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SunEdison, Inc. is a global renewable energy company headquartered in the U.S. In addition to developing, building, owning, and operating solar power plants and wind energy plants, it also manufactures high purity polysilicon,

It acquired the California-based solar tech  company Solaicx in mid 2010. The acquisition included Solaicx's  high-volume proprietary "continuous crystal growth" manufacturing technology,  which produces low-cost monocrystalline silicon ingots for high-efficiency solar cells.

IIn 2011 MEMC also extended its solar-energy business. In June 2011, it acquired another North American solar-power project developer, Axio Power. Axio Power,  founded in 2007, developed, financed, and constructed large-scale solar projects,  and had more than 500 MW of utility-scale photovoltaic power projects in Canada and the western U.S. I

In May 2014, SunEdison formally separated its electronics-wafer business from its solar-wafer and solar-energy business. SunEdison Semiconductor, Ltd. spun off in an IPO on the NASDAQ under the ticker "SEMI", with SunEdison Inc. maintaining a majority stake as the largest shareholder.

In July 2014, SunEdison created a yieldco subsidiary, called TerraForm Power, Inc., with SunEdison, Inc. maintaining a majority stake as the largest shareholder. TerraForm began publicly trading in an IPO under the ticker "TERP".

SunEdison launched a second yieldco subsidiary, TerraForm Global, in 2015, to manage renewable-energy projects in emerging markets like Brazil, China, and India. This second yieldco trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker "GLBL"

In November 2014, with its subsidiary TerraForm Power, SunEdison purchased First Wind, one of the largest wind power developers in the United States, for $2.4 billion. The acquisition added wind energy to SunEdison's capacity, and made it the leading renewable energy development company in the world.

Headquartered in Boston, First Wind develops or operates renewable energy projects in Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Utah, Idaho, Washington and Hawaii with a combined capacity of nearly 1,300 megawatts.

In February 2015, as part of the merger integration, First Wind CEO Paul Gaynor, who led the company since 2004, was appointed EVP Of North America Utility And Global Wind at SunEdison


















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