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“About Us”

   Strategic Management Opportunity is a publicly traded Nevada corporation engaged in the business of acquiring farms, and producing the finest quality hemp in Colorado and other areas, creating incredibly efficacious raw full spectrum CBD oil for both bulk, CBD markets as well as refined individual creams, oils, lotions and ingestible for the individual consumer markets. Our mission is to deliver clinically studied full spectrum CBD in a variety of delivery systems to an emerging market of consumers in pain conditions ranging from joint and arthritis to more acute pains stemming from all kinds of diseases and surgeries. We endeavor to acquire and or merge with exciting and cutting edge companies that can help bring shareholder value, while having specific synergies that complement our mission. We will bring a leading team of executives who can move our company well into the 21st century and beyond. 

Rx Development Corporation


  Rx Development Corporation delivers data-driven, integrated, online marketing campaigns. By leveraging our experience in Lead Generation, DME Pharmacies, and Retail Pharmacies, the Rx team is able to captivate, qualify, and engage users through multiple mediums and drive engagement with a company’s target markets.

Contact us to learn how we can improve your companies marketing bottom line.


Marketing Independent Pharmacies:

Finding time for marketing is difficult for busy independent community pharmacy owners.

But over time, a lack of marketing can cost your pharmacy sales. Attracting new patients to your pharmacy, promoting new services and gaining physician referrals are all vital—and they’re all the result of mar- keting. Contact us today to see how we can help build your patient base, as well as spread your business name and services to a new market of cli- ents.

DME Pharmacies

Doctor Chase

: Through our website, several landing pages and co-reg paths, we engage with patients that are interested in receiving DME products for their medical needs. We refer them to DME Pharmacies in our network and help generate a larger patient base for Independent DME Pharmacies.


Health Insurance Companies:

Through our website, several landing pages and co-reg paths, we engage with patients that are interested in re- ceiving new health insurance coverage. Contact us today to see how we can help you.



Rx Development Corporation’s Doctor Chase team is a document retriev- al service, specializing in increased efficiency and accuracy in the man- agement of medical office documentation. With healthcare awareness at a heightened state and medical care evolving, we realize that it is imper- ative for healthcare businesses to run tight operations, provide excellent customer care and take advantage of bottom line savings. Rx Develop- ment Corporation can help you maximize profitability while running your business more efficiently.


Pharmacy Consulting

Here at Rx Development Corporation we help new pharmacy owners cre- ate profitable pharmacies. Many startup businesses fail because the owners have to do it alone. Start your pharmacy with a partner who has done what you're about to do with over 25 combined years experience starting and operating pharmacies. The first step to owning or expanding a business is research. Use our resources to understand the independent pharmacy business. Call Center Consulting

Rx Development Corporation is ready to partner with you to map out the next best course for elevating your center’s performance and your team’s effectiveness. We provide a wide array of solutions to common issues that come with effectively running contact centers. Whether you are focused on improving customer satisfaction, generating more reve- nue or reducing cost, our team of seasoned advisors can assist.


Design and Build: Call Centers/ Pharmacies

An additional service we provide here at Rx Development Corporation is we will help design and build out your call center or independent phar- macy space. We are familiar with the laws and regulations with both en- tities in the state of Florida, so we can assure that your spaces are built and designed to regulation. Have the team with over twenty years expe- rience in both fields set you up for success from the ground up.


For Latest News, Status and Dividend Information, Visit:
For Last Reported Share Structure and Company Information, Visit:
For Latest SEC and OTCMarkets Filings, Visit:
For Realtime Share Structure Information, Please Contact The Transfer Agent At:
 Madison Stock Transfer Inc.
 PO box 145
 Brooklyn, NY 11229-0145
 tel: 718-627-4453
 fax: 718-627-6341






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#22530 Anything going on here????? doubleeaglejh 02/10/2020 12:10:58 AM
#22529 The moment you realize this turd does not Firegiant 01/24/2020 02:28:06 PM
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#22527 Merry Christmas Firegiant 12/24/2019 11:39:09 AM
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