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Pure H20 Bio-Tecnologies,Inc. (Pink Sheets:PHBT) Pure H20 Bio-Technologies, Inc. Announces Unanimous Decision by the District Court of Appeal of the State of Florida Fourth District Confirming Its Judgment, Totaling Over $1,000,000 *****08-09-2006 Press Release***** Pure H20 Bio-Technologies, Inc. (Pure H2O) is an emerging, publicly traded (OTC-BB symbol PHBT), Florida based corporation that designs, develops, manufactures and markets potable water disinfection systems for residential and commercial applications. Potential uses include water treatment for whole house (under the counter), medical point-of-use, and well water systems. The Company utilizes the technological advances in micro-biotechnology to improve the safety of drinking water. Pure H20 has systematically and successfully addressed lead and other chemical and toxicological contamination, as well as waterborne disease agents. The 1974 Safe Drinking Water Action has provided certain standards for testing and operating water systems, but the demand for safe waters continues to be raised as a consequence of mitigating disease and biological terrorist threats. In a preliminary report issued by the Water Quality Association(WQA)in 1999,the total United States drinking water treatment and purification market was estimated to be 15.44 Billion. Demand in the U.S. for residential drinking water is projected to grow from 12,793,320(12%)homes to over 42,644,400(40%) by year 2010. The United States residential segments growth rate is estimated by the WQA to grow at an annual rate of 11% Pure H2O Bio-Technologies has refined the traditional potable water purification processes by utilizing iodine disinfection, thereby achieving a purity unequalled in the water treatment and bottled water markets. The Company offers four different structural point-of-use disinfection/ purification systems designed to meet various market and client preferences. Management projects, upon Pure H2O entering the market, that revenue for the first year would reach $6 million, over $14 million in FY'06 and more than $57 million FY"07. The improving margins in years two and beyond reflect the earning impact of low marginal cost. Outstanding shares = 5.4B Float = 4.5B PHBT website: PHBT Management team bio's: Joseph P. Doxey, Chairman, President & CEO Founder of Pure Bio-Technologies., Inc., Formerly senior partner with JPD & Associates, a financial consulting firm specializing in risk capital financing of advanced technology, real-estate, and medical companies. Manager of special projects with Palm Beach Associates & Consultant Group. A Who's Who in Executive & Professionals, Ed. 2000-2001. Dennis P. Boudreaux, P.E., Director and COO Lead Engineer for product manufacturing. Previously directed, supervised and managed over 50 Remedial Action Plan Implementation involving air stripping, soil vapor, in situ bioremediation, and thermal incineration. Formerly, President and General Manager of Oil Center Machine, Inc. C. Eric Jones, Ph.D., Director and Corporate Communication Responsible for corporate communication and planning. Previously, Senior V.P. with Oak Ridge National Laboratory-Cancer Research Division. Bruce W. Keihner, P.A., Director A practicing corporate and finance attorney-at-law in Palm Beach, FL. Previously, General Counsel for Southeast Bank. 15 years with the law firm of Chadborne & Park in New York City. Todd D. Stong, Ph.D, P.E , Technical Advisor West Point Graduate. Previously, Atomic Demolition Assembly/Installation Platoon Leader (Korea), Detachment Commander-Vietnamese city water plant construction. Technical Director, US Army Strategic Defense Command. Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Graduate Degree in Business Education, Alexandria, Virginia. Ph.D. in Civil Engineering degree from the University of New Mexico. Cecil Felkner, Ph.D. Consulting Microbiologist, Biochemist, & Toxicologist Ph.D. in Microbiology, University of Texas Harvard College of Medicine Post-doctoral Fellow, Medical Research Council Mutagenesis Units, University of Edinburgh, Scotland Over 44 years of research, teaching and consulting experience in the fields of genetics, microbiology, toxicology and oncology. Principal research activities include rapid screening of environmental mutagens, genetic toxicology, microbial genetics and carcinogenesis. Currently involved with the development of monitoring, disinfecting and sterilizing water. Experience as a risk analyzer for adverse health effects due to both chemical and biological materials. Served as technical director on an EIS for the Life Sciences Test Facility at the U.S. Army Dug way Proving Grounds. Served as the Project Manager for an EPA Office of Science & Technology for Health and Ecological Criteria Division. Lead writer for Water and Wastewater Criteria involving upgrading criteria documents on Cryptosporidium and waterborne viruses. Conducts studies involving the activities of waterborne organisms at the University of Maryland. Edward C. West , P.E. Technical Consultant West Point Graduate. Director, Engineering and Construction Enterprise/Homestead Planning. Senior V.P., MP Facilitators. President, Agripost, Inc. M.S. in Civil Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, MA, MBA, Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Michael Sember, V.P., Sales and Marketing, Former professional athlete with the Chicago Cubs then Toronto Blue Jays who has formidable sales and marketing achievements in the health and medical arena over the past 20 years. In May of 2004, PHBT was awarded the sum of $896,619.50 plus 6% interest annually until fully paid from the 17th Judicial Circuit, Broward County, Florida. The award reflects a unanimous jury verdict against Joseph A. Mazziotti and Louis J. Mazziotti of Louisville, Kentucky, for Fraud, Breach of Contract and Money lent and triple damages for Civil Theft under Florida Statute 772.11. This litigation is going through final appeal and should be brought to conclusion within the next month or so (by April 06'). The defendents in this case have lost 5 appeals already. When PHBT successfully wins this case against the Mazziotti's the award amount will warrant a pps of at least .002 minimum to bring the market cap in line with the amount awarded. PHBT also has 2 patents pending, with the US Patent & Trademark office, for their "Potable water delivery system with disinfection and residual discharge unit":!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_CH/.cmd/ad/.ar/sa.getBib/.ps/N/.c/6_0_69/.... Interesting results from CEC review of PHBT tech: PHBT chart: Hurricane correlation or bust? Chart posted by user- Spark on 8/04/2006 PHBT 1 Year chart: 52-Week High: 0.0095 (9/13/2005) 52-Week Low: 0.0001 (4/13/2006)
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