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Welcome to Quanta Inc. A Holdings Company 

Here is the Medolife website when still private:
On May 10, 2021, the Company executed a Control Block Transfer Agreement with Phil Sands and Arthur Mikaelian, pursuant to which, effective Mr. Sands agreed to transfer 2,500,000 shares of the Company’s Series A Super Voting Preferred Stock to Dr. Mikaelian, representing a transfer of majority voting control over the Company because the holder of such 2,500,000 shares of our Series A Super Voting Preferred Stock automatically carries a vote equal to 51% on all matters submitted to a vote of the holders of our Common Stock and Preferred Stock. Mr. Sands agreed to transfer the Control Block to Arthur Mikaelian in exchange for 3,000,000 shares of the Company’s Common Stock, and for the payment of $22,500 in accrued salary, as well as the payment of health insurance benefits through January of 2022.
On December 21, 2020, Quanta, Inc. (the “Company”) entered into a Securities Exchange Agreement with Medolife Rx, Inc., a Wyoming corporation, (“Medolife Rx”) pursuant to which, the Company agreed to acquire 51% of Medolife Rx in exchange for 9,000 shares of newly created Series B Convertible Preferred Stock, which, once issued to Medolife Rx designees upon closing, shall be convertible into fifty-four percent (54%) of the issued and outstanding shares of the Company’s common stock on a fully converted basis.
So its actually: WELCOME TO MEDOLIFE! 
Medolife Rx was created through the merger of Medolife, a private company founded by Dr. Arthur Mikaelian who pioneered the unlaying polarization technology that makes the Company’s portfolio of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products so effective, and Quanta, Inc., a direct-to-consumer wellness product portfolio company. 

Quanta Organics are being Sold on Amazon

Recent News:

Medolife Rx Announces Historic Product Registration in Dominican Republic Enabling Escozine to Be Sold Throughout Latin America as Natural Alternative Cancer Medicine

Medolife Rx Breaks Ground on Lab Facility and Increases Scorpion Count at First-of-Its-Kind Reservation in the Dominican Republic

Medolife Rx (Quanta, Inc.) Reports Over $1 Million in Revenue in 2020 Year-End Filing, Comments on Operations

Quanta Inc., Groundbreaking Results In Escozine® Testing 

Medolife Rx Submits Final Data Set to FDA for IND Filing on Lead Drug Candidate 
April 13, 2021 08:30 ET

Medolife Rx And CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp. Collaborate For A Significant Increase Of Revenue

Following was pulled from SEC 10K April 15, 2021

Quanta for 2021 will be undergoing a name change to be announced shortly as well as Quanta is in the process of expanding its product line from 4 SKUs to 38 by summer. We will also be introducing all new branding with new color schemes, new packaging, and exciting celebrity endorsements for the pain relief products and a newly introduced beauty product line. Quanta will also be working on a men’s cosmetic line in conjunction with one of the celebrity endorsements planned for late 2021. The company has hired an advertising agency to help with the rollout of the new branding expected second quarter 2021. This will work in conjunction with a major push the company is on the path of with some major big box retail chains. 

Quanta Basics 

Quanta is a cutting-edge technology platform whose patented, proprietary technology harnesses advances in quantum biology to increase the potency of active ingredients. Currently, Quanta supports product formulations in pain management, anti-inflammation, skincare, agriculture, nutritional supplements, and plant-based consumables. Ultimately, Quanta’s mission is to deliver better, more effective ingredients to elevate product efficacy, reduce waste and facilitate healthier, more sustainable consumption. 

The established resonance theory behind Quanta’s polarization process has many potential applications. From potentiating bio-ingredients to produce more-effective carbon-trapping plants to transformative anti-aging solutions Quanta’s technology has the opportunity to upend how commercial products are made and the benefits from them. Already we see multi-trillion-dollar global industries benefiting from Quanta’s technology.

Our proof of concept, Quanta’s market-leading CBD pain-relief rub (“Muscle Rub”), is only the first in a series of paradigm shift products to emerge from our labs. At the heart of its well-documented effectiveness is our proprietary “polarization” process, which uses electromagnetic force to markedly enhance bioactivity at the molecular level—a polarized active ingredient is more soluble and creates stronger bonds with the body’s receptors. This allows us to enhance ingredients so they work faster and more powerfully without the use of chemical by-products or cellular penetration. Quanta believes this natural solution has nearly limitless applications in the world of plant-based consumer products. 

Quanta is involved in ambitious projects that we believe will reshape the next wave of climate science, sustainability, nutrition, and more. Having harnessed the technology of the future, Quanta is dedicated to bringing tomorrow’s health and wellness solutions to the billions in need today. 

Discovery Synopsys 

Using our product development process and business-to-business and direct-to-consumer sales approaches as a benchmark for future business, we developed the Quanta business model. Our technology’s unique ability to strengthen ingredients renders them more potent without added chemicals or penetrating cells means Quanta is in a first-of-its-kind position in the market. As the world’s first company focused on Quantum Biology we sit in a strong, but unique position in the market. 

Our ability to increase ingredient efficacy by up to 500% means we are in a rare position to truly disrupt many areas of material science. 

Quanta’s technology renders products superior to any on the market today. A 30% re-purchase rate (on one SKU alone) illustrates consumer appetite for the product. 

Upcoming products and ventures will be designed to achieve or surpass this level of consumer benefit and uptake.

Management Team

Arthur Mikaelian, Ph.D.

Chairman & CEO

One of Dr. Arthur Mikaelian’s greatest scientific contributions and groundbreaking inventions is Quantum Physics and Quantum Biology-based polarization technology, which targets molecular structure of the main ingredients in synthetic medications or natural compounds, leading to the increased potency of liquid and solid compounds, which substantially increases their therapeutic effectiveness. Dr. Mikaelian’s polarization technology has been awarded U.S. Patent 8,097,284B2 as it pertains to the Polarized Scorpion Venom solution. For the past 20 years, Dr. Mikaelian has been independently actively studying stress hormones (cortisol, epinephrine), and the master gene’s (ATF3) indirect influence on cancer cell activity and tumor progression. His initial findings quickly led him to the innovative creation of a new generation of pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals drugs, as well as expanding his interests in cancer and oncology.

Dr. Mikaelian’s education began in 1984 at the 2nd Medical Institute of Moscow and continued at the Vernadsky University of Biosphere Knowledge in Moscow, where he earned his doctorate in Biological/NeuroPsychology; he then went on to complete his postdoctoral work at Vernadsky. Dr. Mikaelian has broad experience with Quantum Physic and Quantum Biology. He also earned an MBA from the University of Bologna in Italy.

Khalid Matalka, Ph.D., SI(ASCP)

Chief Scientific Officer

Professor Khalid Matalka received his BSc and MSc in Medical Technology in 1986 and 1988 from Yarmouk University, Jordan, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA. Then he received his Ph.D. in Pathology (Immunology and Cancer therapy) from Ohio State University, USA, in 1992. After finishing his Ph.D., Dr. Matalka joined Harvard Medical School as a Postdoctoral fellow till 1994. He is an American Board Certified as a Specialist in Immunology (SI-ASCP) and a member at the American Society for Cancer Research since 1994.

Dr. Matalka enrolled in academia as an assistant professor in 1995, then promoted to associate and then a professor in 2004. Prof. Matalka held a dean position at two different academic institutions. Besides, Prof. Matalka was a consultant for twenty years to a JPM pharmaceutical company and a hospital diagnostic laboratory. During those 22 years, Prof. Matalka was heavily involved in research mainly on immunomodulation, cancer research, and development of immunological assays. In 2016, he joined a pharmaceutical startup company named OncoTherapeutica, MA as a Chief Biologist. While there, Prof. Matalka was developing new potential drugs for the treatment of prostate cancer and melanoma. In March 2020, Prof. Matalka joined Medolife Corporation as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and, in February 2021, became the CSO of the newly established Medolife Rx.

Prof. Matalka has 65 publications in peer-reviewed international journals, and he is an Associate Editor of two and a member of the editorial board of several international journals. Prof. Matalka is known as an international reviewer in the fields of Cancer therapy, Immunomodulation, and Ethnopharmacology.

Grant Mikaelian

Executive Vice President

In 2013, Mr. Grant Mikaelian began working for an advanced biopharmaceutical company called Medolife. During his employment, he amassed a wide range of skills through managing various departments of the company. As a Marketing Sales Department Manager, he led many successful projects to improve customer experience through website development and design, enhanced customer support, streamlined ordering systems, configuration of B2C/B2B logistics, company rebranding, and preparation of marketing literature and presentations. He was later promoted to Operations Manager, overseeing and optimizing company departments on a larger scale. He was involved in production planning, project management of short and long-term goals, hiring prospective employees and contractors, corporate IT improvements, equipment procurement, international product registrations, due diligence preparation, and financial audits. He came to inspire confidence and began working closely with Dr. Arthur Mikaelian, CEO of Medolife. Soon after, Mr. Mikaelian was further promoted to Chief Business Development Officer. As the CBDO, he worked with existing and potential shareholders, was involved in domestic and international investment opportunities, managed multiple departments, increased company and product awareness, expanded product distribution channels, drafted Press Releases and articles, edited and proofread company literature, and more. Mr. Mikaelian is an organized leader with broad experiences in management and promotion of corporate growth.

Clemente Pascarella

Audit Committee


Christopher Rullan

Attorney for Mexico Division


Eduard Sahakyan

Head of R&D

Dr. Sahakyan started his career at Glendale Community College (GGC) as a lab technician for the biology department. He then pursued a biotechnology major at Pasadena City College (PCC). During his studies he interned at the Pasadena Bio Collaborative (PBC) Incubator as part of the LA Bioscience Hub research outreach program. Dr. Sahakyan worked with multiple companies including UCLA, Amgen and others during his summer internship. Upon completion, he was offered a permanent position at BCN (UCLA research collaborative) where he completed multiple projects, some of them are pending publication. In 2019, Dr. Sahakyan was offered a position in Medolife as a research associate. Within a year he was promoted to head scientist. Throughout this time, Dr. Sahakyan has worked on a number of company projects, which he presented at different local and national conferences. One of his bigger projects is the differentiation of embryonic stem cells into red blood cells. He continuously brings new ideas and initiatives to the company.

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