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Welcome to Royale Energy Inc. (ROYL) Board!!!

Target Price 14.91

Royale Energy, Inc.(NASDAQ: ROYL) is recognized as one of the top 20 fastest growing natural gas and oil producers in the United States by Oil & Gas Journal. The company has also been named Oil & Gas World’s “Play of the Month” on five occasions. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Royale Energy’s stock is listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the ticker symbol ROYL. The company’s principle lines of business include the production and sale of natural gas and oil, acquisition of oil and gas interests and proved reserves, drilling of exploratory and developmental wells and sales of fractional working interests in the wells it drills. Royale Energy owns wells and leases in California’s Sacramento and San Joaquin basins, Utah and in the Gulf Coast basins of Texas and Louisiana.

The company diversifies the development of its properties by selling a portion of the working interest in each lease that it acquires to third party investors and retains a portion of the prospect for its own account. The prospects are then bundled into multi-well investments. This strategy of shared ownership in multiple wells provides investment opportunities that minimize risk while seeking superior returns for shareholders and direct working interest investors.
About the Company
Headquartered in San Diego, Royale Energy, Inc. is an independent energy company. The company is focused on development, acquisition, exploration, and production of natural gas and oil in California, Texas and the Rocky Mountains. It has been a leading independent producer of oil and natural gas for over 20 years. The company's strength is continually reaffirmed by investors who participate in funding over 50% of the company's new projects.

In 2007, Royale Energy drilled four wells in Northern and Central California, three of which were commercially productive wells and are currently producing. Royale owns interest in ten natural gas fields in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Basins in California and operates 54 producing wells. The drilling success rate in 2007 was 85%, an increase of 27%, tracking the 30% progress on cash flow, demonstrating improvements in growth.

The Company also drilled three wells in Utah, one of which is commercially productive and two others will be completed with the arrival of spring.

The Company owns interest in over 19,000 contiguous acres in the Uintah Basin, Utah, where it has confirmed the prospectivity of multiple formations within its entire acreage block. The use of 3-D seismic exemplifies the Company’s commitment to the utilization of forward-looking technologies to reduce risk and enhance returns in exploration and development.

Royale also owns non-operating interest in 17 oil and gas wells in Texas, three in Oklahoma and two in Louisiana.

As Royale Energy develops its sizable acreage position into production and cash flow, investors will enjoy the benefits of a company abundant in natural resources.

Royale Energy, Inc. operates as an independent oil and natural gas producer in the United States. It engages in the production and sale of natural gas; acquisition of oil and gas lease interests and proved reserves; drilling of exploratory and development wells; and sale of fractional working interests in wells to be drilled. The company owns wells and leases located principally in the Sacramento Basin and San Joaquin Basin in California, as well as in Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Alaska. In addition, it owns proved developed producing and non-producing reserves of oil and natural gas in Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. As of December 31, 2012, the company operated 56 natural gas wells in California; owned interests in 7 natural gas wells in Utah; and had non operating interests in 11 oil and gas wells in Texas, 2 in Oklahoma, 1 in California, and 1 in Louisiana. It also had proved developed reserves of 3,188 MMCF and total proved reserves of 4,498 MMCF of natural gas; and proved developed oil reserves of 1 MBBL and total proved oil reserves of 63 MBBL. The company was founded in 1986 and is based in San Diego, California.






Index Membership: N/A
Sector: Basic Materials
Industry: Independent Oil & Gas
Full Time Employees: 24

Management Team -
Donald H. Hosmer, President, Chief Executive Officer, Director and co-founder of Royale Energy, Inc.

Stephen M. Hosmer, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Secretary

John Caprara, Vice President Exploration
Philip D. Nicoll, Chief Engineer

Ronald Lipnick, Controller

Margene Hamer, Land Manager

Steven Heraty, Director of Investor Relations

Chanda Idano, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

7.92 m
Current: 8.5m


4.8 mil
Current: 5.6m


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