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Link to GP TEAM:

Robert (Meihua) Xu ~ CEO & CFO of $SBES:

Caren Currier OTC R/M-LEGEND ~ Consultant at $SBES:

Link to her Linkedin Profile:

$SBES got Pink Current recently, the shell is cleaned up & ready to merge now....

Link to $SBES's profile at OTCmarkets:

Robert (Meihua) Xu's latest tweets related to $SBES:

To all shareholders of SBES, our team had great zoom meeting with Mr. Wenyan Qin, CEO of Canadian Digital Asset Exchange this week. Hopefully It will bring great value for our shareholders. Have a great weekend!
To Sbes shareholders, I called OTC market about Current Pink status twice this week. We just need to wait getting current pink. Our team will have further zoom meeting with Mr. Wenyan Qin and his team this weekend! Happy great weekend!
To all shareholders of SBES, Our team had great ZOOM meeting with Wenyan Qin and his team. Due to NDA signed by both parties, we cannot release more Information.

Meihua Xu @meihuaxu Dec 15
To all Sbes shareholders, our team is very confident to bring great company to merge into Sbes. from wenyan qin is under construction. Our team is still doing DD with Wenyan Qin’s team.

Meihua Xu @meihuaxu Dec 24
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all shareholders! I will try my best to bring value for our shareholders in coming year. Life has not been easy to say the least but it has definitely been a journey. Let us accomplish something great in 2022 together! God bless you all!

Meihua Xu @meihuaxu Dec 31

To all SBES shareholders, our team had zoom meeting with Finalverse's management team at 4:30 to 5:30 pm yesterday. I wish all shareholders happy new year!
Links to his tweets:

Wenyan Qin:

OTCM Info Page:

CEO Robert (Meihua) Xu ~ GP ~ Excellent Entrepreneurship Award! 

CEO Robert (Meihua) Xu Fusion Triangle Article: 

Link to article:

Justin Trudeau congratulating Robert (Meihua) Xu at meeting with Canadian PM:


Link to $SBES's (Since 8th April 2022 unchanged!) S/S:

$SBES > > > CEO/CFO Robert (Meihua) Xu: "Confidence is gold!!!"

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It is too bad that people want immediate skyrocketinsight 07/05/2022 12:18:07 PM
We’re going copper soon SUPER-BEE ... LOOKY HERE! MU_Redskin1 04/08/2022 03:47:06 PM
Right-on, brother!! ;) $SBES S-BEES-BUMBLEBEE 08/12/2022 01:56:28 PM
I can't fault anyone with the following thoughts. skyrocketinsight 08/12/2022 08:51:26 AM
Ever the optimist. Scumbag Fraudsters 08/12/2022 01:47:22 AM
Sbes official boiler room Address is this ………. winnotlose 08/11/2022 10:02:43 PM
Lol. Lol lol lol winnotlose 08/11/2022 03:41:54 PM
Hard to relax with the 38 exclamation points oceans11 08/11/2022 03:30:36 PM
There's an ominous storm brewing Scumbag Fraudsters 08/11/2022 03:00:41 PM
RELAX!! It's JUST THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMO NiteShift 08/11/2022 01:47:16 PM
Shhh…. MASSIVE volume today. Best “promoters” on the OTC oceans11 08/11/2022 01:00:19 PM
Leave it to me to spill the beans. Scumbag Fraudsters 08/11/2022 02:46:20 AM
That's one way to get rid of it. Scumbag Fraudsters 08/11/2022 02:43:05 AM
Shhh let the promoter promote the psychology aspect Nick0007 08/10/2022 11:35:44 PM
I will still be investing whether I have skyrocketinsight 08/10/2022 10:38:11 PM
We've already found out, Scumbag Fraudsters 08/10/2022 07:29:27 PM
Seriously though, hope is all bagholders have left. Scumbag Fraudsters 08/10/2022 07:14:49 PM
There's a third and infinitely more likely possibility. Scumbag Fraudsters 08/10/2022 07:10:02 PM
EXCELLENT POST TRADER!! I totally agree with everything NiteShift 08/10/2022 03:21:46 PM
Imo the pending delay forced stall tactics on TRADER99 08/10/2022 02:05:40 PM
Looks like bait and switch to me. There 1611 08/10/2022 01:35:38 PM
What does Annapurna Annapurna from the Nevada SOS 1611 08/10/2022 01:30:44 PM
Seriously though; I hope this thing runs big 1611 08/10/2022 10:22:54 AM
4.5 months left. lol Scumbag Fraudsters 08/10/2022 07:42:19 AM
Doesn't matter where it went if you didn't sell. Scumbag Fraudsters 08/10/2022 07:28:42 AM
That would be great TRADER99; I certainly hope so! skyrocketinsight 08/10/2022 07:17:17 AM
I had one that ran from .0004 to skyrocketinsight 08/10/2022 07:14:49 AM
Exactly my point as well Scumbag Fraudsters 08/10/2022 05:57:43 AM
Knock Knock: Who's there? Witches. Witches who? Which 1611 08/10/2022 12:54:28 AM
If I were a scam company/ceo trying to TheJekyl 08/09/2022 06:38:04 PM
Sorry you can't comprehend my post. Scumbag Fraudsters 08/09/2022 06:04:40 PM
SCUMBAG What excuses are you referring to? Can NiteShift 08/09/2022 04:47:13 PM
Wow - talk about making excuses! Scumbag Fraudsters 08/09/2022 01:03:08 PM
What has occurred here is despicable. Shareholders winnotlose 08/09/2022 11:21:08 AM
I've provided clarity on DD Scumbag Fraudsters 08/08/2022 07:20:24 PM
Yes we're all clueless when it comes to squidink 08/08/2022 07:12:07 PM
Thanks but I'm just as clueless as anyone FelixOTC 08/08/2022 06:48:36 PM
And so far NONE have? Scumbag Fraudsters 08/08/2022 06:15:15 PM
shut down ALL xu scams betterdaysaheadotc 08/08/2022 05:36:51 PM
xu in prison yet? betterdaysaheadotc 08/08/2022 05:35:46 PM
Personally I read trader99 and felixotc on this. squidink 08/08/2022 04:50:32 PM
This ceo is out, shell was sold squidink 08/08/2022 02:33:57 PM
Thanks for the intel Felix...finally a post that Tally-ho 08/08/2022 12:27:09 PM
Annapurna is Suren Ajjarapu's mother in law. He's FelixOTC 08/08/2022 12:13:35 PM
Accountant is under a NDA too until a TRADER99 08/08/2022 12:13:03 PM
Is “Jack” from the “OTC” the same guy oceans11 08/08/2022 12:00:12 PM
If your theory of reverse merger is true winnotlose 08/08/2022 12:00:07 PM
Now that's an ahole move! squidink 08/08/2022 11:53:30 AM
Why not just wait it out or find skyrocketinsight 08/08/2022 09:52:12 AM
Waiting to hear back from otc about this winnotlose 08/08/2022 09:36:22 AM
My reply and message should have been obvious. skyrocketinsight 08/08/2022 08:45:52 AM
As if I'd believe the fins Scumbag Fraudsters 08/08/2022 12:50:51 AM
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