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Welcome to MrGreenpenny's


The whole freaking stock market is a scam and a pump. Profit from it!

It will take you awhile to understand where I am coming from...but you will get it.


 We welcome PUMPING!   We are all about pumping.  When it comes to Penny Stocks...any stocks.The Pump is your Friend!

Pumping = Awareness ~ Awareness = Buying ~ Buying = Volume  Volume = Price Appreciation 

I know what some of you are saying..   "A board about pumping your stock? Give me a break. Pumping is bad news..distasteful and dishonest."   Really?  People like that are usually the ones who will sit back and let everyone else do the work. They are also the ones who say,   "I don't PUMP! I only do my DD."    Immediately after that they go post all over iHub about why others should buy their stock.......ok... Whatever buddy. That's pumping!   Remember...The Entire Stock Market is a Pump and gigantic Ponzi schemeEspecially with Penny Stocks.  The Wild Wild West.   A game of dangerous Musical Chairs where you can lose or make money.     That's the way I see it anyhow.

Why not embrace it, learn it, master it and prosper from it?  Learn how to play the Pump game and make money. Everyone else does here.


When most traders hear the word pump they automatically associate it with the word DUMP.     Pump and Dump!   I'm sure you have heard the phrase a million times by now right?   Yes. That phrase is a negative here in Penny Land.  Here are are few definitions of Pump and Dump  that I found on the Web:

"An illegal practice in which investors attempt to artificially inflate the price of a stock by disseminating inaccurate or misleading information. These investors have along position on the stock in question and seek to inflate the price in order to sell their shares  for a higher profit.  Pumping and dumping violates securities laws and can lead to hefty fines. Victims often stand to lose  a good deal on pumping and dumping as the price of the stock usually falls to its previous level in a relatively short period of time."
And another:
 "A semantic attack involving fraudulent information  that depresses or raises stock values. The perpetrators benefit by buying or selling shares while prices are distorted. One example was a fake press release in April 1994, claiming that a company called PairGain was being unexpectedly bought out at $19 per share. PairGain shares rose from $8.50 to $11.25 before the scam was discovered. The hacker was arrested for stock fraud."
On Pump Your Your Stock~Watch It Grow we are all about the Pump and not about the dump.  We are not about, nor will we allow any fraudulent information of which we are aware about any stock to be posted here!   Nor do we encourage it elsewhere.  We love pumping and promoting our stocks in an informative, attractive, creative yet truthful way as possible.  At least as much as this Ponzi scheme called the Stock Market will allow.  Remember Bernard Madoff?    Who the hell can know what is fully truthful in these stocks and companies?    Remember Enron and countless othters?  These were only a few that got caught.  The market is full of more of them from top to bottom. 
  Pump Your Stock--Make It Grow encourages you to come and pump your stock all you want. We will also learn some of the best ways to do it.  How can there be buyers for your stock if no one knows about it? 

We automatically assume that you own the stock already. Now tell us why we should be a buyer of it!  On Pump Your Stock~Make it Grow we encourage you to learn how to offer up your stock for others to see and become your own little Stock Promoter.   Stock Promotion works! Why do you think there are so many Stock Promoters and Stock Promo Newsletters out there? Because they work on getting the word out about up and coming stocks on the move and stocks that they think will appreciate in price soon.  I must be subscribed to at least 100 myself. Some of them make great picks that I have made money on, some of them suck. Have you ever saw a stock soar much higher and wondered why?  And later found out that the only thing that has changed is that a Stock Promo Newletter or Stock Promoter had picked it up as their next pick or promotion? They don't do this because they are just good ole' boys who want to help out. They do it to make money. Yep. Have you ever read the small fine print on the bottom of their ALERTS?  Yes, most of them are paid in cash and/or shares of the stock so they have a good incentive to do a good job right?  They promote it so that they can sell into the strength of everyone else that gets their ALERT. Not all of them do this. But most of them do this. This is a cold hard fact of Penny Stock Trading. Not the only cold hard fact but one of many.

Have you ever seen a specific stock here on iHub  that seems to be gaining steam and popularity? Not only is there a specific iHub board that someone has made here for it where the party is, but maybe you find threads about it on other important boards . Maybe you even see it in the BUZZ  cloud and thought.. "Wow..I like it.  I'm gonna buy some of that Monday morning." and in fact you bought it and made money? Maybe lost money?  Maybe you were so excited about this new stock that you wanted to get the word out to everyone else so that more buyers would come and make the stock go up. That way you would be in the green and could sell it for a profit.  So you made a few post about it on all the other important boards here on iHub and elsewhere. Sure enough, others see your post, like it as well,  they buy some of it and it goes up even higher...If you done any or  all this, and more , you just participated in the wonderful cycle of Stock Promotion. aka Pumping.  Whether or not you will admit to calling it Pumping is another matter...  It's all on you to educate yourself and be well equipped to be successful. Being a successful pumper is key.  Ignore pumping/promotion at your own peril.

Pump Your Stock~ Make It Grow welcomes all stocks here: Pink Sheets..Greysheet...Black Market...Big Board.. Bulletin Board. If it moves we trade it. That's the way to make bank!    

I would like to see the Pump Your Stock~Make It Grow board be  a place where Penny Stock Traders can come to and:

  1) Find Stock Picks that they can make money on that others have posted about here.

  2) Learn how to present/promote/pump their stock to others in a way that makes others take a second look and buy it.

  3) Find informative articles that I have found all over the internet about Penny Stocks and Trading.

  4) Join the team and make consistent money on penny stock trades.

  5) Learn together on how to make more money in this corrupt game we call the Stock Market.


Why should Stock Promoters be the only ones to prosper from pumping?

You can to if you are good at it.

It is my desire that we can ALL make money and enjoy the good life.

  ~~Disclaimer & Disclosure~~

PERSONMARK(follow) ME AND I WILL FOLLOW YOU BACK------------->Just let me know!



My opinions are my opinions! Never take them for the gospel truth. Never rely on them. You guessed it....Do your Own Due Diligence!   

 None of this is investment advice. None of this is trading advice. All this information can be found by the public.  As far as I know all of it is accurate. Don't depend on me for your information.  Nothing presented here is a suggestion to buy or sell any securities at any time.  So don't depend on me for trading advice. Don't depend on me to wake you up in the morning with an ALERT and tell you that it is time to buy or sell. Always take full responsibility for your trading decisions.

I am not paid and have not been paid anything or compensated by anyone at anytime for the information presented here.  Any information here may be delayed or possibly even inacurate. SO ALWAYS CHECK FOR YOURSELF to verify everything.

 Penny Stock Trading in very dangerous!  Never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Your trades are your trades. My trades are my trades. 


PENNY STOCK TRADING IS DANGEROUS! You can lose all your money. Do not trade with more than you can afford to lose. Unless I have stated otherwise please assume that I and all others have ALWAYS purchased any securities ahead of time before any posting to others and/or any alert has been issued or sent out! That goes for my email,Twitter,Facebook or otherwise. This is not always the case. But it might be sometimes. Having been given foreknowledge and forewarning of this fact please do not accuse me of frontloading/scamming/pumping and dumping and deceptively misleading anyone or taking advantage of others. I have told you ahead of time!


Penny Stock Trading is like Mortal Combat and Making Love...except all at the same time.~~MrGreenpenny

Keep it honest.

Yes......Be honest about your pumping/promoting.   It can be done.  Be informative!  Elaborate, Exaggerate, EmbilishGive your opinion, Highlight the positive aspects.. just like all the Stock Promo companies and Newsletters

 Do not blatantly lie! 

No personal attacks.

NO SPAM!!!!!

Keep your post ON TOPIC

Do not post out going links to other boards

Follow iHub TOS

Always, Always Always Do your own Due Deligence

 That you can learn from and use:



 for promoting your stock pick and required reading:

Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business



My little Penny Stock Trader BIO:

Years ago I thougt I might want be a day trader/swing trader. My older brother, who is also floating around here on iHub somewhere and will remain un-named,  turned me on to the idea. I saw him  "invest" a few grand  in a small Bio Tech stock and turn it into 150K$ during the .COM bubble.  He still trades successfully of course and is one of the best I know at fundamental analysis.  I was fascinated with the idea of making money in my underwear and a cup of coffee in hand at the computer in the morning. This is what I wanted to do. I'm not really a lazy guy but if there is a better-easier way at making $Money$ why not, right?  Why bust your butt like all the other chumps out there? 

So I bought a bunch of books on Day Trading and Technical/Fundamental analysis. Studied up. Thought that I had it all figured out.  I worked long hours at my "real job" as a T-shirt airbrush artist in a tourist resort at a gift shop in Tennessee and saved up 20K. I even bought a Lap Top so I could trade at work.  I thought I was really gonna make it. I had some great trades. My acount grew all the way up to almost 35k.  I thought that I had it all figured out. Buy low-sell high. Focus on solid companies. Microsoft-Intel-Enron. I studied the DOW/Nasdaq/S&P and  made sure I listened to what UBERLORD Greenspan was going to say on CNBC at 2:00....... and Maria  Bartiromo.  Ohh Maria..... Not that difficult right? Boy did I have it wrong.   Well......long story short...through hundreds of trades ... I lost it all but a few grand or so.   Yep, 20 thousand dollar$ up in smoke.    I can now see that at that time I didn't even know what I was getting into. Nonetheless I still had this burning  passion to be a trader.  

I remember a beautiful bright sunny morning. I was firing up my little trade station. Logging onto Datek my online broker and watching CNBC on my little TV that I had placed on top of my deck. All the CNBC talking heads were going on about a plane that had crashed into one of the twin towers. What a freaky accident I thought. Then I saw another plane coming.... What?    What a freaking tragedy!   What a day that was.  I later came to the personal conviction that it was all a scam. A con job of the grandest design. Just like the whole entire stock market....

A few years later I didn't have much $ left after my glorious run at stock trading.  I was depressed, late on the mortgage, late on car payments and working double time almost 7 days a week and desperate for a break. What the heck I thought. I'll take this last $2000 and try a penny stock.   My big brother had warned me about these evil penny stocks. "Don't touch them. They are all trash and you will lose all your money."   I had already lost all my money.  I didn't listen. Call it a little brother thing.  So I done some digging and found one I thought might show some potential. ASFX.PK   It was a sub penny stock trading at .002    It was a  company that made infrared thermometers.  Neat I thought.  Swine flu was just getting started. "You don't have to touch anyone but you can take their temp."  I thought.   I think it will go up from .002   So I bought about 1,000,000 shares.  Over the course of about one week I sold into a big run and banked about $13,000!!!  I made my house and car payments and was hooked on PENNY STOCKS!!! 


My method of learning something is to do it wrong until I get it right.   If you can survive you will have at the very least learned what you should not do.  I almost didn't survive.   It's an expensive~painful but effective way at learning I will admit.   But here I am.                                                                           




Patience Plays


For an explanation of Patience Plays see this link:












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