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Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc (SPR)

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design and manufacture of aero-structures worldwide. It offers structural components, such as fuselage, propulsion, and wing systems for commercial, military, and business jet aircraft. The company?s fuselage systems include forward, mid, and rear fuselage sections; propulsion systems comprise nacelles, struts/pylons, and engine structural components; and wing systems consist of wings, wing components, and flight control surfaces. It also designs and manufactures structural components for military aircraft, including low observables that are radar absorbent and translucent materials; rotorcraft; and other military products. In addition, Spirit AeroSystems Holdings offers aftermarket services, such as spares, maintenance, repair, and overhaul, as well as engages in the sale of natural gas. The company, formerly known as Mid-Western Aircraft Systems Holdings, Inc., is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. is a subsidiary of Onex Corporation.

knowledge and personnel including engineering, materials testing, NC programming, planning, and supply chain management.

We have extensive experience in providing on-time customer delivery from our world-class facilities where we manufacture composite and metal nacelle hardware, and well as metal pylon hardware. We design and manufacture with innovative material applications using the latest technology including complex machining, composites, and noise abatement



Thrust Reverser, Pylon

PW2037 Inlet, Fan Cowl, Thrust Reverser, Core Cowl



PW4256 Inlet, Fan Cowl, Thrust Reverser, Core Cowl, Pylon


PW4256 Inlet, Fan Cowl, Thrust Reverser, Core Cowl, Pylon
GE90/115K, PW4080/4090, RR Trent800
Thrust Reverser, Fan Cowl, Inlet, Pylon

Our AeroStructures business units are located in Tulsa and McAlester, Oklahoma, and at Prestwick and Samlesbury in the UK. 

Tulsa and McAlester, Oklahoma 

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, we fabricate Boeing 737, 747, 777 and the 787 composite and metallic wing components as well as control surfaces and floor beams for the 777. The work is done primarily in support of commercial aircraft and an extensive variety of military programs. The capabilities of our AeroStructures operation include advanced composite technology, manufacturing and assembly integration. From our base in Tulsa, we provide world-class structures and service, primarily for Boeing aircraft, for customers across the globe. 

Prestwick and Samlesbury 

Our European AeroStructures operations are based in Prestwick, Scotland, and Samlesbury, England. Large wing structures for the Boeing 767 and 777 and the Airbus A320 and A380 make up a significant portion of UK product, along with other packages produced for the Hawker Beechcraft 800XP Business Jet. 


With the fixed leading edges for the 767 and 777 being made at our UK facilities, the Boeing product profile of our European operation perfectly complements that of our Tulsa unit.



Spirit is planning a manufacturing facility near Kuala Lumpur that is scheduled to open in early 2009.  Spirit Aerosystems (Europe) Limited, the European division of Spirit Aerosystems, announced plans for the facility in November

Boeing 787 DreamlinerBoeing 747-400 Freighter in flight imageNext-Generation 737

The 800mph Gulfstream G650 - fastest civil aircraft ever                                                                                    

                                                                                                    CESSNA  columbus




Press Release Source: Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.



Spirit Chief Executive Jeff Turner Speaking at Credit Suisse Aerospace and Defense Finance Conference

   WICHITA, Kansas, November 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. (NYSE: SPR - News) President and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Turner will speak at the Credit Suisse Aerospace and Defense Finance Conference in New York, N.Y., on Wednesday, Nov. 19, at approximately 2:30 p.m. Eastern time.

turner's remarks will be webcast and presentation materials will be available at Individuals are advised to check the web site ahead of time to ensure their computers are configured for the webcast.

about Spirit AeroSystems Inc.

Based in Wichita, Kan., Spirit AeroSystems is the world's largest independent supplier of commercial airplane assemblies and components. In addition to its Kansas facility, Spirit has operations in Tulsa and McAlester, Okla., Prestwick, Scotland, and Samlesbury, England. In the United States, Spirit's core products include fuselages, pylons, nacelles and wing components. Additionally, Spirit provides aftermarket customer support services, including spare parts, maintenance/repair/overhaul, and fleet support services in North America and Europe.


Wichita City Council approves loan to Cessna for Columbus project


Wichita Business Journal - by Kelly L. Anderson

The loan approval passed 4-0, says Van Williams, city spokesman. Mayor Carl Brewer, Councilmembers Jeff Longwell and Lavonta Williams were absent.

Sedgwick County, which also pledged a $5 million forgivable loan, is expected to approve it in the near future.

Cessna says the project will require an investment of more than $750 million and result in the creation of 1,010 jobs.

Last week, the Wichita City Council voted to approve a $1.6 million cash incentive for Spirit AeroSystems Inc. to develop a project that will create about 700 jobs over the next five years.

Spirit plans to build a new 375,000-square-foot factory to accommodate the manufacturing and testing of the Columbus fuselage. And the company plans to hire 700 workers for that work as well as existing products and other programs.

The Kansas Department of Commerce has committed $14.5 million to the programs. Sedgwick County Commission also voted to approve $1.6 million in incentives for Spirit and a 10-year property tax abatement. 


 Continental Airlines hires Spirit Aerosystems to supply parts

Spirit Aerosystems Inc. announced Tuesday that it has signed a support agreement with Continental Airlines for structural parts and components.The deal means Spirit (NYSE:SPR) will provide parts for Continental’s line of Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA) aircraft.In the release Spirit says the multiyear contract will enable Continental to have greater access to aircraft parts and more predictable pricing for those parts and any others it might need from Spirit.Continental operates a fleet of 370 Boeing airplanes, made up of the 737, 757, 767 and 777 models.

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