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since many of our Smartdefi tokens have relaunched xZx 08/08/22 7:19 PM
COINEUS is making serious progress and big moves user823285 09/06/22 3:17 PM
since many of our Smartdefi tokens have relaunched xZx 08/08/22 7:19 PM
DegenX Update Dear Degenerates ??????? We are pleased to bring Eric.D 07/19/22 4:29 PM
Thanks for clarifying! Mask 07/13/22 10:40 AM
Dear Mask, I get the question, I just had Eric.D 07/13/22 12:55 AM
Question: for that "application" we are coerced to Mask 07/12/22 7:59 PM
DEGEN PRIVATE SALE - let's get it on! Eric.D 07/12/22 4:26 PM
Curious to see how the other SD Devs Mask 07/05/22 4:48 AM
FOOK update in the AVAX tokens chat: xZx 06/29/22 2:32 PM
FEG's new exchange platform: a brilliant move? user823285 06/16/22 6:09 PM
thanks, Mask. i just DM'd you there on telegram. xZx 06/09/22 4:59 PM
Absolutely X. Also 100% agree on the confidence Mask 06/09/22 4:53 PM
i agree, because the lack of confidence will xZx 06/09/22 4:49 PM
I read on a TG post that "some" Mask 06/09/22 4:35 PM
FEG has been a huge disappointed. I lakers17 06/06/22 3:58 PM
That "connect wallet to vote" requirement is total Mask 06/06/22 3:55 PM
It did me. I don't trust them. lakers17 06/06/22 3:38 PM
voting has ended. migration/merger and tokenomics questions? around xZx 06/06/22 3:29 PM has a vote going now -- the xZx 06/04/22 6:08 PM
thanks for your post, CB. maybe some SD xZx 06/02/22 3:25 PM
Love these guys and excited to see what Argus_ 06/01/22 6:02 PM
Community will surely appreciate the honesty, we at Eric.D 06/01/22 5:17 PM
Degens, here is our more detailed plan for Eric.D 06/01/22 5:05 PM
Well said. We will be supporting any path forward! user823285 06/01/22 3:55 PM
Thank you for this communication. My prayers and best Mask 06/01/22 10:17 AM
Hello SINU Community, CryptoBrioche 06/01/22 8:44 AM
100 % agree. Wait it out for what? Mask 05/31/22 12:36 AM
as the saying goes " If you love xZx 05/30/22 8:37 PM
I sadly and humbly agree. There is so GIGACHAD 05/24/22 2:44 PM
DEGEN TRADERS update, the future is now; Hello my Eric.D 05/23/22 2:05 PM
this is such an important observation. ROX did, too. xZx 05/19/22 7:14 PM
I totally agree. Not to mention FEG lakers17 05/19/22 7:11 PM
the reason for the FEG ape was solidarity xZx 05/19/22 7:05 PM
I agree. FEG has done nothing to lakers17 05/19/22 6:55 PM
i'm going to run as far away from xZx 05/19/22 6:19 PM
Hooray for staying #FEGstrong, guys! user823285 05/19/22 6:10 PM
FEG token and its cartoon ape were never xZx 05/19/22 4:48 PM
That is a GREAT TAKE, GIGACHAD. Mask 05/19/22 11:35 AM
It is always WAY easier to destroy than GIGACHAD 05/19/22 9:09 AM
likewise, i know we're all looking forward to xZx 05/18/22 7:37 PM
Agreed. We know that code is vulnerable. Hackers LetGoodTimesRoll 05/18/22 7:27 PM
And the hackers see money!!!!!!!!!!!!! No need lakers17 05/18/22 6:26 PM
if hackers applied their same tenacity to helping xZx 05/18/22 5:53 PM
The developers see only the beautiful garden that Mask 05/18/22 5:46 PM
Sad when the hackers are better than the lakers17 05/18/22 4:26 PM
FEG might do a deal with the hacker GIGACHAD 05/18/22 8:02 AM
hey, Dave RMT -- hooray for that. imagine xZx 05/17/22 5:39 PM
I'm seeing this change occurring now. Projects and Dave RMT 05/17/22 5:25 PM
Update RBL Token on Risk management after recent events user823285 05/17/22 4:17 PM
The part that amazes me is that this Mask 05/17/22 3:31 PM
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SmartDeFi Tokens

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Assistants Mask BurnIT FOOKtoken LEX FEGex Gambles Dave RMT
FegEx #SmartDeFi Ecosystem has launched

How to buy on #FEGex? Follow these steps:

1. Purchase #BinanceCoin (aka BNB)
2. Create a MetaMask wallet, and add a BSC network
3. Go to, connect your wallet, and start trading

That's all there is to it

Each #SmartDeFi token has:
100% locked liquidity, so it cannot be rug-pulled
A rising price floor, and an ever-increasing baseline value

Click the image below to visit
where you can learn about SD technology and
even how to create your own token, in just a few minutes!

This forum was created to find the best #SmartDeFi tokens, and showcase them, for all investors. 

Please do careful research before buying any cryptocurrency. Never assume people online are acting in good faith, always be skeptical of their motives, identities. Also, never follow a link if you don't know who posted it, never use a contract address in your wallet, if you haven't independently verfied it is legitimate.

Crypto is volatile and even seasoned traders can suffer huge losses. Nothing posted here should be construed as financial advice. Consult a financial advisor to decide if crypto trading fits your risk tolerance.

With all that said, welcome aboard, we're glad to have you with us!
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