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DD as of 10/26/2022 surfkast 10/26/22 3:37 PM
Wow! Wade's Mother and wife. surfkast 05/04/23 10:36 AM
Would love to see the details of this deal: Mudcat18 05/04/23 10:01 AM
What on earth could Wade's Mother Lori be
surfkast 05/02/23 3:04 PM
that I was not aware of. I cant PennyStockTrader2 05/02/23 1:39 PM
It is all well and good that SIGO Mudcat18 05/02/23 12:00 PM
very well aware. she is not doing the PennyStockTrader2 04/27/23 4:22 PM
Now that is comical! surfkast 04/27/23 3:45 PM
Yes audited financials. That is exactly what I said. PennyStockTrader2 04/27/23 1:38 PM
Audited financials? Seriously? surfkast 04/27/23 1:15 PM
evidently they are working on getting real audited PennyStockTrader2 04/26/23 5:57 PM
All US brokerages allow sells. Some allow buys Lime Time 03/08/23 3:07 PM
Yes! Most US brokers will not allow trades. surfkast 03/08/23 2:34 PM
So the Expert Market is a mode to Lime Time 03/07/23 4:36 PM
What is the Expert Market? surfkast 03/07/23 4:21 PM
What is the Expert Market? Lime Time 03/07/23 4:13 PM
Dark or Defunct surfkast 03/01/23 6:23 PM
I guess you do not understand the Expert Market. surfkast 03/01/23 12:41 PM
It doesn't matter to me what it is. Lime Time 03/01/23 12:28 PM
Why? Expert Market and a Joseph Wade Mezey surfkast 03/01/23 12:26 PM
Only 5.4m in circulation. Might be a good Lime Time 03/01/23 12:18 PM
More BS! The company they are acquiring is surfkast 01/04/23 10:01 AM
https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/SIGO/news/Sunset-Island-Group-Announces-Expansi varjim 01/04/23 9:37 AM
Notes in Default surfkast 12/17/22 11:08 AM
Pink Limited Information surfkast 12/17/22 11:08 AM
New website varjim 12/16/22 2:54 PM
https://www.sunsetislandgroup.com/ varjim 12/16/22 2:53 PM
Please, do some real DD o Joseph Wade surfkast 10/28/22 6:25 PM
What make you say that? What mvwise1 10/28/22 4:44 PM
where do you get that info? they are PennyStockTrader2 10/28/22 3:36 PM
Oh well. Looks like they got shut down again. surfkast 10/28/22 1:22 PM
I believe so, especially the licenses are,as I surfkast 10/27/22 2:34 PM
Yeah. I think you are correct. mvwise1 10/27/22 12:40 PM
Correction BATTLE MOUNTAIN GENETICS. surfkast 10/27/22 10:25 AM
I believe it was originally Battle Mountain Group surfkast 10/27/22 9:56 AM
Hopefully you or someone else can uncover the mvwise1 10/26/22 7:06 PM
So you realize this is a scam and surfkast 10/26/22 6:30 PM
BMG Group may e a fake corporate entity. surfkast 10/26/22 6:28 PM
Only positive news on the company is it mvwise1 10/26/22 4:46 PM
Surfkast. Thank you for the updated mvwise1 10/26/22 4:24 PM
DD as of 10/26/2022 surfkast 10/26/22 3:37 PM
Someone manipulating the PPS on low volume? surfkast 10/26/22 3:36 PM
Any good things to report? surfkast 10/26/22 3:35 PM
Putting lipstick on a pig does not change it. surfkast 10/26/22 3:34 PM
Surfkast? Is that you? I thought mvwise1 10/26/22 1:18 PM
Totally agree! mvwise1 10/24/22 6:49 PM
"It's also been over a year since MCOA loanranger 10/24/22 6:23 PM
Please let me know if anyone does find mvwise1 10/24/22 4:10 PM
But this latest annual report was enough to mvwise1 10/24/22 3:23 PM
They just took a second shot at the loanranger 10/24/22 1:46 PM
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Sunset Island Group Inc (SIGO)

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Lori Livacich history.

John and Lorraine were married on November 27, 1987.Lorraine's son, Wade Mezey (Wade), lived with them. John also had two daughters from a prior marriage, Lori and Cathy.


More proof of connections.



nodummy Wednesday, 09/27/17 02:13:09 PM
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SIGO is crazy isn't it. Based on my research I have come to the following conclusions:

Joseph Wade Mezey originally acquired the shell from David J Cutler making it the 5th shell sold by Cutler to Wade or one of Wade's associates (NHMD, VTXB, SGBY, OPMZ are the others). Joseph Wade Mezey's control of the SIGO shell was never disclosed in any SEC filings.

Joseph Wade Mezey placed his wife, Anastasia Shishova, as the CEO of SIGO after the acquisition but it has never disclosed to the public by SIGO about their relationship

Joseph Wade Mezey assisted in setting up Battle Mountain Genetics Inc paying Cheyenne Moseley of Legal Zoom to register the entity in California (same service provider he used to set up Novus Group LLC in Wyoming) then placed two of his former employees and long time business associates (TJ Magallanes and Valerie Baugher) as the executives for the new entity

Joseph Wade Mezey secretly controlled Novus Group LLC (with his buddy Matt Billington) but lied to the SEC about his control becoming the owner of 4,000,000 free trading shares of SIGO for the cost of $11,000

Joseph Wade Mezey merged his Novus Group LLC company into his OPMZ shell but after he had already pocketed about $700,000 (after taxes) and his buddy Matt Billington had pocketed $174,441 (after taxes) from their SIGO share sales. As part of the Novus Group LLC/OPMZ merger, OPMZ agreed to pay Joseph Wade Mezey and Matt Billington $150,000/month in "consulting fees" from any money made by Novus Group LLC in the future. It should be noted that the new SIGO executives (TJ Magallanes and Valerie Baugher) were formerly both employees of OPMZ through OPMZ's one time wholly owned subsidiary Von Baron Farms.

Novus Group LLC made approximately $1,300,000 more from its SIGO share sales after the OPMZ acquisition. Consulting fees paid out to Mezey and his buddy Matt Billington from that $1.3m would have come out to over $800,000. But $305,700 of the money made from those share sales was used by Novus Group LLC/OPMZ/Wade to lend to SIGO to help fund the SIGO business operations. To date SIGO hasn't disclosed in any SEC filings who the lender is - once again hiding Joseph Wade Mezey's involvement. It also sounds sort of illegal to me for money made from SIGO shares sales to be funneled back to SIGO to pay for the SIGO business operations without that plan being disclosed as part of the registration statement used to make those shares free trading.

Joseph Wade Mezey owns the lease to the greenhouse space that was subleased to SIGO but his name was never disclosed to the SEC by SIGO.

That $305,700 SIGO borrowed from Novus Group LLC/OPMZ/Wade was turned into 305,700 Series B shares ($1/share) which were going to pay out a $200/lb dividend (from cannabis sales) each quarter to be split among all the Series B preferred share holders. Obviously the only Series B preferred share holder would have been Novus Group LLC/Joseph Wade Mezey. SIGO never disclosed the name of the lender/Series B preferred share owner in any SEC filings once again hiding a Joseph Wade Mezey affiliation to SIGO.

That $200/lb dividend would have resulted in $150,000/month going into the pockets of Joseph Wade Mezey and Matt Billington as consulting fees (per the agreement between Novus Group LLC/Joseph Wade Mezey and OPMZ/Joseph Wade Mezey) with the rest staying with OPMZ.

SIGO mentioned a plan to sell Series B preferred shares to the public at $1,000/share in an 8K through what I'm pretty sure would have been an illegal share offering since they weren't registered. That would have been 1000 times more than Novus Group LLC/Wade got their shares for giving the purchaser(s) such a tiny percentage of the split that it would have been ridiculous.

It is interesting that they cancelled those Series B shares. Obviously there will be no lawsuit by the lender since Joseph Wade Mezey controls everything on both sides. I wonder if Joseph Wade Mezey cancelled them because he realized that his little gig is close to being up. Even though he tried hard to hide his involvement in everything, people that know how to do research were still able to figure it out. Not like it was hard. Joseph Wade Mezey likes to use the same addresses, same business associates, and same service providers repeatedly. He even makes the mistake of putting his own name on documents which can be found if people know where to look.

Joseph Wade Mezey/Novus Group LLC still secretly owns $305,700 in debt in SIGO. I'm sure that will eventually somehow result in SIGO revenues going into the pockets of Joseph Wade Mezey per the consulting agreement Wade has with Novus Group LLC/OPMZ.

My guess is that Joseph Wade Mezey is also the biggest investor to date in the 20,000,000 share offering at $.10/share and that most (if not all) of the 640,000+ shares dumped into the market to date through that offering went through the hands of Joseph Wade Mezey.... all while Joseph Wade Mezey has continued to hide his multiple affiliations to SIGO from the SEC.

This is the type of stuff that leads to much more than just SEC litigation. This is the type of stuff that could lead to a Criminal Indictment.

It will be very interesting to see where things go from here. Joseph Wade Mezey has been walking a fine line for years with his many many tickers and companies (some of the worst being GYST, STHC, EMBR, CGLD, NHMD, and OPMZ). And let's not forget his debt settlement scam he did Laura L Hess and Jeffrey Campos that got him disbarred in 2010.


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