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Sprout Tiny Homes (STHI)

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On November 26, 2014, the company (RG AMERICA INC) acquired Sprout Tiny Homes, LLC.

"I just spoke with the CEO of sprout tiny homes and alls I can say is that this guy is a very motivated individual looking to expand his business across the United States.. He is in the works of employing individual contruction companys throughout the United States to build his tiny "green" spec houses for immediate sales.......this guy even calls and does business on a Sunday.....let's add New York to the new location....... SIP panel house welcome to New York !!!

Not only is this company getting subcontractors throughout the United States to build their tiny houses, they also have their own manufacture that builds their new SIP "green" panel kit tiny house has less than 1% waste when completed. It's the kit house that measures 14'.5" x 33'.5" . They just updated their website today or yesterday and the CEO is sending my company via-email on how we can join there team and build a spec tiny house to advertise Sprout Tiny Houses here in Upstate New York ( Adirondacks )..... This CEO means business!!!

Rod, ( the CEO ) also said; they have another "spec" tiny house that is 700sq. ft. and can house 4 people..That will probably be another update to there website or facebook page.  I didn't tell him I was an investor, I just told him I was a house builder and gave him my creditials / info on( my website,company,etc...That's how I was able to get this info!!  Sprout going big fast!!

this definitely is BIG.. He was in Texas when he called me back today, he mentioned that because; he has a meeting there tomorrow with a large chain company for a similar deal that he was going to work out with my company, Then he was flying back to Colorado..

Here's the follow up email to my Company, proving this CEO is expanding his business throughout United States through other construction companies..

Quote: Amadeus
A number of companies have sprung up offering pre-built tiny homes:

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
Tiny Diamond Homes
Tiny House Company
Molecule Tine Homes
Oregon Cottage Company


Sprout Tiny Homes invented the SIP panel system using "green" materials and the panels installs a lot easier than the CAM panel system with a lot less waste..the CEO said that the waste is about 1 to 3% when finished .... So clean up fees are a minimum!! Let's just welcome RGMI to Nasdaq because that's where this is going!!
$70,000 for the spec home setup and probably Sprout Tiny Homes get between 10 to 25% for every house sold... It's probably like buying into a franchise like McDonald's or Burgerking.. From what I was explained by the CEO is; more than one company per state can join them because there are so many different municipalities per state.... This is bigger than BIG!!! This could be another Home Depot throughout the United States , if it's not already in all 50 states!!!"
Sprout tiny homes already has franchise sub-contractors building their tiny houses throughout the United States ... And they get a percent of each house sold of about 10 to 25% plus they get franchise fees from the sub-contractor building these tiny houses and the amazing part is these franchise contract are sell not 1 tiny house at a time but, 30 + at a time ranging from $20,000 to $70,000 each....... This is not a million dollar operation, it's a billion dollar operation because "sprout tiny homes" have turned it into a franchise , like Home Depot and Lowes!!!! Dollars+ for this PPS. Let's not forget about the air time that "sprout tiny homes" has with the garden channel. ( GDTV )
Good News...Rod said: during my phone conversion that: " He is giving "SPROUT TINY HOMES" his all" including time and money and he's GET THIS not only booking airline flights to meet with large retail businesses and expand his franchise ( SPROUT TINY HOMES ) business in the United States.....Hes also coodorinating with other countries about getting government contracts for the: Natural Disaster Programs, that need 100's and 1000's of temporary and permanent housing!!

He also said, if my company comes on board, we will be joining his network of builders he already has in motion throughout the UNITED STATES..

I also asked him about his newly formed ( Stock Company ) and he said that once he completes his Network of builders throughout the (( WORLD )) he will filing the necessary paperwork with the SEC to "UPLIST"

My gathering from that conversion is: WE ARE GONNA GET A HUGE "PR" IN THE COMING WEEKS!!! and this will see not $2.00 or $5.00 but, probably more like $20.00 to $30.00 a share!!
From the sounds of my conversion with him, is: He's going to drop a Gigantic financials Pr with all his signed contracted work included ( like $500 million to a Billion dollars or greater )!!

This is going to be a "Blue Chip" stock overnight!!



Update, our CEO spent the entire day in meetings yesterday... Get this.... Sign on a major distributor ......I'm think BASS PRO!!!!! If this is the company that signed on ( welcome to dollar-land people).......... 12/31/2014 Mr. Meticulous

CEO of Sprout Tiny Homes holds
4 Patents owned by Inventor Rod Stambaugh for
Systems and method for secure wireless payment transactions
This CEO worth some bucks. Patents he owns:
 Got a feeling that Stambaugh is going to use RGMI for more that tiny homes.
Rod Stambaugh is a founder, board member and chief strategy officer for Mobile Cash payments (Mocapay). Big out west. Also founder of other companies. RGMI will probably become a Holding Company with many different subsidiaries.

DD by retiredtech  01/02/2015


GreenPod Partners wtih Sprout Tiny Homes

GreenPod announces collaboration with Colorado based Sprout Tiny Homes! Their modular home factory will build and debut our WaterHaus Design allowing Greenpod to service Colorado. This joint venture will expand our capabilities to offer Sprout Tiny Home on wheels to our area soon.  
Share Structure Updated Recently
RGMI Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $1,172,542 a/o Dec 19, 2014
Shares Outstanding 79,225,812 a/o Dec 01, 2014
Float 6,377,426 a/o Dec 01, 2014
Authorized Shares 300,000,000 a/o Dec 01, 2014
Par Value 0.001
Shareholders of Record 400 a/o Dec 01, 2014

Float is only 6,377,426!!! Share Structure Updated on OTC Markets 12/19/14

CLEAN Balance Sheet

 President - ROD STAMBAUGH
Address 1:   27785 RAILROAD AVE Address 2:   
City:   LA JUNTA State:   CO
Zip Code:   81050 Country:   USA
Status:   Active Email:   

The Sprout tiny home advantage lies in its efficient design, quality of construction, wall building templates, eco friendly toilet, tankless hot water heater, LED lighting, eco foam insulation and attention to finish details.

We build (or help you build) tiny homes with innovative design and floor plans to make your home the most rewarding living experience of your life.

 We have been busy designing a new line of homes that push the boundaries of innovation – on wheels or on a foundation.  

With our interactive and real time configurable tiny house show room, you can create and test your design before you build.  And see our latest innovation that will make other tiny home design seem about as cool as the 1980’s.  It is so innovative, we have decided to not show it on our website. Call us for details.  Or even better – stop by to visit our show room to see why designing and building your home with us will be the most rewarding decision of your life.


Company Website:

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