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Hang in there . Gonna be fine .... molee 04/19/23 12:27 PM
Well, I think this little $200 gamble went Brokemillwright31 04/13/23 11:56 PM
Pure Gold Mining Appoints Chief Administrative Officer; Announces wshaw14 04/03/23 10:45 AM
PureGold Announces Management Departures : molee 03/19/23 8:39 AM
PureGold Provides Update on CCAA Proceedings; Announces Management Departures wshaw14 03/06/23 10:13 AM
Thanks for the info. wshaw14 01/26/23 4:36 PM
PureGold files Third Quarter 2022 Financials Provides LOM nunaka 01/14/23 2:39 AM
I'd accept a miracle.. Agree selling for a nunaka 01/04/23 3:37 PM
I dont expect patience will start or stop wshaw14 01/04/23 12:18 PM
Patience didn't stop this : . molee 12/29/22 8:34 AM
A little more patience is going to be wshaw14 12/19/22 2:08 PM wshaw14 11/16/22 3:31 PM
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Brokemillwright 11/14/22 10:54 PM
I think them selling discounted shares bringing the wshaw14 11/09/22 5:09 PM
Appreciate it, millwrights don't build houses tho ;) Brokemillwright 11/09/22 1:25 PM
With the Macro view and what occurs when Lowjack 11/09/22 2:11 AM
Looked thru the thread and still don't see Brokemillwright 11/08/22 8:49 PM
I'll give it a browse, thank you Brokemillwright 10/27/22 9:28 PM
Here is a view of how I saw Lowjack 10/27/22 4:17 PM
Macro Bear Market! We still have not cleared Lowjack 10/25/22 4:24 PM
Thank you for the info. When you say Brokemillwright 10/25/22 2:28 PM
SF sold a pile at 2 cents Canadian ernie44 10/25/22 1:52 PM
You called another one.... Pm me some winners Brokemillwright 10/24/22 5:35 PM
Luckily I had $100 in it, gambling with Brokemillwright 10/24/22 2:42 PM
Looks like the "poop" has officially hit the molee 10/24/22 8:46 AM
A real gold producing company and stock is reko01 10/06/22 12:13 PM wshaw14 10/06/22 10:19 AM
I re-read your post, and you are correct wshaw14 10/04/22 12:04 PM
That's not what I said! Yes you can Lowjack 09/30/22 7:50 PM
Lol, I dont think any of the miners wshaw14 09/30/22 4:24 PM
Gonna need to dial that expenditure back before Lowjack 09/29/22 3:10 AM
Well, a step or two in the right Catchnrel 09/12/22 10:02 PM
PureGold Announces Record Gold Production in August; Reaffirms wshaw14 09/12/22 9:58 AM wshaw14 09/12/22 9:56 AM
Pretty pitiful Q2, but not unexpected. Q3 should, wshaw14 08/16/22 11:59 PM wshaw14 08/11/22 11:06 AM wshaw14 08/11/22 11:05 AM
Wow, this thing just keeps dropping. No news wshaw14 08/03/22 3:25 PM
I remember "advise" from this board at the molee 08/02/22 1:33 PM
Expect a Reverse split soon. JMHO Every wshaw14 06/16/22 3:52 PM
They're doing such a GREAT job , let's molee 06/14/22 1:42 AM
Thanks for posting the link. Looks douginil 06/10/22 11:58 AM
06.01.2022 Presentation: wshaw14 06/09/22 8:53 PM
Currently I’m sitting on a 4.96% profit and gsfl 05/26/22 9:02 PM
What new development are you referring to? Is wshaw14 05/26/22 4:58 PM
With this new development the decline is over. gsfl 05/09/22 8:57 AM
"This company has been a huge disappointment." Bridget21 05/07/22 10:26 AM
Wow, this thing is quickly approaching 1 Billion wshaw14 05/06/22 10:49 PM
PureGold $30 Million Non-Brokered Private Placement Bridget21 05/06/22 6:55 PM
You welcome! Bridget21 04/22/22 11:08 AM
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Pure Gold Mining Inc (LRTNF)

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PureGold is a growth company, located in the very heart of Red Lake, Canada.

Red Lake is the world-famous high-grade gold district which has already produced more than 30 million ounces of gold, valued at over USD $50 billion in today’s prices.3

Little wonder Red Lake is called the high-grade gold capital of the world.

Our Mandate. Our mandate is pure and simple. To dream big. To colour outside the lines. To use smart science and disciplined creativity to exponentially increase the size and scale of our high-grade gold assets along PureGold’s 100%-owned property – historically the second-highest gold-producing property in the Red Lake District.

Our Objective. Our objective is also pure and simple. To develop a highly-profitable long-life gold mining company in the heart of Red Lake, becoming Canada’s next iconic gold producer.

Our Plan. Our plan is very disciplined, very methodical, and financially sound.

To expand organically, and develop PureGold’s multi-million-ounce high-grade gold asset incrementally, step-by-step, using a Phased mining development plan to deliver maximum profitability.

Our Growth Strategy. Our growth and profitability strategy is focused on two parallel paths. First, to generate exponential growth in the size and scale of our multi-million-ounce gold asset. Second, to simultaneously generate over $2.3 billion in revenue – and over $1.2 billion in pre-tax free cash flow – from our Phase One mine alone.1,3

What Have We Accomplished To Date? In less than six years, PureGold has advanced it’s project from exploration, through development and into production, on budget and on schedule.

Even more impressive is our pre-tax operating margin of more than $1,350 an ounce – an extraordinary margin expected to generate more than $1.2 billion in pre-tax cash flow over the next 12 years alone.1,3


Our Phase One Mine1,3

Welcome to The PureGold Mine.

PureGold’s Phase One mine has started pouring its first million ounces of high-grade gold. At the exceptionally low projected life of mine all-in-costs of USD $787 per ounce

This one million ounces of ‘low-hanging fruit’ will generate over $2.3 billion in revenue over the next decade. More than $1.2 billion in pre-tax free cash flow. And, based on a gold price of just USD $1,800 an ounce, delivering an exceptional pre-tax margin of more than $1,350 per ounce.

There’s good reason for this extraordinary operating margin.

The PureGold mine is one of the highest-grade gold mines on the planet – higher than 95% of all other producing gold mines. In fact, it’s in the top 5th percentile.4

This should come as no surprise.

Our mantra has always been to keep our eyes wide open, but to ‘Dream no small dreams’.

Learn more


Our Discovery and Growth Engine

In less than 6 years, PureGold has defined a 2.1-million-ounce Indicated Resource, and a 0.5-million-ounce Inferred Resource at the PureGold Mine. Mineral resources are inclusive of Probable Mineral Reserves of 1 million ounces of gold grading 9 g/t. 1,6

We believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Data from more than 1.3 million metres of drilling has now delineated a 7-kilometre-long by half-a-kilometre-wide Gold Corridor on our property. This Corridor has a similar geological environment, as the Red Lake Mine Complex right next door – a mine complex which has already produced over 25 million ounces of gold.8

Our aggressive and highly-successful exploration and expansion drilling program continues to make new discoveries – discoveries which extend the scale and confirm the continuity of this gold system along our Gold Corridor. Discoveries of new near-surface zones with mineral resources that are not currently included in our feasibility study or mine plan. Discoveries that remain open along strike and at depth for expansion. Discoveries with mineral resources made over 3 kilometres south of the PureGold mine.

It’s like opening the door to Canada’s Fort Knox.

We believe we have barely scratched the surface. That’s why our ongoing exploration drilling program includes more than 30,000 metres of new, highly-focused drilling along our Gold Corridor.

To which we say, dream no small dreams.

Learn more


Our Owners

We are in good company.

More than 30% of PureGold is owned by three global gold leaders and visionaries, including: Eric Sprott, the world-renowned gold visionary and investor, who owns over 10% of PureGold; the world’s third-largest gold producer, AngloGold Ashanti, which owns 16% of PureGold; and Newmont, the largest gold producer in the world.5

Our leadership and management teams have deep roots and experience in the geology of the Red Lake gold district, and direct hands-on experience from years of on-site exploring, mining, and producing high-grade gold in this area.

As owners, leaders, mine builders, and operators with extensive experience on most continents, we believe that we are the next chapter in the evolution of Red Lake. That we will achieve exponential transformative growth, in both size and scale, of our gold asset. Because we believe that there’s significantly more high-grade gold waiting to be discovered, right here, in Canada’s Red Lake.

Dream no small dreams.

Words to live by.

Learn more


Our Ethos

At PureGold, responsible mining is not an oxymoron. It is both a duty and a commitment.

We are a principled and ethical company, trying our best to be good neighbours, fully committed to our people, our community, and the environment.

Yes, we are passionate about gold and discovery.

Yes, we are in pursuit of profit for our shareholders.

But these motivations run parallel with our duty and responsibility to our People (safety, training, culture, good salaries and benefits for over 300 workers), our Community (agreements with First Nations, strong sustainable economic benefits, and community development), and the Environment (meeting and/or exceeding modern environmental and engineering standards, protection of wildlife, lands, and waters, and progressive closure and reclamation of surface disturbances – including for mining sites conducted by previous operators).

We are in good company.

More than 30% of PureGold is owned by four global gold leaders and visionaries, including:

Rob McEwen, who transformed neighbouring GoldCorp into a multi-billion-dollar producer, was a cornerstone investor.

Eric Sprott, the world’s renowned gold visionary and investor, owns over 10% of PureGold.

AngloGold Ashanti, the world’s third-largest gold producer, is a cornerstone investor.

Newmont, the largest gold producer on the planet.

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