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Thursday, 05/19/2022 4:48:21 PM

Thursday, May 19, 2022 4:48:21 PM

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FEG token and its cartoon ape were never a hit with my peer group. i spent months trying to get friends and family on board.

once smartdefi was developed, the sleek and professional "shimmering blue crystalline" marketing of SD wasn't complimentary with the gorilla, it clashed with it. and people told me this. they said the tech seems really sophisticated, but the ape logo makes it feel like a joke.

now here's where it gets worse.

months after i first told them about FEG, a few friends remarked -- all along, they thought i was saying "fag token", and were immediately confused. so much so, they couldn't really focus on anything else i said. and i get that. when people hear something new, if the first part of it makes no sense, then they are forever trying to catch up with each subsequent bit of info.

marketing 101: confusion is the enemy.

some wondered, why didn't they call it "FTG" for "feed the gorillas", since that's harder to confuse with the word "fag". i could tell they felt a bit embarrassed for me.

if anyone is upset by my post, i'm sorry. but you should know how the outside world reacts to the FEG brand. this is called a "reality check'.

i've since asked die-hard loyalists, who are part of the FEG-faithful, in telegram chats, and it turns out the vast majority of us feel exactly the same, as outsiders i pitched FEG to months ago!

but i can imagine most of us are afraid to speak up about FEG's clunky marketing, for fear "the group" will be offended.

this is the problem with any stock or crypto movement. group-think stifles clarity of branding, clarity of purpose.

so now that this hack has occurred, i see it as a time to ask tough questions about FEG's marketing, and possibly pivot to better ideas. confidence needs to be rebuilt, and that can't happen if the branding itself is clunky and the team at the top refuses to see it.

note the latest FEG update in and what they say about FEG remaining the core of their ecosystem.

i'd rather it was just the opposite, that if FEG and ROX do survive, they become just two early tokens launched in the SmartDeFi ecosystem.

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