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Rushnet Inc. (OTC:RSHN)

1001 Grand Ave. Suite 207 / Glenwood Springs, CO 81602 / Phone: 321-266-6895

Website: https://rushnetinc.com/

Twitter: @RSHNOTC


CEO - Frank DeAngelo

Frank Deangelo is the Chief Executive Officer of RushNet, Inc. Mr. Deangelo is the retired President and CEO of Applejam, Inc. which was one of the world’s largest restaurant franchises which he grew to have over $120,000,000 in sales with over 2500 employees before selling it. 


COO - Jason Jones

With more than 15 years of experience in cannabis manufacturing, cultivation, and business development, Jason not only brings a wealth of knowledge from this industry but also the nutraceutical field.  We are confident that Jason represents a perfect fit for the logistical operations of our growing businesses and future development.      


Chairman of the Board, Chief Medical Officer - Dr. Richard Goulding, M.D.

Dr. Richard E. Goulding, MD, is a Chairman, Chief Executive & Medical Officer at RushNet, Inc., a Chairman & Chief Medical Officer at Gold River Productions, Inc., a Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer at Real American Capital Corp., a Medical Director at Physhield, a Member at American Academy of Facial & Plastic Reconstruction Surgery, a Member at American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy, a Member at American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Inc., a Member at American Medical Association and a Member at Florida Society of Otolaryngology. He is on the Board of Directors at Phyhealth Underwriters, Inc. Dr. Goulding was previously employed as a Secretary & Director by Physicians Healthcare Management Group, Inc. and a Secretary & Director by Phyhealth Corp. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and a doctorate degree from Loyola University Maryland, Inc.


Richard Goulding, M.D. is a Board-certified surgeon who, as CEO of POTN, presided over their twelve-fold escalation of a stock price. He offers his years of expertise to the project. Dr. Goulding is currently engaged in CBD products testing and effectiveness for proprietary POTN products and oversees physicians actively engaged in the process.



Company Phone: (321) 266-6895 (Rushnet main phone number on OTC website) (Richard Goulding’s direct number) 

fda69@yahoo.com (from OTC website for company e-mail address) Frank DeAngelo

Transfer Agent: Mountain Share Transfer, (303)-460-1149


OTC Company Description (updated 02/23/2020)

Rushnet has historical ties to the beverage industry and while this will be a focus with the development of its trademarked "Knockout PunchTM" products line, Rushnet will develop and manufacture products from the underserved areas and sectors of CBD production. Full-spectrum, nanosized CBD will be an important component of Knockout PunchTM's three beverage lines. Focusing on edibles and acquiring companies with a significant financial future, Rushnet has associates in the medical, nutraceutical, cultivation and logistics industries. With a focus on health, wellness, the heart of RSHN is products that are fun, healthy and will improve the quality of life. Having financed a noted lobbyist to secure a number of government grants, RSHN is poised for the future.


Press Release Company Description

RushNet, Inc. a basic business model is an edibles and beverages based company with a number of stand-alone products, including many enhanced with CBD. These products are designed to take advantage of all-natural and non-GMO grown foods, pristine mineral water enhancement, and full-spectrum, broad-spectrum CBD and other rare cannabinoids.


StopDrops, Inc. Company Description (Rushnet has recently changed its name to StopDrops, Inc.)

StopDrops Inc., produces, markets and distributes an all-natural, nicotine-free herbal lozenge whose ingredients may reduce one's desire or craving for nicotine. Not only is this product helpful in cigarette reduction or cessation, but it is also an excellent choice, and perhaps the only marketed choice to wean from nicotine inhaled products like Juul and others. StopDrops Inc. continues to develop and create additional health and wellness products and focuses on market niches for which there are few or no other efficacious solutions.


Share Structure

Authorized Shares: 9,000,000,000 - Since November 2019

Outstanding Shares: 7,764,641,795 - As of 01/07/2020


Outstanding Shares shares were 7,729,739,834 as of 06/30/2018, therefore only about 34.9 million shares have been added since the shell became active, most for consulting services. 


Other Links

Colorado Secretary of State Filings for RushNet, Inc. (search “Rushnet” or “StopDrops”)

OTC Markets: RSHN 


Products (To Be Announced / In Development):


Knockout Punch (™)

Knockout Punch™ comes in a small vial and is used before or after participating in any physical activity that may result in a blow to the head. Made from high quality organically grown CBD.


Knockout Punch (™) Sleep Aid

The combination of CBD and melatonin in Knockout Punch™ has also been shown to aid in a deep, restful, recovery sleep. Knockout Punch™ for sleep will involve several proprietary ingredients and techniques making a perfect and better alternative to what is currently on the market for sleep aid.


KO Punch

Details to be clarified


3 Trademarks

Knockout Punch ™ 

KO PUNCH Trademark (Serial No. 88101358)

KO Trademark (Serial No. 88101335)

  • NOA issued 8/13/19. SOU due 2/13/20 (Link)

    NORevival 12/31/20 SOU Due 06/31/20 (Link)

    NOExtension Approved 10/5/19 SOU due 03/05/20  (Link)




HempHUB, Inc. / https://www.hemphubapp.com/ / (Wholly Owned)

President, David Atkins

HempHUB is a platform (app) aimed at providing access for re-sales, farmers, and consumers to sell or discover CBD products. The same maker of CoffeeHUB.


Great Rate Freight, Inc. / https://greatratefreightinc.com/ 

CEO - Chuck Balandrin

Twitter: @GR8R8FR8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreatRateFreight/

Other: http://gogr8r8.com/ (old)

(Shared Ownership with GRPS, % Unknown)

GreatRateFreight is completing the development of a streamlined marketplace using logistics technology to service the needs of trucking companies, owner-operators, and customers/shippers while facilitating financial transactions and delivery constructs, for the benefit of businesses and for enhanced compensation truck drivers. 


Great Rate Freight Market Analysis and Forecast Revenues - Link leads to GRF business plan

Video of Great Rate Freight’s Service with Agorz App - Video Link


Rushnet, Inc is seeking the following 3 grants for its subsidiary Great Rate Freight, Inc.: 

Freedom Fleet Initiative by Great Rate Freight - $50,000,000 from Department of Homeland Security (Website:https://freedomfleetinitiative.com/

Great Rate Freight - $10,000,000 from Federal Highway Association

Truckers Coalition of North America by Chuck B/GRF - $10,000,000 from Federal Highway Association 


Total RSHN related grant proposals: $70,000,000 


Cal City Concentrates/Cultivators

CEO - Jason Jones

Cal City Concentrates, a Cultivation and Manufacturing company, has been issued permits by the city of California City, permit number APN: 216-010-31. Cal City’s business operations are on 2.5 acres, utilities including the main power line near the parcel, functioning water, and natural gas are present. These 2.5 acres are suitable for growing of CBD and processing, with a manufacturing facility. Experienced operator, Jason Jones, recently appointed as COO of RushNet and XYZ Hemp, seeks to expand and offer bottling for beverages and the capability to add infused CBD to beverages. This will also facilitate the product and beverage creation endeavors of RushNet and XYZHemp.


Potential Annual Revenue: $10,000,000; See this investment solicitation and forecast.


Bella Buds Inc. / Bella B, LLC (Sales Office) / Website: https://bellabudsonline.com/

Georgia Secretary of State Business Formation (Bella Buds, Inc.): Filing # 15003468 

Articles of Incorporation

Colorado Secretary of State Business Formation (Bella B LLC): https://www.sos.state.co.us/biz/ViewImage.do?masterFileId=20181891762&fileId=20181891762


Director - Stephen Parente

Partner - Julian O. Winston III

Principal Address: 2700 Braselton Hwy, Suite 10-137, Dacula, GA, 30019, USA (Bella Buds, Inc.)

Sales Office: 11001  W 120th Avenue, Ste 400, Broomfield, CO 80021-3483 (Bella B aka Bella B LLC)

Customer Service: 833-235-5223


Bella Buds Online, in association with approved healthcare partners, now serves as a holistic wellness company that researches, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary-formula, non-GMO, clinically-tested, organic hemp-derived, medical-grade cannabinol (CBD) over the counter products for “CHIPS”:

Chronic Pain


Physiological disorders & Mental disorders ( anxiety, depression, insomnia)

Substance Abuse( prescription opioid epidemic, alcohol, etc)

Cancer- all types

Health/General Wellness

PTSD- post-traumatic stress disorder

CHIPS impacts >90% of US population addressable market is from $222B with a broader market value in excess of $1 trillion

The Opioid epidemic is strangling society; every 19 minutes someone dies from prescription drug abuse. Today, there are more effective,  less toxic treatments which are a top priority of the Federal government, fortunately, CBD preparations are at the forefront as alternatives for prescription Opioids and the treatment of addiction and now becoming more mainstream and acceptable.


Potential Revenue: Unknown; Need forecast or sales data


Investment Partner Holdings, LLC / https://www.investmentpartnerholdings.net/

Founder, Director - Stephen Parente

1st Mortgage Lien and 2nd Mortgage financing, Mezzanine Loans, Equipment, Account Receivables, financing.

Georgia Secretary of State Filing

Articles of Incorporation


Principal Address: 2700 Braselton Hwy, Suite 10-137, Dacula, GA, 30019, USA


Potential Revenue: Unknown; Need forecast or sales data


StopDrops, Inc. / http://stopdroplozenges.com/

President - Alan Biren


StopDrops Inc., produces, markets and distributes an all-natural, nicotine-free herbal lozenge whose ingredients may reduce one's desire or craving for nicotine. Not only is this product helpful in cigarette reduction or cessation, but it is also an excellent choice, and perhaps the only marketed choice to wean from nicotine inhaled products like Juul and others. StopDrops Inc. continues to develop and create additional health and wellness products and focuses on market niches for which there are few or no other efficacious solutions.

Clinical Trial Information: http://stopdroplozenges.com/about/


StopDrops LLC

Delaware Secretary of State File 597646

Incorporated 3/1/2016




Effective immediately, RushNet Inc. has acquired all rights and assets of StopDrops, Inc., a Delaware company that produces, markets, and distributes an all-natural nicotine-free smoking and nicotine cessation product.


Joint Ventures:


Gold River Production Services, Inc.(GRPS)

Website: www.grpsinc.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xyzhemp


Dr. Stuart Miller, M.D.

Stuart Miller, M.D. specializes in stroke rehabilitation, spinal cord injury rehabilitation, Pain Management, orthopedic rehabilitation, oncology rehabilitation, and post-traumatic injury rehabilitation as well as electrodiagnostic medicine and nerve conduction velocity studies. Dr. Miller is a member of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF NEUROMUSCULAR & ELECTRODIAGNOSTIC MEDICINE, AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION, AMERICAN BOARD OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION and the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PAIN MANAGEMENT.


Dr. Bruce Bond, DC, DCABN

Dr. Bond practiced for twenty-two years in Cleveland Ohio where he started and ran a successful Functional Wellness and chiropractic clinic. He currently works with his son in Florida at his son’s clinic in Melbourne, Florida. The Florida clinic was started in a town in which he and his son were not known and in three years is a successful profitable private pay clinic utilizing effective herbal and nutritional therapies. Dr. Bond is on a mission because he sees people are losing life to their years and living in bodies shattered by time. His clinical experience has shown him that by utilizing effective gentle botanicals that the human body can restore form and function. Dr. Bond has been bringing his clinical practical experience, humor and empowering style to clinicians for over seventeen years. His unique style of making the complicated simple will enable you to go back on Monday and help those who want to restore and revitalize themselves both physically and emotionally. (Link)


Joshua Spooner, New Earth Development CEO

My name is Joshua, I have a passion for helping people and companies grow, develop, and be successful. I have a lot of knowledge and experience in many different kinds of business in the world. My main focus is specializing in the Federal market place. I can help businesses head in the right direction and gain opportunity with US and Federal Governments, Small Business Innovation and Research.


Mr. Spooner has spent most of his life studying and organizing the right people and technology to advance this Bio-Chemical to industry Scale. Joshua studied Economics and Technology Led Economics at the UAA and International Economic Development Council. 


GRPS Joint Venture - CBD Nano-technology

Dr. Richard Goulding explains what this joint venture is about: 

“Our company has cultivated this rare opportunity to combine nanotechnology with Dr. Miller’s ingenious dispersion system that has been contoured to meet our specific demands.  Using not yet patented, Aqueous CBD Nanotization trade secrets developed by Western Sierra Resources’ scientific team, we are able to miniaturize, while enhancing cannabinoid concentration, while enhancing the effectiveness of our full-spectrum CBD oil.  Our planned products will be vastly improved by this technology. The results will be more effective products, more therapeutic, better tolerated and much greater potency per unit of CBD oil. Many of our planned products in different stages of production will greatly benefit from this joint venture. But almost all of equal importance is the fact that our cost to produce CBD products will be substantially reduced given these efficiencies. And of further importance is the fact that the Nano CBD Delivery System will result in a much quicker desired effect on the patient or customer.”


Potential Revenue: Unknown; Proprietary technology can be licensed out.


Premier BioMedical, Inc. (BIEI) Joint Venture

Website: http://www.premierbiomedical.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/premierbiomedic?lang=en


Premier Biomedical, Inc. has acquired exclusive licenses for patent-pending medications/medical procedures to develop cures for a significant number of the most debilitating and often fatal illnesses affecting mankind: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Clinical Depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, Blood Sepsis, Atherosclerosis, and Cancer. We have developed an aggressive timetable to advance the development of these breakthrough technologies through laboratory, hospital, and clinical trials. We have initiated the development of potential patient trial application lists. We have a management team with extensive experience and contacts in the medical/pharmaceutical fields as well as a demonstrated track record of launching new business ventures in a competitive environment. Our extensive contacts in the medical/pharmaceutical industries will ensure that new developments will achieve maximum visibility and exposure to the market. Transparency and accountability will continue to be ensured via regular issuance of technical progress reports, financials, and investor relations reports to maintain investor enthusiasm.

Premier Biomedical, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is a fully reporting issuer under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, listed under “BIEI” on the OTC-BB Index.


OTC Description: We are in part a research-based company that primarily intends to discover and develop medical products. Our current focus is on the distribution of our pain management products. Our current pain management products are made from hemp oil extracts and include roll-on applicators, pain relief patches, creams and pump stray applicators. We also conduct research and development of proprietary drugs and techniques to target cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other diseases.



P.O. Box 25

Jackson Center, PA 16133


About the Joint Venture:

On July 30, 2019, an agreement was signed forming a joint venture with New Earth Development Corporation, RushNet, Inc., and XYZ Hemp, Inc. (AKA GRPS) to manufacture, market and sell a revolutionary Anti-Addiction Patch containing Premier Biomedicals patented natural and synthetic formulation. The product will be based on the topical pain-relieving patch technology currently marketed by Premier Biomedical. Because of the current focus on the opioid drug overdose epidemic, not only in the United States but worldwide, the joint venture will quickly seek to expand sales globally.


Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ifm1YchizKM


For more information please contact:

William A. Hartman

President and CEO

Premier Biomedical Inc.

(814) 786-8849



Revenue Sharing Interests in Gold River Production Services, Inc. Subsidiaries


New Earth Development Corporation

CEO - Joshua Spooner

Colorado Secretary of State Link (Acquired 3/27/19 Link to PR)

Twitter: N/A

Facebook: N/A

(RSHN has revenue-sharing interest TBD)


New Earth’s focus will be Large Scaled Carbon Farming and the Production of Nano Superconductors and High-Performance Materials through the growing of a carefully tested and specially selected strain of hemp.

With its team of agricultural scientists, New Earth is cultivating a low CBD/THC cultivar, high in fiber and active carbon. The team of engineers and technology partners has more than 20 years of experience in biofuel, high-performance composites, and biochemical engineering. And the team is now implementing the most efficacious design to best harness and extract the biofuels from these cultivars. 


LeGanjaFairy, LLC

Washington State Licensed Marijuana Producer / Processor. Established in 2015

Website: https://leganjafairy.com/#


Street Address: 6021 E. Mansfield Ave., Suite 700, Spokane Valley, WA 99212

Mailing Address: 2915 W Horizon Ave., Spokane, WA, 99208 

I502 PRODUCER / PROCESSOR / Washington UBI # 603 348 456


Sales Data




CEO - Shane Archibald

Shane brings over 20 years of traditional business and project management experience in the IT, Transportation, Aerospace and Construction industries as a consultant, trainer, author and speaker to the developing cannabis industry.


Licensed as both a Tier 3 Marijuana Producer and a Marijuana Processor. In business for more than four years, 2019 year-to-date revenue of over $215k, total revenue since inception of nearly $1.5 million and an expanding customer base, it offers more than 70 unique strains of Cannabis ranging from strains used for pain relief, high CBD-content, to heirloom strains that have been cultivated since the 1970’s. Customers currently receive their product in the form of a flower, extract and in a pre-rolled format. 


Marakata LLC

California Secretary of State Filing

5617 Via Junipero Serra, Riverside, CA 92506

CEO - David Hartley

Marakata was formed by California entrepreneur David Hartley, Alex Archie, and others to acquire cannabis (including hemp) related cultivation and retail facilities in California. The facilities are fully permitted or are in the late stages of the application procedure.  Marakata has acquired facilities for CBD and THC cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail. 


StopDrops, Inc. Company Description

StopDrops Inc., produces, markets and distributes an all-natural, nicotine-free herbal lozenge whose ingredients may reduce one's desire or craving for nicotine. Not only is this product helpful in cigarette reduction or cessation, but it is also an excellent choice, and perhaps the only marketed choice to wean from nicotine inhaled products like Juul and others. StopDrops Inc. continues to develop and create additional health and wellness products and focuses on market niches for which there are few or no other efficacious solutions.


StopDrops, Inc.

Website: http://stopdroplozenges.com/


StopDrops Inc., produces, markets and distributes an all-natural, nicotine-free herbal lozenge whose ingredients may reduce one's desire or craving for nicotine. Not only is this product helpful in cigarette reduction or cessation, but it is also an excellent choice, and perhaps the only marketed choice to wean from nicotine inhaled products like Juul and others. StopDrops Inc. continues to develop and create additional health and wellness products and focuses on market niches for which there are few or no other efficacious solutions.


StopDrops LLC

Delaware Secretary of State File 597646

Incorporated 3/1/2016


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