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PCSO is a structured finance company that has accumulated over $355 billion in assets by providing advanced investment financing strategy through the use of their “Proprietary BCLOC” securitization. The company is a Non-Depository Financial Institution that operates in the United States with plans to expand globally. 

PCSO is also a holding company whose core strategy is to package the BCLOC Security through multiple distribution channels to fulfill the Two (2) Strategic Funding Options needed by various sophisticated projects that include independent real estate entities such as Restoration and Relm Real Estate Holdings (RREH), and related companies: Access Visalign Inc. (AVI). 

PCSO Chart
CEO Letter to Shareholders
Wilmington, New York – October 6, 2020- Corporation (OTC Pink Sheets: PCSO), Acting CEO and Vice-Chairman, Charles F. Johnson II, issued a letter to shareholders today, providing updates on Ed Johnson and recent OTC Markets developments. The letter reads as follows:

Dear Shareholders,

On behalf of the Board and as Vice Chairman and Acting CEO of Protective Capital Structures Corp. (PCSO), we hope that this letter finds everyone in good health as the US deals with Covid-19. Monday afternoon we received notification about concerns with the Company’s affiliation with Mr. Ed Johnson and his legal/disciplinary history. As a result, PCSO was temporarily designated the Caveat Emptor symbol until the concerns are resolved with OTCM.

As Acting CEO, it is my responsibility to do what is best for PCSO and its shareholders on record. Consequently, Mr. Ed Johnson is no longer working with PCSO in any capacity. We thank Mr. Johnson for his assistance with historical data that provided further context to our relaunching efforts. Mr. Johnson was made aware and reminded by PCSO Officers of his limitations of involvement due to our public company status. This designation by OTCM comes as a major surprise, as Mr. Johnson’s limited involvement with PCSO was publicly disclosed in Company filings. We are addressing the concerns with OTCM so that this inconvenience can be resolved expeditiously.

To avoid mis-association with previous management and Ed Johnson, we’ve re-launched with completely new staff. As CEO, I want to ensure all shareholders that PCSO’s new leadership has the correct moral compass and integrity for this task. As reflected in the company profile section of, all current staff have no legal or disciplinary history that would question their ability to hold their respective position.

As CEO, I will continue to ensure the mistakes from the past are not remade even if that results in the removal of Ed Johnson from any involvement with PCSO. We are committed to the “out with the old and in with the new” approach and this will further show through our relaunching efforts. Despite the temporary designation, we are continuing our efforts of 1) digitizing over 10 years of records and retrieval of additional storage corporate documents for our pre-audit checklist; 2) completing capital raise efforts for operational liquidity to ensure we have proper internal staff for audit; 3) revising current educational material on the BCLOC for a clearer, more simplistic understanding for readers; and 4) developing simpler breakdown updates of our relaunching efforts for our social media platforms.

We thank everyone who continues to show support during this pandemic as we get things in order. We are committed to the marathon and I’d like to thank our staff for their diligent efforts. I appreciate you all beyond measure. Please send any questions or concerns to Again, we apologize for this inconvenience.


Charles F. Johnson II

Acting CEO, Vice-Chairman of Board, PCSO



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