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Sedona Corporation 1003 West 9th Avenue 2nd Floor King of Prussia, PA 19406 United States Phone: 610-337-8400 Fax: 610-337-8490 Marco A. Emrich, PR/DIR SIC Number: 7371 Fiscal Year End: 12-31 Industry: Computers-Software/Services Transfer Agent: StockTrans, Inc. CIK: 764843 Market Maker List Share Data -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Authorized Outstanding Date Shares Source Date Shares Source 11/15/2002 100,000,000 10-Q 03/24/2004 82,958,482 MGFS Business Summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENT BUSINESS INFORMATION: Sedona Corporation markets and delivers an Internet-based customer relationship management solution under the name Intarsia, which assists small and mid-sized businesses in the financial services market in optimizing their return on customer relationships by personalizing the interaction with their customers and ensuring that the sales and marketing efforts are strategically managed towards increased profitability. Intarsia employs technology designed and priced specifically to bring a comprehensive and integrated set of customer relationship management components to the Company's targeted businesses. Intarsia is available either over a wireline or wireless network, and the Company is developing state-of-the-art technologies such as personalization, mobile computing, natural language, and speech recognition for retrieving customer or prospect data using plain English or voice commands. The Company produces and services its software products from its headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and maintains a field service organization that covers all areas of the nation. In addition, the Company utilizes outside contract organizations, as needed, to supplement its internal resources. With principal locations in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Englewood, Colorado, the Company is comprised of three business units: Tangent Imaging Systems (TIS), Sedona GeoServices, Inc., and the Technology Resource CentersSM, Inc. (TRC). Tangent Imaging Systems(TIS) provides large-format, color scanning and reprographics systems, servicing among others, the reprographics, fine arts, geographic mapping, engineering, and cinematography markets. The scanners and related software are produced in and distributed from a facility in Englewood, Colorado. Sedona GeoServices, Inc. develops and markets business intelligence software products that provide business users the capability to better access, visualize and understand the information stored in their corporate data stores. These products focus on ease-of-use, interoperability, Internet accessibility, and intuitive visualization of enterprise data and are designed to extend the capability of line-of-business applications in providing advanced decision support services for the data warehouse or data mart. The Companys marketing solutions services offers customer relationship management consulting services that allow their targeted businesses to outsource strategic marketing programs from them, such as customer retention, customer relationship expansion, new customer acquisition, privacy management, and overall customer relationship management strategic planning. The Company also enables organizations to outsource Intarsia? as an application service over the Internet for a flat monthly fee. The Company believes that this will significantly reduce the cost and time required for small- and mid-sized businesses to implement such comprehensive customer relationship management solutions. HISTORICAL BUSINESS INFORMATION: The Company was founded in 1972 and was a provider of GIS database management software products and a pioneer and leader in scanning and image processing technology, large document scanners, backfile conversion services, and imaging software and systems. The Company signed an agreement with Amro International, S. A. to retire its outstanding convertible debenture on February 25, 2002. The agreement provides for payment in the form of common stock and a promissory note, without further convertibility, to be repaid throughout the remainder of 2002. In March, 2002, the Company entered into an agreement to purchase substantially all of the assets of Lead Factory, Inc. for a combination of warrants and cash. Lead Factory, a Boston-based company which designs, builds, and markets computer software and services to aid sales and marketing persons with customer prospecting, initially became a partner in 2000 when the Company acquired a 10% equity interest, which interest the Company has subsequently fully reserved. Lead Factory was founded by the Chief Marketing Officer of the Company and its product has been integrated with SEDONA's Intarsia and is provided as an additional component or may be sold as a separate application by the Company to its customer base. MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS INFORMATION: The Company has key product development and marketing alliances with Oracle Corporation and Sun Microsystems, Inc. as well as other database, application and content vendors. Its products are marketed internationally by a variety of systems integrators and distributors, especially its Tangent Imaging Systems products. The vision of the Sedona GeoServices business unit is to enable business clients to turn warehoused data into relevant visual information from which informed, real-time, decisions are made to swiftly improve bottom-line results. Technology Resource Centers, Inc. (TRC) was incorporated in February of 1996 with the purpose of providing an integrated approach to clients' needs for document scanning, conversion services, imaging systems consulting, systems integration and technical training. The TRC is concentrating on services that support imaging and document management technologies and the integration of these applications with other processes in engineering and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Symbol -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Symbol Name Expiration Date SDNA Sedona Corporation SDNAE Sedona Corp Com ($0.001) 10/07/2003 SDNA Sedona Corp Com ($0.001) 09/08/2003 SDNAJ Sedona Corporation 12/06/2001 SDNA Sedona Corporation 12/05/2001 SCNG Scan-Graphics Inc 04/07/1999 Management -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Title James C. Sargent DIR Marco A. Emrich PR/DIR/XCFO Robert M. Shapiro DIR Jack A. Pellicci DIR Timothy A. Rimlinger VP Alyssa S. Dver VP David R. Vey CB/CEO/DIR Anita M. Primo CFO/SEC
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