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The Silver from the 4824 m high Cerro Rico (Rich Mountain) -
once made Potosi the biggest city in the Americas -
and one of the richest in the world -

"I am rich Potosi -
Treasure of the world -
The king of all mountains -
And the envy of all kings" -
Legend on 16th-century Potosi -

Potosi - coat of arms -


Potosi -
the city which grew up at the foot of the hill -
was said the streets to be paved with Silver -
and became a byword for luxury and splendour -
At the height of its splendour -
in the 17th Century, Potosi was one -
of the largest cities in the world -

Cerro Rico, or "Rich Mountain" -
The Worlds Richest Silver Mine -
has been mined for more than -
- 500 years.

Indeed, so rich did Cerro Rico -
prove to be that the Spanish -
colonists dreamt of building -
a bridge of solid silver all -
the way from Potosí to Madrid.
Since the date mentioned until 1719 -
great bonanza periods have been reported -
for the quality of the mineral -
with ore contents between 1,500
and 9,000 silver ounces per ton.



The Mountain That Eats Men -
or is it - the el tio ? - 666 - That Eats Men -
the 666 bobo is a nono -
to normal Safety Standard Mining methods of precautions

History short snippet reflexion -
When the Spanish conquistadors first arrived in the new world -
in the 1500s, they were surprised to find a highly advanced
civilization the Aztecs of Mexico at one time their empire
stretched throughout central and North America.
Their capital city featured towering pyramids and beautiful
But the conquistadors were shocked to discover that the Aztecs
practiced a barbaric religious ritual of human sacrifice.
In fact, the Aztecs, from ancient times to the 1500s, may have
sacrificed more people to their gods than any other culture
in human history.

When the great temple was dedicated in 1487, priests sacrificed
thousands of people in a single day.
The Aztecs sacrificed to all the gods and goddesses often
through bloodletting on the heights of the pyramids.
Again, we find that this was not a primitive culture compared
to the rest of the world at that time.
It was a highly advanced society of artists, craftsmen, and
priests. Yet they spilled more human blood tot heir gods
than any other culture in history.

One account by a Spanish conquistador tells of a skull rack
containing 136,000 heads of victims who had been ritually

The Spanish were horrified. In response, they massacred the
Aztecs, tore down their temple and built -
a cathedral in its place.


Silver to Surge to $450/oz and Gold to $12,000/oz - Cazenove's Robin Griffiths

By Mark O'Byrne

Gold and silver are higher this morning with the dollar, the British pound and commodity currencies falling in value. It is too early to tell whether the recent margin driven, paper sell off on the COMEX is over but physical supply remains limited while demand remains robust, particularly in China, India and wider Asia.

Cross Currency Rates

Knowledgeable experts continue to urge investors to own gold and silver due to the likelihood of much higher prices, currency and inflation risk.

One of the most respected global technical and macro strategists in the world, Robin Griffiths has said that silver and gold could rise to $450 and $12,000 per ounce respectively due to the debasement of paper currencies.

Dow Jones to Gold Ratio - 50 Years (Quarterly)

Griffiths was chief technical strategist with HSBC for over 20 years, has 44 years investment experience and now works for Cazenove Capital, one of the oldest investment houses in the world tracing its origins back to the 17th century. It manages money on behalf of blue blooded clients and is widely believed to manage some of the British Royal family's wealth.

When asked by King World News if his $350 target was a realistic price level for silver Griffiths stated, "That is absolutely not unrealistic. If you adjust the old all-time high for inflation...that gives you $450 for silver. Then you add in the fact that they are printing money, you can take it higher than that without any difficulty at all."

Dow Jones Industrial Average - 50 Years (Quarterly)

Griffiths told King World News that "Bulls (bull markets) are very successful at wobbling people out at the wrong time. "

Griffiths has previously said that not owning gold today is a form of insanity and "may even show unhealthy masochistic tendencies, which might need medical attention." (see here)

He has also critiqued the western media's superficial coverage of gold and their resort to Warren Buffett's ignorant comments on gold despite money printing and international currency debasement on a scale never before seen in history .

Meanwhile perhaps the leading commodity expert of our time, Jim Rogers, has said that silver was not and is not a bubble.

Regarding the recent price correction he said, "I don't know what caused it maybe it was short covering, maybe it was rumors. I have no idea." He continued "silver went down a great deal but if you raise margin requirements 150%-200% you would expect something to collapse," he added.

"I hardly see how silver could be a bubble when, even at its top, it's still below its all-time high. That's not much of a bubble."

If it goes to $150 this year, all other things being equal, then I'd say you better sell your silver. If it goes to $150 in 10 years then I would say that's a normal progression up and that's the way things work. But if the U.S. dollar suddenly turns into confetti then you better hold your silver at $200. So it depends on the circumstances and the timing more than anything else.

Since 2003, GoldCore have said that gold and silver would reach their inflation adjusted highs of $2,400/oz and $130/oz. Our estimates appear increasingly conservative especially given the fact that the official inflation statistics have been debased over the years and are not an accurate reflection of real inflation.

Predicting the future price of any asset class is impossible. Predicting that gold and silver will continue to protect against financial and economic shocks and crashes and global currency debasement is possible.

The current correction should be used as another buying opportunity in order to protect against the continuing extraordinary degree of macroeconomic, monetary and geopolitical risk in the world.

& Related Juniors:
in no particular order

Franklin Mining, Inc. -



CDE Mission -


2005, Pan American -
increased its interest in San Vicente to 55% -
the Company also negotiated another toll milling
agreement with EMUSA -
under which ore will be processed at a nearby -
facility until the mill on site at -
San Vicente - is to be refurbished in 2006 -




Atlantis in the Andes -

Bolivia is the landlocked "heart" of South America -
Looking down from the 6088m high summit -
of Huayna Potosi in Bolivia -



Silver LT following Rhodium -
Rh is frontrunner to Ag -

The Old Franklin Mines -
- has been trading above $100.00/share by Franklin Mines -
owned in US - still own them -
FMNJ - now also Cerro Rico interest -

- history often repeat itself -



Franklin Mining, Inc. -
(OTC Pink Sheets:FMNJ - News), working through two
Bolivian subsidiaries, is today confirming that a
Letter of Intent has been signed with COMIBOL for
mining operations at - The Cerro Rico Mine -

in Potosi -


Silver - history - very Long Term LT oversold - undervalued -
the manipulation creates hardship for Silver miners worldwide -
in the future it will explode - the more manipulation -
the higher Silver will fly -

(to see the 600yearsilver chart chart - put your mouse arrow to the box -
use the right side -
button on your mouse -
click view image


"We have gold because we cannot trust Governments."
President Herbert Hoover

Biggest Scam In History -
(speakers on )


Video Info - What is -
Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve -
Link (on the left index-column) -
- are the banksters naked short selling? -
- US stock shares? -
- You to be the judge! -

SILVER Monthly Long Term -

SILVER Monthly Short Term -

This oscillator shows strength & weakness in the price movements
with highs being in the sell zone & lows being in the buy zone.



First Quarter Silver News 2006

Commodity Fundamentals -

Welcome to join and enjoy SILVER (Ag) PRODUCERS -
InvestorsHub forum...
tell us your opinion and
ask your questions...
Imo. Tia.

Precious Metals Spot Price's -

Silver Charts In Global Currencies

Australian Dollar British Pound Canadian Dollar
Chinese Renminbi European Euro Indian Rupee
Japanese Yen Swiss Franc South African Rand

updated weekly


The Hebrew word for money is "keceph", which
is translated to mean "silver."

Silver Supply & Demands -

Banking cartel info -


Money Masters: Federal Reserve History part 1 of 3


Money Masters: Federal Reserve History part 2 of 3


Money Masters: Federal Reserve History part 3 of 3



Precious Metal Charts Page -


Gold Bullion Weekly compared to fiat Currency Chart Page -


A must see video clip on the Federal Reserve -
and the current state of the Dollar...

Those who make peaceful REVOLUTION impossible will
make violent REVOLUTION inevitable.
- John F. Kennedy

Shut Down The Federal Reserve: Save America!
†With God all things are possible†
by: todd h

ROB-TV in exposing the Gold price suppression scheme -

Join GATA -
Gold Show -
2007 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference
Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre

Silver - LT Strong Bull Trend Started -

1st LT Bull wave - 1st correction -

4 more LT Bull waves to Go -

Gold - LT Strong Bull Trend Started -

1st LT Bull wave - 1st correction -
4 more LT Bull waves to Go -

(Elliott Wave 5-wave Elliott Pattern)

2007 Outlook for Gold and Silver -
of GoldSeek.com and SilverSeek.com says that
dollar weakness could push up price...

Silver Brothers -

THE FIRST GREAT GOLD RUSH began in 1971....
and Gold followed Silver Bull....

Second wave LT trend started - of the 5-wave Elliott pattern -

THE FIRST GREAT GOLD RUSH began in 1971...
gold prices ran from $35 to over $700, a twentyfold rise!
A decade later, prices settled near $300,
nearly a tenfold increase!

THE SECOND GREAT GOLD RUSH, Phase One began in 2001....
gold prices have run from $275 to over $675 (25% growth/year!)
Not bad, but this is still just the warm up phase!

THE SECOND GREAT GOLD RUSH, Phase Two begins in 2007...
gold prices are expected to climb above $750 this year!
If gold prices rise twenty-fold from $275,
that's a $5,500 peak price,
with gold settling near $2,750,
a tenfold increase and 400% higher than today's price.

Investing in Silver: Silver Has Enduring Value



Gold & Silver is Money = not paper, not electronic credits,
not chips and not polo-ticz fiatz666counterfeitz -
The Fiat Money System -
Dr. Bill Veith in studio w/ Alex Jones -


Contributions may be sent to:
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.
c/o Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer
7 Villa Louisa Road
Manchester, Connecticut 06043-7541

Before the U.S. House of Representatives -
The End of Dollar Hegemony -

The Financial System Is A Farce -

by Eric Sprott who spells it our clearly -

The United States Mission in Bolivia -


Colorado And Utah Oil Shale Deposits To Rival OPEC Oil Reserves
May 2007 | Industry News

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS),
the oil shale deposits in the US are likely to hold
as much as 1.5 trillion barrels (bbl) of Oil & Gas ....


Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) - Joining Hands -
Illuminating the life of child miners in Bolivia -

God Bless You, and the USA missions -


In God We Trust -
God Bless

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