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CEO INTERVIEW 4/9/19 https://upticknewswire.com/featured-interview-ceo-ernest-letiziano-of-signet-international-holdings-inc-otc-sign/

PRESIDENT INTERVIEW 4/25/19 https://upticknewswire.com/featured-interview-president-tom-donaldson-of-signet-international-holdings-inc-otc-sign/

They have three amazing products now. All of them patent approved 

The InCharge™ Battery Device 

A New Battery That Will Virtually Last Forever  

The InCharge™ is a patented, compact magnetic-based energy source that not only produces energy but charges itself. As a new energy source, InCharge™ holds promise to revolutionize the global energy market, along with other energy-based applications.astronomy_prague_watches_czech_republic_hd-wallpaper-30533  

The InCharge™ is revolutionary technology. It is a new type of battery, not an attachment. The device produces energy and it recharges virtually instantly. It offers a large number of cycles, a long storage time, as well as being compact in size. It will actually replace slow, rechargeable batteries.  

The InCharge™ magnetic-based battery device provides energy yielding a large number of cycles with a long storage time. The patents for the Incharge™ also demonstrate the operation of an instantly rechargeable device using a laboratory prototype.  


For more information about the InCharge™ and its the revolutionary applications, contact:  

Mr. Ernest W. Letiziano  
Signet International Holdings, Inc.  
Palm Beach, Florida USA 561-832-2000 


eMail: eletiziano@aol.com or info@signetinternationalholdings.com  


ConnREAP™ – Retrograde Entry Antegrade Placement—a simple, revolutionary medical device enabling a physician—for the first time—to direct a catheter from the groin straight down the leg to ease crossing of severe stenosis, chronic total occlusions, and to treat critical limb ischemia. ConnREAP™ is a method and a device to simplify entry into the leg arteries for crossing of severe stenosis and total occlusions in the femoral, popliteal; in particular, the small below-knee arteries through a femoral ante grade (straight-line) approach. In this technique, the surgeon directs a needle into the common femoral artery in the traditional retrograde direction, the familiar and common approach. In a simple next step a sheath is redirected ante grade towards the foot. 

The device will be offered worldwide as a 5-piece disposable kit, enabling physicians to gain optimal access to the leg arteries and facilitate the best use of catheter and balloon equipment to restore blood flow and prevent amputations. According to independent studies, this device will substantially increase the rate of limb salvage. Tens of thousands of limbs could be saved per year in the USA 

A Growing Problem with Amputations: 

In the USA, we experience at least 180,000 amputations per year; the success rate although high, results in a more than 60% mortality rate within one year after surgery. Technical challenges have severely limited surgeons’ ability to treat arterial blockages in the lower leg. Loss of guidewire torque and control is a critical problem. Traditional passage of long tubing systems “up-and-over” through the tortuous abdominal and pelvic arteries and across multiple steep angles in both directions has produced uncertain outcomes because of poor catheter tip control over those distances. The potential for harm is increased. As a result, fewer below-knee arterial reconstructive procedures are done than could be accomplished if reaching these arteries were simpler and safer. Based upon reported utilization data from Medicare Part B and proprietary all payer databases, the estimated number of lower extremity endovascular interventions in the US surpassed 450,000 from 2014, having grown from 360,000 cases (1) The ConnREAP™ could dramatically reduce amputations and save lives. 

The Solution:  

An elegant ante grade approach straight down the leg from the groin. 
Protected by 4 US patents with no initial prior art found. 
Proof of concept completed in humans and an independent product evaluation. 
Product ready for final design and packaging within estimated 12-16 months to market launch 
No FDA approval required. A Trocar Procedure, covered by Medicare and Health Insurance 
Our surgical cases have demonstrated dramatic results that allow treatment saving limbs from amputation. 




A new deicing application for aircraft will be enhanced by graphene, the revolutionary carbon-based nanotechnology. The 3D graphene foam-polymer composite can deice aircraft with superior deicing efficiency. The patent on the new material takes effect next week. Signet subsidiary, Signet Graphene Technologies, Inc., has signed an agreement with Florida International University’s Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, where the new deicing material was created, to develop and market the new product.  

The material is a highly conductive multifunctional 3D graphene foam-PDMS polymer composite, or 3D GrF for short, with high-efficiency current-induced deicing capabilities. 3D GrF is a significant technological innovation in aviation deicing. The 3D graphene-polymer composite provides electrical current-induced heating and deicing capabilities for aircraft, and has demonstrated impressive thermal stability to 100 electrical loading-unloading cycles. Its application is intended to serve both the public and private sectors.  

FIU’s Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering successfully fabricated and submitted a patent application for the 3D GrF at their Plasma Forming Laboratory in Miami, Florida, in 2017.  

deiceingpic3Graphene’s high electrical and thermal conductivity, in combination with its extremely low density, provides an intrinsic uniform electrical and thermal transport path resulting in a lightweight composite with enhanced multifunctional (electrical, thermal, and mechanical) properties to serve as active deicing components on aircraft structures. Applications of 3D GrF serve as lightweight coatings and free-standing components with heating abilities in structures operating at extremely low temperatures. The coating also increases the tensile strength of the aircraft.  

The innovative 3D GrF deicing technology comes at a time when the aircraft deicing market is expected to experience remarkable growth in the coming years. Its development is poised to enter a $1.30 billion deicing market that is presently limited by excessive costs and toxic waste. Nations across the Northern Hemisphere such as Canada, U.S., Russia, China, U.K, Germany, Poland, France, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, and Japan among many others, are all expected to witness an upsurge in demand of aircraft deicing systems.  

The need for deicing technology has never been greater. Adhesion of ice to the surfaces of aircraft operating in critically low-temperature conditions and inclement weather severely compromises an aircraft’s aerodynamic performance. Airport deicing operations are necessitated and performed for safety of passengers and crews, as well as to preserve the structural integrity of aircrafts. The deicing operations are time consuming, causing extensive flight delays for travelers and a heavy financial burden for the airline industry.  

deiceingpic2Current efforts to reduce and mitigate the ice formation in aircraft surfaces include the dispersion of chemicals, mechanical removal, and electrical heating of surfaces have inherent limitations. Besides the excessive costs and time of deicing each aircraft individually, toxic chemicals pose environmentally hazardous runoff. The chemical runoff is so hazardous, efforts to contain, cleanup and even recycle the toxic ‘spills’ after each deicing has become necessary, which adds to the excessive costs. As for electrical heating systems, though they have proven suitable for deicing, when implemented, the current-induced heating system results in high power consumption, and therefore, higher costs.  

As industry forecasts point to excessive demand and need for improved deicing technology, FIU’s Mechanical and Materials Engineering’s 3D GrF applications provide superior deicing efficiency with the added benefit of increasing the tensile strength of the aircraft. The results are not only cost effective, but more environmentally friendly. Signet is well-positioned to further the development and commercialization of this extraordinary new deicing product enhanced by the use of graphene, the revolutionary carbon-based nanotechnology.  



eMail: eletiziano@aol.com or info@signetinternationalholdings.com  

Also this Dr. Sakhrat Khizroev is the real deal that they are working with.  

TedTalk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcDnFK7iOoY inventor of the InCharge™ Sakhrat Khizroev  


His Bio  


Inventor in InCharge™ https://ece.fiu.edu/people/faculty/profiles/khizroev-sakhrat/index.html 

Patent Information

Instantly rechargeable battery device
Patent number: 10008962
Abstract: A compact magnetic-based battery device that offers energy, a large number of cycles, a long storage time, and a short charging time is provided. The rechargeable battery device can include a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer, a dielectric layer disposed between the first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer, and a plurality of high anisotropic magnetic nanoparticles embedded into the dielectric layer.
Type: Grant
Filed: August 31, 2017
Date of Patent: June 26, 2018
Assignee: The Florida International University Board of Trustees
Inventors: Sakhrat Khizroev, Rakesh Guduru


Interesting article with Sakhrat involved in it.  
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