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Purely Pump and Kool-Aid (PUMPER)

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Attention!!!   This is NOT a board to pump your stock on.  angry

Feel free to share your favorite pump or conspiracy posts found on the site.  Please do not post links to other boards and do not mention specific aliases.wink

Poem to &%$#@&$# Market Makers!!

The OTCBB Market Makers

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap:
Market makers make you weep,
playing games, now ~ every day,
Naked shorting ~ all the way!

Never saw a handsome one;
Rarely see them ~ when the Sun's
shining brighty ~ they stay in,
lurking darkly in their dens

of avarice and wickedness,
plotting ways to stall success
they all know's inevitable,
what they do's ~ incredible,

yet allowed by SEC..
This behavour is to me
theft, by law, of our gains:
Market makers are a pain!

When they dine ~ it's 'steak tartar',
when they sleep ~ their caskets
lined with shares of all our stocks,
they destroyed and never bought,

back or covered ~ all the while,
bloating floats and spreading vile
vibes, as they ~ insidiously,
steal, outright ~ from you and me!

Yes, Market Makers ~ make me sick,
always up ~ to dirty tricks...
and, if out ~ real late at night,
you may spot one ~ in mid-flight,

as his black cape ~ cuts the air.
And his nostrils ~ fully, flair,
as this market predator,
stompin' stocks ~ endeavorer,

plans his next, direct attack.
They're ghoulish guys and that's a fact,
with a thirst for U.S. stocks,
and all their blood ~ that they can suck.

Nevermind our commerce or,
threatening clouds ~ that loom, of war,
or success of small cap stocks,
All that matters ~ is big BUCKS,

they have made ~ at our expense.
None of this, now ~ makes good sense,
so send them packing ~ make them
into their lairs ~ where they can be

locked, forever ~ there to rot,
with their mildewed, shares of stock,
strewn around ~ dark, dirty rooms,
to remind them ~ of their doom,

as the BBX begins,
and they learn ~ they'll have no friends.
So ~ nail their coffins, seal
their doors...
Market Makers ~ NEVER MORE!

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#4668   lol, then you should have put it in janice shell 07/26/18 09:52:50 PM
#4667   Uhhh…...that was a quote from someone else, Janice. Slojab 07/26/18 09:48:44 PM
#4666   It's an insider notification. Must be made janice shell 07/26/18 09:45:41 PM
#4665   What's a form 4? I googled it and Slojab 07/26/18 09:42:30 PM
#4664   Exactly, and therein is the problemo....OTC news releases Renee 07/26/18 11:26:05 AM
#4663   LOL Memories. Slojab 07/26/18 11:22:25 AM