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$RITT News!: Estrella 11/03/21 8:59 AM
$RITT News: Estrella 10/18/21 2:31 PM
$RITT News: Estrella 10/06/21 9:39 AM
$RITT News: Estrella 09/22/21 8:00 AM
$RITT News! Estrella 09/14/21 11:51 AM
$RITT News: Estrella 09/08/21 10:57 AM
RiT Tech shanak10 03/03/21 3:42 PM
RiT Tech shanak10 02/04/21 12:20 PM
A new message on twitter shanak10 02/04/21 11:58 AM
$RITT could explode upwards if website is WHITTENHALLJR 01/22/21 8:28 AM
Strange price & volume action. Pocket change, though. Up/DownTrader 01/21/21 4:03 PM
RITT may have the singularly MOST IMPRESSIVE[/c Up/DownTrader 01/21/21 4:01 PM
The bid finally moved up from .012 to .038. shanak10 01/21/21 2:57 PM
Indeed. I emailed the company trying to get shanak10 01/21/21 2:07 PM
MY GOD!!! What a frickin' WEBSITE they have!!!! Up/DownTrader 01/21/21 2:02 PM
looking awesome Estrella! $RITT WHITTENHALLJR 01/21/21 11:29 AM
$RITT @ .048! Estrella 01/21/21 10:23 AM
$RITT: Remote Data Centers are killing it.......... makinezmoney 01/21/21 10:00 AM
$RITT: Kicking assssssss..... taking names. SLEEPER !!!! makinezmoney 01/21/21 9:59 AM
Their new website shanak10 01/21/21 9:38 AM
So many massive industries that can benefit greatly ken6o 12/13/20 8:41 AM ken6o 12/13/20 8:34 AM
DCIM is a growing market. See some of ken6o 12/13/20 8:33 AM
I saw that too and looked all over shanak10 12/12/20 6:32 PM
$RITT: End of Day buying........ now $0.078 makinezmoney 12/11/20 3:58 PM
$RITT: This is the NEXT $SPOM type mover makinezmoney 02/19/20 1:30 PM
Anyone know who the transfer agent is for Pheman 01/28/20 3:09 PM
Love the volume today looks like she's jimbob4 01/14/20 3:39 PM
$RITT: Market is sleeping here... RITT & INTEL collaborating. makinezmoney 11/12/19 10:37 AM
Volume building . Should move up with new jimbob4 10/14/19 12:26 PM
RITT nice steady movement today, it's accumulating jimbob4 10/11/19 12:35 PM
good volume she's getting ready for a run. jimbob4 10/11/19 10:46 AM
good volume she's getting ready for a run. jimbob4 10/11/19 10:46 AM
Volume building, could be anytime for run! jimbob4 10/10/19 10:25 AM
Loaded up .01 today. Sold half at .02 jimbob4 10/09/19 5:32 PM
Loading up, get them while you can. Thanks jimbob4 10/09/19 12:27 PM
$RITT: Loading a bunch of $0.01 makinezmoney 10/08/19 10:35 AM funny Jimbo. Sigh. Cd1414 10/07/19 6:21 PM
when the bid is raised to .02 to jimbob4 10/07/19 12:53 PM
RITT going down all the way unfortunately. jimbob4 10/07/19 11:13 AM
Good stuff!! Cd1414 10/04/19 3:20 PM
Why no volume? Halt on trading? jimbob4 10/04/19 11:07 AM
$RITT: PTL Group assisted the NEW RiTTech in makinezmoney 10/04/19 10:53 AM
$RITT: RiT Launches DNIO makinezmoney 10/04/19 8:57 AM
$RITT: Official INTEL Data-Center Manager Solution Provider makinezmoney 10/04/19 8:54 AM
$RITT: With YOFC Takeover, All Debt Eliminated. makinezmoney 10/04/19 8:27 AM
$RITT: 211 Employees makinezmoney 10/03/19 8:43 AM
$RITT: Zero Dilution, No Debt, YOFC-Majority Ownership, Low Float makinezmoney 10/03/19 8:37 AM
$RITT: Complete and UpDated Products RiT Catalogue makinezmoney 10/03/19 8:33 AM
Excellent data! Cd1414 10/03/19 8:17 AM
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RiT Technologies Ltd. (RITT)

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About RiT Tech

RiT Tech is a leading provider of converged IT infrastructure management and connectivity solutions for over 30 years. RiT offers an open-framework platform that provides a unified way to manage converged systems and services to improve resource utilization, streamline infrastructure operations, reduce operational cost, optimize future investments and enhance data security.
RiT’s connectivity solutions includes AIM - Automated Infastructure Management, high performance end-to-end structured cabling solutions.
RiT’s data-centric approach facilitates intelligent, big data solutions to complex business problems, deployed around the world in data centers, large corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, telecommunications, airport authorities, healthcare organizations and educational facilities.


What Sets Us Apart

Tradition of Innovation
RiT holds many novel patents and over the years has released groundbreaking solutions that have radically changed the ability of organizations to control and optimize their network infrastructure; and have since become industry norm.
We continue to develop and manufacture unique innovative network infrastructure solutions and to shape the future of the network. RiT is a full member of the international standard organizations that develop standards in the field of information technology. **
Premium Quality
The RiT range of products and solutions is developed, engineered and assembled onsite at corporate headquarters.
The result is a product range of unwavering quality that has made RiT a premium international brand. 
International Presence
RiT has a local presence in eight countries and four continents, with a wide network of established partners and strong OEM partnerships that enable us to deploy our products and solutions almost anywhere in the world.
Our vertically integrated manufacturing translates to a flat supply-chain that ensures rapid delivery times to customers and partners.
All our local offices employ technical staff trained at headquarters, to ensure that our customers receive optimal deployment and support services.
The Shortest Route from Customer to Engineer
Maintaining development, engineering and support functions at corporate headquarters has enabled RiT to be highly accessible and responsive to its customers: our international support team answers calls within hours and our engineers and R&D staff are highly tuned to market demands.
As a result, we are quick to adapt our products to suit customer requirements and to develop new products that respond effectively to market needs (such as fiber optic cabling solutions supporting 100 Gbps).
* Draft “ISO/IEC 18598: Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) Systems – Requirements, Data Exchange and Applications” is currently being written by the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25 Interconnection of Information Technology Equipment Subcommittee. Publication is expected by the end of 2014.
*As a member of the American standard committee TIA, RiT participated in defining Category 6, 6A and 8 cabling standards, and is currently participating in drafting the TIA standard TR421 for Telecommunications Physical Network Security, and TIA standard 4210 for Sustainable Information communications Technology.
For more information on RiT Tech (Intelligence Solutions) Ltd. please contact us at 

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