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Re: Wyatt Lee post# 130

Wednesday, 03/10/2010 8:31:55 PM

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 8:31:55 PM

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Welcome to Scottrade on iHub!, Thanks Wyatt..looks like some changes needed to be done to your little town.

This is the place for all investors to communicate, collaborate, discuss and learn new ideas regarding Scottrade’s old new or halted products and discuss customer services or future discontinued service.

I think soon, we will find out why Scottrade has placed a buy halt for this stock. HESG - HEALTH SCIENCES GROUP, INC. Soon enough.

Scottrade's customer service agents answer to me about the Halt.

HESG is not restricted, it has a buy halt on open new positions. When I ask why? All that they could give me is that "it was not in Scottraids best interest to trade HESG due to itself preservation."
Simply stating that it would cost them too much to trade HESG due to settlement issues.

A stock that traded over 43 Billion total HESG shares in 2009...
Why so many? If there were only 3 Billion became authorized when 2 billion shares were retired? In Feb. 2010 company had increased authorized shares to 20 Billion A/S..... FYI Market Maker (NITE)MM, traded over 23 Billion of those shares.

Whats does Scottrade have to do with NITE?
1) Knight Capital is Scootrades biggest Market Maker with over 51% of all trades being cleared through NITE
2) Scootrade recieves on average .0010 for all shares loaned to MM.
3) Roger O. Rinney CEO of Scottrade is also a director on NITE's board as the Current President of Knight Capital.

Where is the value, its a pink puka shell? ICEQUITY in Medical Marijuana..FDA Medicine... Mobil HEMP.. Food, Fuel, Clothing, Organic Chemicals, Industrial Energy, Financial Freedoms or maybe some just a bit of Free Will.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Scottrade might be able to hold HESG back, but can you really hold back this movement. Or is it a problem with the company.... you keep, Scott? Is there a problem here if a group of investors can get rich of the market?

I thought that was the whole point to this game.

But back to the topic, the tsunami of medical marijuana companies that will flood the market like it did in real life. This is the stock market... believe it or not! HESG is the first through the Gateway.

Let me give you just the starting line up of companies who all want to into modern day gold rush. HESG has already staked the claim, It sitting on the Gate that Tom Gaffney Built.


WhatShell? Sit right back and hear a tale, of the little shell that could. If was not for the courage of its fearless crew, this little shell could be lost

ORIGIN Old English scell (noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schel ‘scale, shell,’ also to scale 1 . The verb dates from the mid 16th cent. in sense 2.

Physics each of a set of orbitals around the nucleus of an atom, occupied or able to be occupied by electrons of similar energies.

In Hawaii, the wearing of puka shells was traditionally thought to ensure a peaceful and safe voyage, especially for sailors on a long journey

IMAI — International Merchant Advisors, Inc.
Common Stock
Par Value: 0.001

• Estimated Market Cap?$2,180,822 as of Mar 4, 2010
• Outstanding Shares?18,173,515 as of Dec 30, 2009
• Authorized Shares?500,000,000 as of Dec 30, 2009
• Float(shares)?1,934,870 as of Dec 30, 2009
• Number of Shareholders of Record?174 as of Dec 30, 2009
• Number of Beneficial Shareholders?200 as of Dec 30, 2009

GTLA — GT Legend Automotive Holdings Inc.
Common Stock
Par Value: 0.0001

• Estimated Market Cap?$1,181,200 as of Mar 9, 2010
• Outstanding Shares?5,906,000,000 as of Feb 1, 2010
• Authorized Shares?7,500,000,000 as of Feb 1, 2010
• Float(shares)?5,591,947,680 as of Feb 1, 2010
• Number of Shareholders of Record?3,008 as of Feb 1, 2010

CMSI — Cannabis Medical Solutions, Inc.
Common Stock
Par Value: 0.01

• Estimated Market Cap?$3,297,959 as of Mar 4, 2010
• Outstanding Shares?17,357,678 as of Aug 12, 2009
• Authorized Shares?250,000,000 as of Aug 12, 2009
• Number of Shareholders of Record?323 as of Aug 12, 2009

MJNA — Medical Marijuana, Inc.
Common Stock
Par Value: 0.001

• Estimated Market Cap?$40,699,623 as of Mar 4, 2010
• Outstanding Shares?217,645,044 as of Sept 30, 2009
• Authorized Shares?5,000,000,000 as of Sept 30, 2009
• Float(shares)?20,387,700 as of Sept 30, 2009
• Number of Shareholders of Record?400 as of Sept 30, 2009
• Number of Beneficial Shareholders?1,112 as of Sept 30, 2009

CBIS — Cannabis Science, Inc.
Common Stock
Par Value: 0.001

• Estimated Market Cap?$3,405,528 as of Mar 4, 2010
• Outstanding Shares?14,679,000 as of Mar 30, 2009
• Authorized Shares?30,000,000 as of Apr 4, 2008
• Number of Shareholders of Record?147 as of Mar 30, 2009

HESG — Health Sciences Group, Inc.
Common Stock
Par Value: 0.001

Estimated Market Cap
$440,000 as of Mar 9, 2010

Outstanding Shares
2,200,000,000 as of Mar 9, 2009
Authorized Shares
5,000,000,000 as of Mar 9, 2009
600,000,000 as of Mar 9, 2009
Number of Shareholders of Record
187 as of Dec 8, 2008

A "reverse merger" is a method by which a private company goes public. In a reverse merger, a private company merges with a public listed company with no assets or liabilities. (The public company is also called a "shell" corporation). The publicly traded corporation is called a "shell" since all that exists of the original company is its corporate shell structure. By merging into such an entity, a private company becomes public.

The private company merges into a public company and obtains the majority of its stock (usually 80-90%). The private company normally will change the name of the public corporation (often to its own name) and will appoint and elect its management and Board of Directors. The new public corporation has a base of shareholders sufficient to meet the 300 shareholder requirement for admission to quotation on the NASDAQ SmallCap Market.

The advantages of public trading status, which are outlined in greater detail, notably include the possibility of commanding a higher price for a later offering of the company's securities. Going public through a reverse merger allows a private company to go public typically at a lesser cost and with less stock dilution than through an initial public offering (IPO). While the process of going public and raising capital is combined in an IPO, in a reverse merger these two functions are unbundled; a company can go public without raising additional capital. Through this unbundling operation, the process of going public is simplified greatly.

(Pink - News) announced today that the company has created a new subsidiary in Colorado, IMAI Wellness Centers, Inc., to pursue the development of the company's new Wellness Centers and Medical Marijuana clinics for chronic pain relief. IMAI will also pursue acquisitions in addition to licensing and development in Colorado, where medical marijuana treatment is legal and can be operated on a "for profit" basis.

Mel Roseman, CEO of IMAI, added, "Colorado has a regulatory and business climate that is favorable for our new Wellness Center clinics. We want to offer non traditional methods of addressing patient complaints, as well as offering a natural pain relief alternative with medical marijuana. Many patients cannot tolerate high dosage pain relief medicines, and our natural treatment
centers will offer these patients a physician supervised, healthy, natural choice to relieve chronic pain using medical marijuana."

Organic Science Value? With or Without HESG is the Question.
15 Million/ Without HESG 20 Billion shares at .0002 = $4 Million

My Dream HESG Scenario, first Scottrade halt restriction is lifted.

HESG = All Cannabis Investments
Market Cap?$2,180,822
Market Cap?$1,181,200
Market Cap?$3,297,959
Market Cap?$40,699,623
Market Cap?$3,405,528

$50,765,132 = Interested Companies in Medical Marijuana

Private Equity
Organic Science 15Million
Strategic Concepts?
Plus any more Unknown at this time

$200,000,000 Million in Market Capital

HESG 20B A/S forward split with dividend, after rolling up many companies into its Medical Marijuana Green Shell. Becomein the Worlds Largest Cannabis Conglomerate

HESG .0001 stock new price per share is $2.51, forcing all Market Makers in the largest margin call ever seen.

$100 shorted at .0001 = $-2.5 Million% margin call at $2.51
If not MM's are allowed to short .0001 with no margin call

Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Pharmacology & Hemp Cultivation Illegal? In the eyes of who?

Then God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed.

Peace & God Bless All Our Investments

† h i n k f i s h

† h i n k f i s h PResents ICE Think'SHO'Tanks

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