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All prices reflect unsolicited customer orders and investors may have a difficult time selling this stock.

Despite the FACT that Southridge has not been a "company" FOR MANY YEARS,
there is still being a attempt being made to connect this known scam to GoGold
or disconnect depending on the wind direction, lol.
NONE of the court documents, NONE of the property documents, NONE of the mine documents
can prove that SRGE and the shareholders have any right to anything other than worthless shares.
At first we were to believe that SRGE would be getting some sort of compensation from GoGold and their mining
of Cincos Minas(claimed not proven). When that hoax was destroyed the story shifted to GoGold NOT having
rights to the property and Southridge still controlling it because it was never transfered to Minera San Jorge.

Pretty simple stuff here folks. SRGE is out of business, the share registration has expired and been revoked, there is no address and no way to contact anybody for Southridge, the stock still trades only because the company never filed to kill it and the SEC doesn't shut it down if people are still willing to trade it(by no means proof that the company is still in business)

The independent report concluded: “There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the Cinco Minas mill has been operational for quite some time. In fact, the condition of the equipment suggests many years of neglect. It must be noted that there was an indication of another party having entered the mill site. On one of the mill tanks, located where the power generators used to be, there was a large decal with the writing “Southridge Minerals”. Although it cannot be determined when the decal was put in place, it is obvious that the neglected state of the tanks is evidence to the fact that no one has been using the mill equipment; this includes local individuals, third parties or Southridge Minerals. Simply put, the mill is completely non-operational and has been for some time.”

2013!!!!!! And there has been NOTHING more current to prove otherwise.


The TRUTH is right in the OLD PR. "Minera San Jorge S.A. de C.V. expresses it
has “acquired” the Cinco Minas Mine property operations and other mining properties of Southridge Enterprises Inc."

Catch that? OF Southridge.
The share registration never changed, the officers never changed,
This PR was just a last OUT for the scam. SRGE never had the concessions. As seen in the GoGold farce, there are
GoGold connections to Minera San Jorge S.A. de C.V., NOT SOUTHRIDGE

The PROPERTY(or rights to) was "acquired" NOT THE COMPANY.
Pretty simple stuff folks! Look at the wording.
Everybody knows the Southridge mining hoax was 100% bullshit.
All that was completely debunked before this useless garbage went silent years ago.
There is NOTHING going on.
And that's a FACT!

Folks, take note of some of the previous FAKE mergers that people tried with SRGE in the past.

Example: Late November 2012, look at this board and SCCO where people FALSELY claimed those two were merging.

Example: Late December 2012, only a month after the SCCO HOAX got burned down, the crew tried again by claiming Kinross Gold was merging. That too was DEBUNKED and the lies exposed.

Today, The 2013 PR saying THE ASSETS WERE SOLD to a PRIVATE COMPANY is what you really should pay attention to. THE ASSETS, not the company. They don't own SRGE, SRGE will not see any revenue from what THE PRIVATE COMPANY does.

If anybody claims otherwise, ask to see the original PURCHASE AGREEMENT and highlight where SRGE would receive anything from property, claims, mining rights, etc....

Entity Status: Permanently Revoked

Authorized Shares   1,500,000,000

Dark or Defunct



The Expert Market is a private market to serve broker-dealer pricing and best execution needs in securities that are restricted from public quoting or (OTCQX: OTCM) operates the OTCQX® Best Market, the OTCQB® Venture Market and the Pink® Open Market for 10,000 U.S. and global securities. Also known as the "Grey Market". sides of the market), make money. Volatility makes it possible for market makers to lose money providing liquidity to both sides of the market.

EXPERT = STILL GREY MARKET, just a MM "quoting" prices instead of being totally blind trading.

No office, nobody who can be contacted for questions(unless it's a questionable claim by the flippers running the hype when the next pump and dump starts), no reasonable documentation that can be considered auditable and even their last PR stated that the mine rights were sold. So, zero assets and a dirty shell.


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