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Ravencoin is a peer-to-peer blockchain,
handling the efficient creation and transfer of assets
from one party to another.

Welcome to Ravencoin

Ravencoin is a protocol based on a fork of the Bitcoin code which adds features specifically focused on allowing tokens to be issued on the Ravencoin blockchain. These tokens can have whatever properties the issuer of the token decides - so they can be limited in quantity, named and be issued as securities or as collectibles.

You can make your own security token within minutes and have it trade worldwide

Video Introduction

White Paper


Website   Github   Medium   Telegram   Twitter   Discord


Known Companies Utilizing the Ravencoin Network

Vinsent Wine
Machine & Emotion
Blockchain Economics Club
Assure Services
Umusa Community
Medici Ventures Inc & Chainestone Labs
Crafty Hands Music, ASCAP




Raven Project Overview

Bruce Fenton
March 16, 2019

RVN / Ravencoin is designed for one purpose: to help users create tokens securely


Ravencoin is designed to to one thing and one thing well: help users issue secure digital tokens.


The code is a fork of Bitcoin.

To create the tokens, Ravencoin’s protocol burns 500 Ravenccoin. These coins are burned and the token created.

So far over 18,500 tokens have been created using the network 

You can see the data at: https://ravencoin.asset-explorer.net/

The token creator can also create sub assets.

Each token has a master asset which allows control to be transferred to another party.


Tokens can be anything: securities, collectibles, games, money or something else.

The creator of the token decides its purpose and properties. Properties include the name, number of coins, how they are issued etc. Creators can create a fixed supply and lock the token so no more can be created or have the ability to issue more.

There are no compliance functions, whitelists or AML KYC functions within the protocol.


Ravencoin is fair.

  • no ico
    no premine
    no founder set aside or dev set aside
    no fundraising of any kind
    no CEO, employees or leader
    no corporate structure, foundation or any official leadership or entity


  • fair launched, fairly mined
    was announced at MIT, Texas Bitcoin Conference and other events and on social media in October 2017
    Medium article announcement and Twitter in October 2017
    official launch on Oct 31 (Bitcoin’s 9th birthday)
    binaries released Jan 3
    within a day over 100 miners — within a week, thousands
    Asset layer released Nov 5 2018

Dev has been supported by volunteers. Many generous people companies have donated time and money.

The biggest funding contributor has been Medici. Medici Ventures is a venture group owned by Overstock (I am on the board). Medici allows employees to work on open source projects.

Chainstone Labs is also a supporter as are many individuals and companies.

Vinsent Wine app and others are building using RVN.


The network is live and operational.

Ravencoin uses its own chain.


The mining also is X16R

This was created for Ravencoin

(Note, the original paper referenced ASIC resistance — this was a year And a half ago and new capabilities of ASIC manufacturers make it easier to make an ASIC. It was never “ASIC proof”)

Hash rate has been very high currently it is over 7 TH/ s.



  • mine and run a full mining node on your computer (this helps secure the network) There are many YouTube videos and other sources which can help you set up your PC to mine.
    Download the wallet and make tokens — maybe make a fun or test token first and play around with it
    Here is the direct link on GitHub to the wallet  https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/releases ;  download it and you can see how it works and create and manage assets
    Reserve tokens in your name or organization name
    Follow the many companies building on the protocol
    do security and bug testing (there are bounties at the GitHub)

You don’t need permission to build on this network.


Tron Black
October 24, 2018Medium

It has come to my attention that a step-by-step introduction to Ravencoin might be helpful to those that aren’t super technically minded.

I was blessed with a super technical mind. None of my VCRs are blinking 12:00 and each is set to the correct time. Wait, what!? Nobody uses VCRs anymore? Aahh #$@!&, this world changes too fast.

Ok, here’s a step-by-step guide for Ravencoin.

IMPORTANT: If you already have some real RVN, make sure you save (backup) your wallet.dat file FIRST. See instructions below.


  • mainnet —The real network. RVN has real value, be careful.
    testnet  — A testing network, where the RVN aren’t worth anything, and you can try things out.
    mining — Letting your computer verify transactions and enter a competitive timed lottery to get RVN.

Getting the Ravencoin software (for free)

Ravencoin is just a program you install on your computer. First determine if you have Mac, Linux, or Windows, then jump to the appropriate section below. If you don’t know what you have, then you have Windows.

Installing for Windows

https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/releases download the file that ends in win64-setup.exe
Find the file, and double-click on it to run it. That will install the Ravencoin software.
After installation — Under your [Start], find ‘Raven Core’ folder, and open it to find ‘Raven Core’ and run it.
Once the program is started, it should begin downloading the blockchain. Just be patient.

Installing for Mac

  1. Visit https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/releases and download the file that ends in osx.dmg
    Find the file, and double-click on it to run it.
    You should see the Ravencoin logo and a folder. Drag the Ravencoin logo to the folder.
    Then hit -[Spacebar] and type Raven to run the Raven-Qt program.
    Once the program is running it will start downloading the Ravencoin blockchain. Be patient.

Installing for Linux

  1. Vist https://github.com/RavenProject/Ravencoin/releases download the file that ends in linux-gnu.tar.gz
    Extract the files tar -xvzf <filename>.tar.gz
    Launch raven-qt with ./raven-qt

Running testnet—To play with assets on testnet

For Windows

  1. Under your [Start], find ‘Raven Core’, and open it to find ‘Raven Core (testnet)’ and run it.
    You should see a testnet app show up. It will say ‘Raven Core [testnet]’ in the title bar.

For Mac

  1. Open up terminal. Hit ?+[Space] and type ‘terminal’
    Type (or copy/paste) cd /Applications/Raven-Qt.app/Contents/MacOS<enter>
    Type ./Raven-Qt -testnet
    You should see a testnet app show up. It will say ‘Raven Core [testnet]’ in the title bar.

For Linux

  1. Open up terminal.
    Find where you’ve installed (extracted) Ravencoin.
    Type ./raven-qt -testnet
    You should see a testnet app show up. It will say ‘Raven Core [testnet]’ in the title bar.

You’ll need 500 RVN to create an asset. If you were on mainnet, you’d need to mine or buy some. Since you are on testnet, you can mine some pretty easily. To turn on mining, choose Help->’Debug window’->[Console] tab. Then in the input box, type: setgenerate true 4 That will set your computer to mining some testnet RVN. Testnet RVN has no value, but can be used to create assets on testnet. Give it some time, and you’ll mine a block — giving you 5000 RVN.

Creating Assets (On testnet before Nov 3rd-ish)

  1. Once the testnet chain has synced, click on the [Assets] tab.
    Click the [Create Asset] button.
    Leave address blank (for advanced users)
    Choose a name for your asset (all uppercase) between 3 characters and 30 characters long.
    Enter a Quantity — any number between 1 and 21,000,000,000
    Set the Units to 0 (for indivisible), or 8 (very divisible), or somewhere in-between.
    Leave reissuable checked unless you’re sure of your other choices.
    Hit [Create Asset] and now you’re the proud owner of some worthless tokens.
    Make the tokens worth something.

Sending Assets—This is the real power of Ravencoin

  1. Get an address from a friend.
  • Send them this document and have them set up Ravencoin
    Ask them to go to File->’Receiving addresses’ — hit [New], and give it a name.
    Ask them to e-mail the address to you. Tip: Right-click on the address and choose ‘Copy address’ to put it on the clipboard. From the [Assets] tab, choose the newly created asset to send.

2. Copy/paste your friend’s address into ‘Pay To:’

3. Set the amount of the asset to send.

4. Hit [Send]

Backing Up Your Wallet

This is important on mainnet, not as much on testnet.

  1. First, encrypt your wallet. Choose Settings->’Encrypt Wallet’ and add a passphrase. DO NOT LOSE YOUR PASSPHRASE.
    Then back up your wallet to a thumb-drive or similar. Choose File->’Backup Wallet’ and select the location of your thumb-drive or external storage device. DO NOT LOSE THE BACKUP.

If you have any trouble, visit Ravencoin Discord channels and request help. Members of the Ravencoin community are super helpful.

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