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About Scandium International Mining Corp:

There has never been a commerically viable source of scandium. Until now. Scandium, just like niobium before it, has the potential to create an entire new mining sector.

Scandium International Mining Corp., formerly EMC Metals Corp., is a specialty metals mining company focused on specialty metal and mineral properties, specifically scandium. The Company’s operational focus is on its 100% controlled Nyngan Scandium project and its 100% owned Tordal Scandium property. The Nyngan Scandium resource is located approximately 500 kilometers northwest of Sydney, Australia. The property consists of two exploration licenses, EL 6009 and EL 6096, which encompass over 9,000 hectares (29.6 square kilometers). The Company controls exploration ground in southern Norway, (the Tordal scandium/REE property), and also in central Norway (Hogtuva beryllium/scandium property). These Norwegian properties also targets for other specialty metals, such as yttrium, beryllium, tin, and tantalum, as well as various rare earth elements.

43-101: 12 million tonnes grading 261 ppm near surface with a gross value of over six billion dollars at $2k/kg.

  • Capital cost estimate for the Project is US$77.4 million,
    Operating cost estimate for the Project is US$636/kg scandium oxide,
    Oxide product volume is 35,975 kg per year,
    Project Constant Dollar NPV10% is US$175 million, (NPV8% is US$217 million),
    Project Constant Dollar IRR is 40.6%,
    Oxide product grades of 97-99% are estimated, and
    Scandium recovery estimate is 84.3%.

What is Scandium?

Scandium is a rare element that has unique and useful properties that can be refined into scandium metal and oxide powders which are used in a variety of rapidly growing industries including Bloom Energy's Bloom Box. It's primary uses are as an integral component in high performance fuel cells and as an aluminum alloy that greatly enhances strength.  The Russians use scandium for high performance aerospace aplications, specifically for MIG jets and spaceship components.  They reserved the scandium for the military due to its rarity.  The airline industry world wide would love a stable source of scandium to reduce weight of their aircraft, increase the strength and improve perfomance and fuel effiencey.  The auto industry may also be interested in scandium as they already use niobium to strengthen and lighten steel frames, and Sc functions in a similar manner with aluminium, which Ford is now heavily popularizing with their new aluminum frames.  Scandium is also used in the production of flying drones, firearms, performance tools, and in sports accessories like golf clubs. Scandium is also used in a variety of new budding technologies including lighting and applications that call for increased conductivity in aluminum.  New uses are being discovered for it every year.  If there was as supply of cheap, stable scandium it would be used in many things.  The future for scandium and those controlling the first producing mines could create a multi-billion dollar market from almost nothing.


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