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OpenTV Selected by TrueVisions UBC for PVR Launch aries4747 01/25/08 10:58 PM
OPTV: Value Find: OpenTV Corp (1.18). aries4747 01/25/08 10:55 PM
Interactive TV-Watching Has Advertisers Sitting Up fringe_remnant 01/25/08 6:04 PM
Amazing How This Has Worked Out -e- fringe_remnant 12/01/07 5:30 PM
PHST (6.30):Big board move should open doors, IMO. aries4747 12/01/07 3:21 PM
PHST: Added news today to a nice run. aries4747 07/16/07 7:07 AM
The Renaissance of Clearly Canadian, (CCBEF) Could be Arrow335 06/11/07 11:15 AM
PHGI: Many forward-looking events to be PR'd, IMO. aries4747 06/09/07 7:24 PM
A Nuclear Reaction to Global Power aries4747 06/05/07 4:47 PM
Uranium news keeps streaming out of Utah. aries4747 06/05/07 2:32 AM
mildtrans fringe_remnant 05/31/07 8:41 PM
YCKM:Yellowcake JV Receives Another Permit to Drill Second aries4747 05/30/07 1:48 AM
Hi Mild, JohnIraq 05/30/07 12:49 AM
Two uranium auctions this week: How the process aries4747 05/29/07 4:40 PM
RSDS: The stars sure seem to be aligned. aries4747 05/28/07 3:47 PM
5 to seven bagger from here when 504 mildtrans 05/28/07 3:16 PM
Thanks, mildtrans. Any further thoughts on RSDS? aries4747 05/28/07 2:42 PM
My understandind RSDS applied for an exploratory mining mildtrans 05/28/07 2:27 PM
Uranium Mine Ownership - USA... Useful link. aries4747 05/28/07 1:23 PM
From Finch article re: STHFJ aries4747 05/28/07 1:16 PM
STHJF sure benefitted from January decision. aries4747 05/28/07 1:07 PM
JohnIrag, Wyoming describes fast track process. aries4747 05/28/07 12:40 PM
New Exotic Focus For Hedge Funds: Uranium Market aries4747 05/28/07 12:15 PM
Uranium Shortage Threatens Nuclear Renaissance aries4747 05/28/07 12:11 PM
Uranium Google searches inevitably lead to James Finch. aries4747 05/28/07 11:53 AM
Uranium Mines takes years... JohnIraq 05/28/07 9:51 AM
Permitting US Uranium Mines Takes Years aries4747 05/26/07 10:42 PM
Uranium to Head North of $500/Pound? aries4747 05/26/07 4:43 PM
Exelon VP Thanks Speculators for Uranium Price Rise aries4747 05/26/07 4:36 PM
New UTUC Director brings impressive credentials. aries4747 05/26/07 3:45 PM
SXRFF: Uranium One chart. aries4747 05/26/07 1:37 PM
Utah uranium mill sold to Canadian company aries4747 05/26/07 1:31 PM
Inside the Uranium Market’s Secret World aries4747 05/26/07 1:27 PM
History of Uranium in Utah aries4747 05/26/07 12:20 PM
SWTS pumped out a stream of PR's! aries4747 05/20/07 1:06 PM
PHFB fringe_remnant 05/19/07 9:46 AM
PHFB chart getting healthy, fringe? aries4747 05/19/07 1:31 AM
Sometimes I love the NT filings. aries4747 05/15/07 2:01 PM
You're right about NAUC being the sweeter of Capstar 05/15/07 11:20 AM
Yep, it's a whopper too. When done, aries4747 05/15/07 1:55 AM
AMRE S-8 Post Close -e- fringe_remnant 05/14/07 11:27 PM
Consider AENS fringe_remnant 05/14/07 8:36 AM
Shuffling execs looks like their major recent activity. aries4747 05/13/07 5:38 PM
thanks fringe. i noticed that MFI..! :) we xZx 05/11/07 6:05 PM
DPDW fringe_remnant 05/11/07 6:00 PM
it's getting into the "strong buy" zone, imo. xZx 05/11/07 5:19 PM
PHST drop let me in. aries4747 05/11/07 11:22 AM
DPDW fringe_remnant 05/10/07 6:06 PM
That's Prolly Why The Chart fringe_remnant 05/10/07 6:05 PM
Actually, the Subsequent Events part demonstrates a commitment aries4747 05/10/07 5:47 PM
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Love her lyrics, but can't sit through a whole song. Much prefer Boz.

However, Judas Priest's rendition of her ode to Bob always makes me smile.

(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

The lady's adrift in a foreign land
Singing on issues both humble and grand
A decade flew past her and there on the page
She read that the prince had returned to the stage
Hovering near treacherous waters
A friend saw her drifting and caught her
Unguarded fantasies flying too far
Memories tumbling like sweets from a jar

And take me down to the harbor now
Grapes of the summer are low on the bough
Ghosts of my history will follow me there
And the winds of the old days will blow through my hair

Breath on an undying ember
It doesn't take much to remember
Those eloquent songs from the good old days
That set us to marching with banners ablaze
But reporters, there's no sense in prying
Our blue-eyed son's been denying
The truths that are wrapped in a mystery
The sixties are over so set him free

And take me down to the harbor now
Grapes of the summer are low on the bough
Ghosts of my history will follow me there
And the winds of the old days will blow through my hair

Why do I sit the autumnal judge
Years of self-righteousness will not budge
Singer or savior, it was his to choose
Which of us knows what was his to lose
Because idols are best when they're made of stone
A savior's a nuisance to live with at home
Stars often fall, heroes go unsung
And martyrs most certainly die too young

So thank you for writing the best songs
Thank you for righting a few wrongs
You're a savage gift on a wayward bus
But you stepped down and you sang to us

And get you down to the harbor now
Most of the sour grapes are gone from the bough
Ghosts of Johanna will visit you there
And the winds of the old days will blow through your hair

© 1975 Chandos Music (ASCAP)

just a test

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