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Looking for sub penny stocks that have LOW A/S, O/S, and FLOAT that are sitting at or near bottom



Beginner "traps" of Penny Stock Trading

When it comes to the stock market, nothing is more profitable and/or volatile than penny stocks. Although it might seem easier to make bigger profits from Penny Stocks, it does involve a similar mentality as regular stock trading.

Over the course of an investing career, most beginners and even intermediate level traders will fall into the many traps of trading. If it happens that you see yourself falling into any of the "traps" below, understand that it's natural to do many of them, but you must train yourself not to fall victim to them…

1. "Falling in love" with a stock, a company, a technology or a "story"

Often times, when beginner traders first start investing, they get caught up in the moment of trading. While it's perfectly okay to enjoy the stocks you're buying, and even like the company, any stock trading expert will tell you that getting too emotionally involved with the stocks you're buying can kill your profits.

A company's "story" might be important to know for long-term investing, but for short-term trading, falling in love with a company's story isn't a wise investing move. Especially for shorter-term investing, it's important to do diligence on penny stocks before investing big.

2. Trading and picking stocks like if you were gambling on a casino

The second trap a lot of beginners fall into is to assume the stock market is like gambling, and to randomly invest in stocks. There are reasons why prices of stock go up and down, and the truth is, that a lot of beginner investors will invest like they're gambling on a casino table… based on a matter of luck.

Expert traders will always look at graphs and charts to see why, and when to buy shares of stock. There are plenty of powerful software's out there to help automate most of the research, but it's important to understand that researching stocks first is a critical step.

3. Buying penny stocks that are pumped on message boards, spam emails and bogus hot stock tips

This happens more than we see, but when we read about "easy-money" from investing early in a new penny stock, it entices us to think that only a select few are buying. The reality is, the initiators of the "stock pump" are almost always the only ones to profit.

It's always a wise move to avoid the allure of impulse investing in any stock being advertised in general. Do the research first…

And this leads us to the last of the "traps".

4. Failure to control emotions

This one's simple… don't fall into the trap like most traders do of basing trades on emotions. Trading with out a strategy that clarifies when to buy and when to sell a stock is dangerous. In order to trade successfully over and over, you need to have clear buy and sell signals.

Stick closely to your trading rules and don't let emotions start dictating your actions. You will need to keep your fear and greed in check in order to succeed at penny stock trading Most investors are controlled by greed and fear, but speculators who make money can get past these emotions when they make trading decisions.


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#947   fwiw, XCLK 128m vol today, painted 0002 EOD. imiloa 10/04/17 08:18:50 PM
#946   Unvc, great low float, mega moves today mcjodie 10/04/17 12:04:24 AM
#945   GIGL - low floater to begin with and Honeycomb777 09/30/17 11:04:40 AM
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#940   $IAGI from .06 to .0001 recently 11MM OS Troy Lando 07/07/14 09:38:07 AM
#939   CANMQ 006 1 LEFT 10M O/S COMPANY BOTTOM l2 hunter 07/02/14 01:26:36 PM
#938   Started accumulating APHD .0015 A/S 250M J U ICE 06/26/14 01:33:14 AM
#937   $QEDN announces huge news http://rdd.me/zyp9nwvy RowingDude 06/10/14 11:13:10 AM
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#932   VRED http://thestockmarketwatch.com/stock/?stock=VRED WoollenBlock48 06/08/14 08:41:23 PM
#931   VRED-63,880,000 shares outstanding . Take a look at WoollenBlock48 06/01/14 02:40:04 AM
#930   been accum QLTS .0013 400M A/S J U ICE 05/20/14 03:39:16 PM
#929   BISU .0025 here it is...A Wal Mart team Pythia 01/04/14 06:28:24 PM
#928   FRCN 0009 CHART >> l2 hunter 11/21/13 11:42:23 AM
#927   SMRL >>> FLOAT >>9MILL. Carlito 10/28/13 03:38:10 PM
#926   $AGCZ@.0008!!!!insane i'm in at .003!!=)scrrrr BIG BALLER 10/27/13 10:31:37 PM
#925   +1(*)(*)thanks PB!!*hows your \/\/eekend going?=)>>radar AGCZ&DSCRRRR<< BIG BALLER 10/27/13 10:26:54 PM
#924   AFLB .0014*&^*%$%#$@#!@ PENNYBUSTER 10/26/13 09:39:32 AM
#923   $DKAM REVERSAL IN PROGRESS, OS 29 M ONLY PennyXpert 09/19/13 02:17:43 PM
#922   http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=92040108 PENNYBUSTER 09/15/13 10:19:51 PM
#921   INVA tiny SS Pythia 08/23/13 07:34:33 AM
#920   Caught some SAGD @.0008 J U ICE 08/08/13 02:13:49 AM
#919   TJSS .001 7m floater quick massive gains possible tony26 07/25/13 12:08:49 PM
#918   RKNW .006 watch close L2 set to run tony26 07/24/13 01:23:38 PM
#917   ~*~IPRU~*~loading the boat partial fills looks like a BIG BALLER 07/18/13 10:33:21 AM
#916   PMAH .003 RFNS .0037 PLGC .0056 ACDU .0016 PENNYBUSTER 07/17/13 05:08:22 PM
#915   hey J U ICE, imiloa 07/10/13 01:37:36 PM
#914   Check Out SVFC .02, solid company, Low Float, pws777 06/21/13 02:24:18 AM
#913   added some more NOHO @.0007 A/S 500M J U ICE 06/18/13 02:59:03 PM
#911   added some NOHO @.001 A/S 500M J U ICE 06/10/13 11:29:54 AM
#910   EAPH & GLHV look pretty good 0001 06/05/13 02:25:10 AM
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#906   BSTO - moves in air. otcbargains 05/26/13 11:18:43 AM
#905   Thanks. Luckily I got filled @.0005 on tuesday. J U ICE 05/23/13 12:57:18 AM
#904   Very nice. NOHO should get some attention with J U ICE 05/23/13 12:48:42 AM
#903   Very Cool!! Sounds like you had perfect timing J U ICE 05/23/13 12:45:09 AM
#902   WOW great job on this one. Tried for ProfitChaser 05/22/13 05:03:40 PM
#901   News A/H today. ProfitChaser 05/22/13 05:02:52 PM
#900   Well I got back on the log home greenbayslacker 05/22/13 07:23:04 AM
#899   All is well Bro. Nothing exciting to report... J U ICE 05/22/13 12:08:12 AM
#898   Nice PC!! Could be a very nice bottom J U ICE 05/22/13 12:05:51 AM
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