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Readen Holding Corp (RHCO) is a publicly owned venture capital organization with over 30 years of experience. 

 This experience brings with it a loyal network of business relationships and investors. This coupled with our experienced entrepreneurial management team enables companies to expand their network and clientele base to a wider market. Readen Holding Corp has a proven track record of investing in a wide and diverse range of successful companies over the years. 

With companies, subsidiaries and liaison offices in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia the Readen name has been respected for over 30 years for its adherence to strong value and business ethics. 



Readen Holding Corp is an active venture capital organisation. With both fund to fund and direct investments Readen Holding Corp can facilitate a broad scope of companies. 
At Readen we have created the perfect platform for companies to grow rapidly and benefit from our existing infrastructure and expertise. We are always looking for new and unique opportunities to expand our ever-growing portfolio as seen below. 


 Neckermann was founded in Germany in the 1950’s by Josef Neckermann, and quickly grew to one of the biggest post order companies in Germany and Europe. Sending a catalogue with over 300 pages to over 3 million households in Germany the turnover of Neckermann was over 300 Million Deutsche Mark in 1954. With the growing economy in Europe and the introduction of one of the first computers to Neckermann its logistic departments the Neckermann group reached a turnover of over 1 Billion Deutche Mark in 1965.In 1967 Neckermann started in The Netherlands with the takeover of a Dutch textile company, also this year the first catalogue was send to 175.000 Dutch households, In 1979 Neckermann opened its Belgium activities.

Neckermann quickly extended its products and service offering, with over 700.000 products, travel services, insurances and credit facilities. The credit facilities is what made Neckermann even more loved by the mid and low end incomes, with the slogan “Neckermann macht’s moglich” translated to “Neckermann makes it happen” Neckermann offered goods with credit facility to the masses.

In 1999 Neckermann fused with Arcandor and together with Quelle became the biggest retailer in Europe with a combined turnover of more than €5.5 billion.

After missing the change from physical retail and post order retailer to internet Quelle needed a cash injection and found a partner in Sun capital, they took a stake in Quelle in 2007. In 2010 Suncapital bought 100% of Neckermann and introduced an ambitious turnaround plan to change Neckermann to a pure online retailer. In 2012 with a turnover of €1.2 billion Sun capital failed in their turnaround and they filed for bankruptcy of Neckermann.  

Otto Gmbh bought the intellectual property right of Neckermann while the Dutch and Belgium operations of Neckermann where sold to a Dutch VC firm. Neckermann Netherlands was at the time still good for over 100 million in turnover and active in sales of good, insurances and credit facilities.

In 2016 Readen Holding corp took over majority in the Dutch and Belgium operations of Neckermann and implemented a new strategy in order to rebuild one of the most well know retail brands in Europe. With a new website tailored to the needs of the new strategy Readen Holding corp will bring back the old USP of Neckermann, bringing deals to the masses.


Using our vast experience within the retail and mobile telephone markets, in 2013 Readen Holding Corp decided to start their own electronics online retail site combining the knowledge and networking acquired through Readen Holding Corp, D5avnue was soon able to compete and often undercut the competition by offering their customers competitive pricing on both branded and non branded electronics including smartphones, televisions and spyware to mention just a few. 
D5avenue quickly grew into a trusted online partner for the electronic needs of our Dutch customers. In order to broaden our Customer base D5avenue soon extended it's network to include Belgium, Germany and eventually France. 
With Future growth startegy in mind the management of Readen Holding Corp aqcuired the famous brand name Neckermann, to be used specifically only in The Netherlands and Belguim, leaving the brand D5avenue operating outside these regions.


 The first written proof of Estate Altembrouck have been dated back to the early 1300’s up until 1878 the estate has been owned and used by the dignitary of Holland. As of 1878 de Behault family takes residence in the Altembrouck estate, the last Behault dies in 1898 with his dead also the permanent residence of Altembrouck stops. The estate is than used as summer retreat for de Behault family.
In 1994 the Altembrouck estate is sold to a Dutch family which will use the estate again as residence. 
with the total renovation of the Altembrouck Estate starting in 2002 untill 2010 the estate was prepared to be used as Hotel and restaurant. The entire estate has been renovated with materials from the surroundings itself.

A first plan was drafted to breed the exclusive wagyu cow on the meadows surrounding the Altembrouck estate
Readen Holding Corp acquired the estate in 2012, and improved the Hotel and restaurant, and implemented a new strategy to extend the wagyu herd.

This wagyu herd is one of the most exclusive herd in Europe, with DNA testing we have determined that all our cows are at least 99,99% pure wagyu bred for at least 5 generations back. This exclusive herd will be used for a small part for meat, and mostly for the unique DNA. This DNA is being distributed worldwide to enhance the quality of meat of other herds. Or to establish new pure bred wagyu herds.  
The Hotel was extended with additional rooms, a new hunting bar, a golf café and first steps are taken to rebuild the gate keepers house to be used as retreat for families.


Neckermann Bouw is started in the aftermaths of the European financial crisis, with the current economy growing so are companies. Growing companies are always looking for good real estate to house there activities. In the recent years many changes have occurred in the European real estate markets. Much more is possible, change industrial buildings to commercial housing, or upgrade existing industrial areas with the help of local governmental subsidies. With this in mind Readen Holding Corp has started Neckermann Bouw.

Neckermann Bouw is aiming on these areas and these properties where we can add value by upgrading or changing the existing use of the real estate. These areas can be found through our Europe, first aim of Neckermann Bouw is in the Netherlands with an aim on the larger cities to convert real estate to commercial housing.  

With the current team who has years of experience in large real estate development projects Readen Holding Corp is determined to use this expertise to increase its footprint in the European real estate market. 


Hitting media has grown from a need in the recruitment industry, the technology being coded, build and perfectioned in the course of over 2 years is propietary of Hitting media and is unique in the market.
Being able to target very specific target audience is key in the recruitment industry the technology of Hitting media is build to do exactly that, pin point target audience accuracy. 
Hitting media is using the knowledge and technology created in the recruitment industry now for the retail industry. this will enable the users of the tech with the launcing partner being Neckermann to bring theire product offering immediatly to the right target audience, this will minimize waist and will increase the effectiveness of the marketing budget spend.
Hitting media is already working for large corporate customers to fullfill there needs. Some of those large customers include Shell, McDonald's, Dutch Army, and many more. Hitting media has shown to be usefull and highly succesfull in raising attention, and create good conversion.


Altembrouck build its name in the Wagyu breeding industry as of 1996, known for breeding exclusively purebred authentic black wagyu to ensure the produced meat would truly deserve its name. only a small number of purebred wagyu exist outside of Japan.To ensure the USP of having purebred wagyu Absolute healthy high ranked pedigree bulls sire our calves. The bulls, that fathered our imported embryos, are Hirashige-Tayasu, Itomoritaka, and Kitateruyasu-doi. They are all three Japanese born and bred and registered by the Zenwa (the Japanese Wagyu Register Office) as “Hongen,” which is the highest possible rank
As of 2013 Altembrouck is part of Readen Holding Corp, with the herd growing from single cows in 1996 to a full herd of 450 purebred Wagyu cows in 2013 Altembrouck was well positioned to start delivering not only meat but also Wagyu genetics worldwide.
Altembrouck has combined experience with the newest techniques available in bovine reproduction and selection. Due to strict veterinary regulations it is impossible to import wagyu cattle into Europe. A solution to this was found in embryo transplantation. After a small number of cows where kept in quarantine for a year we were successful in extracting the first embryos which met the strict European health requirements, and there for were able to clear the Dutch customs.  
Altembrouck has a European Union Certified embryo production team (NL126), with laboratory facilities approved for production and processing of bovine embryos cooperates exclusively  with Altembrouck  Wagyu. Altembrouck can store produced embryos in our certified embryo storage and ship  valuable embryos to destinations worldwide on demand. We also can import embryos from abroad and facilitate storage, or transfer on demand in our own recipient herd.

Common Stock: 295,000,000
Preferred Stock:
(Series A) - 
500,000 (Each share gives holder 750 votes, convertible into 1 share common stock)
(Series B) - 5,000,000 (No voting rights, convertible into 1 share common stock, bear dividends at a rate of 8.5% of the stocks stated value annually which is cumulative and accrues daily interest at 1.5% per month)

Common Stock: 263,467,074
Preferred Stock: 500,000 Series A
766,667 Series B, (was converted into common stock 6/30/2011, no dividends or interest are being accrued)

   (as of 4/19/2012,  last time stated in financials)



RHCO News and Information:

RHCO announces record monthly revenue:

Readen Holding announces new CEO:

FINANCIAL REPORTS: (Links to Annual and Quarterly reports)
Last Financial Disclosure: Filed 8/30/18, for period ending 12/31/17



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