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DJ QuantumScape EV Batteries Can Be Charged Super Fast. Why That Matters. --
7:03 AM ET 12/8/20 | Dow Jones
By Al Root

Electric vehicle battery start-up QuantumScape can get its lithium metal solid-state batteries to 80% full in 15 minutes without compromising battery life or safety.

That's big. If QuantumScape's (ticker: QS) technology scales up, it means a typical EV with some charge left -- and with 200 or 300 miles of designed per charge range -- could pick up about 200 miles of driving range in under 15 minutes. That should be fast enough to alleviate much of the range anxiety consumers sometimes feel when thinking about purchasing a battery powered car.

Quantum released its data ahead of the company's "solid state battery showcase" which begins at 11 a.m. eastern time.

"Previous attempts to create a solid-state separator capable of working with lithium metal at high rates of power generally required compromising other aspects of the cell -- cycle life, operating temperature, safety, cathode loading, or excess lithium in the anode," reads the release.

In addition to the charge time, Quantum says its tested cells are capable of lasting hundreds of thousands of miles and "retained capacity of greater than 80% after 800 [charge/discharge] cycles."

"We believe that the performance data we've unveiled today shows that solid-state batteries have the potential to narrow the gap between electric vehicles and internal combustion vehicles," said CEO Jagdeep Singh in the company's news release. Quantum hopes its advances can help make EVs the dominant form of personal transportation.

Investors, to this point, have been very high on Quantum's business prospects. The stock has gained about 96% over the past month, valuing company stock at almost $20 billion.

QuantumScape doesn't plan to reach a billion in sales until around 2026 to 2027. The company will be scaling its technology and testing in automotive environments. Volkswagen (VOW.Germany) is a part owner of the company and plans to use solid state batteries in the future.

Looking ahead to the company's event, investors and analysts will have the chance to ask management about design and testing as well as how Quantum's technology can scale to automotive volumes. The company will have battery experts presenting as part of the live stream.

"These results blow away what was previously thought to be possible in a solid-state battery," said Venkat Viswanathan, battery expert and professor of materials science at Carnegie Mellon University in the news release. "This data shows the capability to charge to 80% capacity in 15 minutes, corresponding to an astonishingly high rate of lithium deposition of up to a micron per minute."

Viswanathan might be one of the experts available. Barron's doesn't know exactly what he means in his quote about microns per minute. Perhaps Viswanathan will explain exactly what it means and provide investors with a little additional context.

Write to Al Root at

> Dow Jones Newswires

December 08, 2020 07:03 ET (12:03 GMT)
Copyright (c) 2020 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.


$QS QuantumScape CEO considers legal action after short seller report

Apr. 18, 2021 3:21 PM ETQuantumScape Corporation (QS)By: Josh Fineman, SA News Editor43 Comments
QuantumScape (NYSE:QS) CEO Jagdeep Singh said the battery maker 
is considering legal action after Scorpion Capital released a short report last week. 

QuantumScape shares have fallen 13% since the report was published.

"Some of the points in there are just, just absurd. Absurd to the point where there are... 
things that we would want to take o legal action on,” 

Singh said in an interview om CNBC's “Mad Money” show late Friday.

QuantumScape said last week in a Twitter post that QS "stands by its data, which speaks for itself. 

We have provided higher transparency than any other solid-state 
battery effort we are aware of, 
with details on current density, 
cycle life, 
cathode thickness, 
depth of discharge, cell area, pressure."

On Friday, Cowen analyst Gabe Daoud said the QuantumScape short call "regurgitates" risks already disclosed.

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