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NASDAQ Velocity® & Forces® is a free tool within the ScottradeELITE® trading platform that measures levels of pre-trade market order activity in real-time.

This tool monitors the NASDAQ trading system and indicates the intensity of trading interest and relative buy versus sell pressure – allowing you to make trading decisions faster and more informed than ever before.

 Velocity & Forces Tool

Staying Ahead of the Game. That's NASDAQ Velocity® & Forces®.

  • Free tool within ScottradeELITE trading platform
  • Indicates market direction, momentum and liquidity
  • See real-time, pre-trade market activity
  • Visually gauge buy & sell pressure
  • Execute your trading strategy before other traders by detecting surges in trading interest

Start making faster, more informed trading decisions with NASDAQ Velocity® & Forces®  today.

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Newsletter - February 2009


Customization That's Off the Charts

ScottradeELITE® is making it even easier for you to chart the stocks that interest you:

• New Technical Indicators

  • Volume Moving Average (VMA) and Average True Range. Volume Moving Average shows the moving average of trading volume instead of price. Average True Range illustrates volatility by taking yesterday’s closing price into consideration if it was outside today’s range. Check out the Volume Moving Average article included in this month’s newsletter for in-depth education regarding VMA.

• Easily Chart Multiple Symbols

  • You can now view two different chart types in the same window and you can customize the chart for one symbol without affecting other charts in the window.

• New intraday time periods

  • Two-minute and 13-minute charts are now available to give you more control over how much detail you see.

• Lock crosshairs at any point on a chart

  • Easily mark a specific point on a chart by locking the crosshairs on the chart. You can now lock crosshairs by right-clicking on the chart and choosing “Lock Crosshair” from the pop-up window or by double clicking to lock the crosshair at its current position.

• Change the color of day break lines

  • Even if you have customized your chart with a black background, you can still easily see the day break lines by changing the color of the line for easier viewing. To change the color of the day break line, click on “Settings” and then “Configure Chart Visual Settings”.

• View additional study-related information

  • No need to enlarge the Bar Information window and take up additional screen space – the Bar Information window now has a scroll bar so you can see all the information in a limited space.

ScottradeELITE is fully customizable and offers a wide range of tools and information to help you make educated trading decisions – fast. Are you taking full advantage of all ScottradeELITE has to offer? Learn more about ScottradeELITE with Scottrade’s new Knowledge Center.

Through the Knowledge Center, you can access:

• Branch Seminars

  • Register for FREE local seminars to get personal instruction on everything from how to use ScottradeELITE to Intermediate Options.

• Scottrade Online Community

  • Learn from other investors and discuss trading strategies, how to use various research tools or find out how others are reacting to recent market events.

• Help and Education on a Variety of Topics

  • Help and education on a wide range of topics from investment basics, technical analysis and advanced orders.

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#319  Sticky Note Welcome to Scottrade on iHub!, Thanks Wyatt..looks like ICEQUITY 03/10/10 08:31:55 PM
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#345   Another "Glitch"! SevenTenEleven 08/12/14 03:02:33 PM
#344   SCOTTRADE NO BUY ORDERS: Taylor Orion 03/12/14 03:27:39 PM
#343   That means they did not keep accurate records, Taylor Orion 03/12/14 03:12:57 PM
#342   What does being censured by the SEC mean sidedraft 01/29/14 12:23:55 PM
#341   My gripe was that the front page (Scottrade) phunnibone 09/08/11 09:00:32 PM
#340   well.. I'm not getting a new broker today. GhostMOMENTUM 03/01/11 08:24:42 AM
#339   Try etrade... ICEQUITY 03/01/11 06:16:23 AM
#338   Scotty wont let me buy HCKI. If i GhostMOMENTUM 03/01/11 12:16:17 AM
#337   Scottrade doesn't allow buys of HESG? ICEQUITY 01/22/11 12:43:36 AM
#336   (ETMM) back on the ask for (HESG).What is mwab52 05/25/10 01:52:00 PM
#335   PLFM moves pretty quick! went to the moon jgilmour 05/20/10 11:01:02 AM
#334   PLFM is starting to move check it out!!! Luisv 05/20/10 10:56:04 AM
#333   Scottradte lifted there restriction on (HESG).When will TDA??????????? (hesg) mwab52 05/18/10 12:38:39 PM
#332   Scottrade...I'am still hear.I still would like info on.Whey mwab52 05/12/10 05:54:51 PM
#331   Scottrade lifted (HESG) restriction with no (PR) or mwab52 05/03/10 11:31:19 PM
#330   easy as 123, but when TD Ameritrade ICEQUITY 04/20/10 09:20:34 PM
#329   Sweet I can buy HESG now lol. GreenMachine 04/20/10 08:58:16 PM
#328   Has any got a contact at Scottrade mwab52 04/07/10 10:52:48 PM
#327   What is Scottrade and Nite & HDSN up mwab52 03/31/10 01:46:52 PM
#326   POP N GO INC J-Rhino thanks lets all ICEQUITY 03/29/10 06:18:15 AM
#325   I agree if a stock is restricted, it ICEQUITY 03/27/10 07:09:32 AM
#324   How could scottrade get away with putting companys mwab52 03/26/10 11:15:26 PM
#323   POPN is no longer restricted on Scottrade. J-Rhino 03/23/10 12:52:27 PM
#322   Thanks mwab52, ya I ran across wilders post, ICEQUITY 03/23/10 12:23:34 PM
#321   Looking for info why scottrade removed (hesg) restriction? (hesg) mwab52 03/20/10 11:04:55 PM
#319   Welcome to Scottrade on iHub!, Thanks Wyatt..looks like ICEQUITY 03/10/10 08:31:55 PM
#318   they took the list off the website all frankie_fillet 03/09/10 07:47:42 PM
#317   Thanks I was trying to find out more ICEQUITY 03/09/10 06:57:02 PM
#316   No, no and i don't know... i started frankie_fillet 03/09/10 08:22:28 AM
#315   Does anyone have a copy of that scottrade ICEQUITY 03/09/10 12:33:31 AM
#314   Does anyone know of what stocks scottrade has halted? ICEQUITY 03/09/10 12:27:50 AM
#313   I should have replied to my message because P0ppy 03/08/10 08:43:21 PM
#312   You can wire money to your broker, the ICEQUITY 03/06/10 08:26:45 PM
#311   For specific answer suggest you contact your branch Paradigm 02/26/10 08:59:12 AM
#310   I have a question about selling/buying stocks on Scottrade. P0ppy 02/25/10 11:30:24 PM
#309   all my friends are backstabbing liars, so i Stock 01/20/10 03:12:22 PM
#308   Suggest you ask your friend, with the Scottrade Paradigm 01/20/10 03:08:25 PM
#307   do they normally check with you first? Stock 01/20/10 02:32:19 PM
#306   I have not been notified. Such action Paradigm 01/20/10 08:39:12 AM
#305   I have not been notified. Such action Paradigm 01/20/10 08:39:11 AM
#304   Has anyone else heard that you will now GreenMachine 01/20/10 03:12:23 AM
#303   I saw some iHub buzz about that. Maybe Stock 12/17/09 03:41:53 PM
#302   If you go to the website, the restrictions Druseljic 12/17/09 03:22:23 PM
#301   This is the first day I have seen wzebra33 12/14/09 12:07:27 PM
#300   they always do.. and most running are pump frankie_fillet 12/14/09 09:39:44 AM
#299   Have you taken a look at their list Druseljic 12/13/09 08:39:11 PM
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