gasses that make-up the greenhouse gases
- Liquefy the split gases into its purest forms
- Sell the liquified gasses for use such as transportation fuels

Pollution Reduction as a service. Powered by a revolutionary gas processing and liquefaction system.

Founder & CEO:

Mr. Nicholas Upchurch 

Contact Us
Klir sky Inc. is a subsidiary of Supernova Energy Inc.



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