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Promotion Stock Secrets Disclaimer


Stocks that were on our pre-promotion list that are now confirmed promotions:


Pingify International Inc (PGFY) - added to our list on 4/11/14 as the next Stock Tips Pick

  • As expected Stock Tips announced PGFY as their promotion but after a 3 week delay and from a much higher than normal starting price ($.93) compensation was listed as $6.5m


Alkame Holding Inc (ALKM) - added to list on 2/28/13 - updated research here


il2M International Corp (ILIM) - profiled by us on 4/04/14

  • As expected ILIM became the latest Rocket Stocks pick ($2,000,000 budget)


Rich Pharmaceuticals Inc (RCHA) - profiled by us on 10/04/13

  • RCHA became an email spam promotion on 4/08/14


Patriot Berry Farms Inc (PBFI) - added to list on 2/28/13


Cannabis-Rx Inc (CANA) - added to list on 2/04/14

  • After lots of speculation the online landing page ($1,800,000 budget) we were watching went live on 4/08/14 - on 4/14/14 Billionaire Stocks alerted CANA as their latest pick


3D Pioneer Sytems Inc (DPSM) - added to list on 4/21/13


Mining Minerals of Mexico (WIIM) - added to list on 4/14/13


Vapor Hub International Inc (VHUB) - profiled by us on 2/17/14

  • VHUB became a boiler room then email alert promotion by the Brighton group starting on 3/27/14


HydroPhi Technologies Group (HPTG) - profiled by us on 9/26/13

  • On 3/8/14 HPTG became the latest Tobin Smith promotion ($500k compensation)


Ener-Core Inc (ENCR) - profiled by us on 5/9/13

Rightscorp Inc (RIHT) - added to list on 7/4/12

Gankit Corp (GANK) - added to list on 2/08/14

  • On 2/10/14 internet ads started hitting for GANK


Well Power Inc (WPWR) - added to list on 2/01/14


Imogo Mobile Inc (IMTC) - profiled by us on 1/12/14


Great East Energy Inc (GASE) - added to list on 9/14/13

KonaRed Corporation (KRED) - added to list on 6/12/13 - see our report here

  • On 1/15/14 KRED officially became the latest pump from the hack the stockmarket group ($2.3m promo) - we already found the future promo material on January 1st. 

Tiger Oil and Energy Inc (TGRO) - profiled by us on 12/05/13 as the next stocktips pick - see report here

  • On 12/09/13 TGRO officially became the stockpicks pick ($2.5m compensation).  Our members got in as low as $.22/share on 12/06/13 ahead of the promotion.

Guar Global Ltd (GGBL) - added to list on 10/07/12

  • On December 1, 2013, GGBL became the latest Small Cap Fortunes promotion. 


Makism 3D Corp (MDDD) - added to list on 2/23/13

  • On November 30, 2013 MDDD became the latest Paragon promotion - lower budget ($150k) and Andy Chamber landing page ($2.75m budget).

Amazonica Corp (AMZZ) - profiled by us on 4/10/13

  • AMZZ became a $600k CFM (untapped wealth) promotion on 11/21/13


Gray Fox Petroleum Corp (GFOX) - added to list on 6/19/13


Fresh Healthy Vending International Inc (VEND) - profiled on 7/28/13

  • officially became an Andrew Carpenter $1.3 million 22 page hard copy mailer on 11/12/13

Quint Media Inc (QUNI) - profiled on 11/06/13

  • a lower budget promotion started for QUNI on 11/12/13 - found here

Nevada Gold Corp (NVGC) - added to list on 7/31/12

  • after a lot of profitable pre-promo trading opportunities, NVGC became a confirmed hard mailer promotion/newsletter ($2 million budget) on 11/08/13

DNA Precious Metals (DNAP) - add to list on 7/14/13

  • after some low level awareness DNAP became the new TBX pick on 11/4/13

Life Stem Genetics Inc (LIFS) - added to list on 9/21/13

Allerayde Sab, Inc (ASAB) - profiled by us on 9/19/13

  • As most expected ASAB became the BestDamnPennyStock (BDPS) promotion on 10/29/13

Press Ventures Inc (PVEN) - added to list on 5/3/13

  • PVEN finally got used as an APS money grab as expected on 10/28/13 through the two remaining APS sister sites just days after APS announced its retirement


Bison Petroleum (BISN) - added to list on 6/4/13

  • BISN started getting promoted on 10/28/13 by a new promoter found here ($500k budget)


Crown Alliance Capital Limited (CACL) - added to list on 4/02/13

  • On 10/22/13, CACL became the subject of a mid-level promotion led by


Endeavor IP Inc (ENIP) - added to list on 8/31/13

  • On 10/4/13 we found a Financier Times article for ENIP making it the next promotion by the Hack the Stock Market group

Pacific Clean Water Technologies Inc (PCWT) - added to list on 12/11/12

  • As we expected on September 18, 2013, PCWT became the latest APS/VM promotion on the heels of suspended ticker PWEI.  Many of our members got in between $.08 - $.10 well below the opening price of $.13 when the announcement was made


Media Analytics Corp (MEDA) - added to list on 2/22/13


Indo Global Exchanges Ptd Ltd (IGEX) - added to list on 10/4/12

  • We found this $3 million promotion on September 4, 2013


Virtual Sourcing Inc (PGCX) - we profiled this ticker on June 8, 2013 - see report here

  • On August 13, 2013 we found a landing page for PGCX showing $750,000 compensation found here.


The Alkaline Water Comp Inc (WTER) - added to list on 5/30/13

  • On August 8, 2013, WTER officially became a Hack the Stock Market group $3,000,000 promotion using Francis Gaskins. See more details here. Many of our members were already very involved with the ticker well before the promotion officially kicked off.


One2One Living Corp (LOVI) - added to list on 11/04/12

  • During the week of August 7th, 2013, LOVI became a D list promotion


The Pulse Network (TPNI) - added to list on 3/04/13

During the week of August 7th, 2013, TPNI became a D list promotion

Bluforest Inc (BLUF) - we profiled BLUF in a report predicting it would be the next BDPS and TBX combined promo on 8/4/13

  • On 8/5/13, as predicted, BLUF became the BDPS and TBX combined promo

North American Oil & Gas Corp (NAMG) - added to list on 10/12/12 - see our research here

  • On Monday 7/15/13 Tobin Smith published a landing page for NAMG with a fairly low budget ($340k)


Sanborn Resources Ltd (SANB) - added to list on 4/11/13 - see our research here

  • On Friday 7/5/13 we alerted SANB to our members at $.28/share.  On Monday 7/8/13 it officially became the latest Hack the Stock Market promotion through their website The Financier Times ($3m compensation).

Bluefire Equipment Corp (BLFR) - added to list on 6/24/13 - see our research here.

  • As expected internet ads started showing up promoting BLFR on 6/25/13

Sanwire Corp (NTMG) - profiled on 6/23/13 - see research here

  • A Landing page for the promo showed up on 6/24/13 from Future Money Trends (Daniel Ameduri) - $110,000 budget


Arch Therapeutics Inc (ARTH) - added to list on 5/29/13 - see research here

  • We found the future landing page for this promo on 6/17/13.  It went live on 6/20/13 then was taken down and reposted on 7/6/13 - $790,000 budget.  This promotion was run by Full Service Media LLC with Ian Cooper as the newsletter author. On 7/8/13 Paragon joined in also promoting ARTH ($200k compensation).  On 7/8/13 hard mailers also started hitting authored by Ian Cooper showing $2,926,550 in compensation.


African Copper Corp (ACCS) - on list since the start - see latest research here

  • Officially became the next Victory Mark pick on 6/20/13.  It was our top choice for the next pick.

Biologix Hair Inc (BLGX) - added to list on 1/15/13

After being probably being promoted under the radar for weeks, BLGX became an official promotion on 6/12/13 via an Ian Cooper landing page.  Learn more here.


RJD Green Inc (RJDG) - profiled on April 23 - see our report here

  • On 6/05/13 RJDG became the next TBX pick.  We spotted it pre-alert and many members got in between $.12 - $.15.


Dephasium Corp (DPHS) - added to list on 5/18/13 - see our report here

  • On 6/03/13 DPHS became a fake hard copy mailer promotion for CFM.  The promotion started with D-listers going out the same time as the fake hard mailers followed by some real Hard Mailers that faked APS's name.


Bizoom Inc (BIZM) - added to list on 3/2/13 - see report here

  • We spotted the very elaborate Stock Report research promo piece on BIZM on 5/29/12 while the stock was trading at $1.40.  A few days later on  6/3/13 as the Stock Report piece started to go public.  See our promo research here to see who we think the Stock Report is linked to.

Yappn Corp (YPPN) - added to list on 3/19/13 - see our report here

  • On 5/24/13 around 11:35 a.m. we spotted the landing page for YPPN with a $2,150,000 budget.  This looks to be linked to the group that did JALA.

Cento Inc (CNTO) - profiled by us on 3/20/13 - see our report here

  • After a slow climb from $.25/share on 4/22 to $1.05/share, CNTO officially became a $300,000 James DiGeorgia landing page promotion on 5/21/13


Montalvo Spirits Inc (TQLA) - added to list on 2/03/13 - see our report here

Appiphany Technologies Holdings Corp (APHD) - profiled by us on 3/24/13 but followed by us since the beginning - see report here.

  • APHD started getting promoted by some D listers on May 15, 2013.  Because of the small float this has the potential to see some positive gains.


Brazil Minerals Inc (BMIX) - added to list on 1/29/13 - see our report here

We found the Tobin Smith (NBT Equities) link for his BMIX research report on Friday, May 3, 2013.  On Monday, May 6, 2013, Tobin Smith sent out email alerts announcing his research report on BMIX ($40,000 compensation).  So far this one has no landing pages, just a lower level Tobin Smith research report promo. A hard mailer showed up on May 15, 2013 ($1,600,000 compensation).

iTalk Inc (TALK) - added to list on 12/22/12 - see our latest report here

  • We speculated that TALK was going to be Brighton and finally after almost certainly leading off with boiler room cold calls, Brighton officially made TALK their latest pick on 5/3/13 after hours by slipping up and including TALK in the disclaimer of their teaser email. Read more here.

Xumanii (XUII) - added to list on 1/08/13 - see our report here.

  • On May 1, 2013 after a foiled WDCO bail attempt with RNCH, Victory Mark went with XUII which was our top choice for the next VM pick at the time.  Since Stock Pyscho was originally scheduled to help with the WDCO/RNCH bail out plan, it is no surprise that Stock Psycho went out on RNCH with Victory Mark.

Spectral Capital Corp (FCCN) - profiled by us on March 9, 2013 - see our report here.

  • On April 30th, FCCN officially will be a Tribeca promotion ($40,000 compensation).  We do not expect this promotion to go very well for all the reasons listed in our report.



Tungsten Corp (TUNG) - on list since the beginning - see our report here.

  • On April 25th, TUNG officially became a Breakaway Stocks/Eric Dickson promo.  See the landing page here.  Breakaway Stocks is part of the CFM family.

Western Graphite Inc (WSGP) - added list on 2/27/13 - see latest research here.

  • On April 19th, the Tobin Smith landing pages we have been watching went live and WSGP officially became a Tobin Smith (NBT Equities) promotion - more information here.


Auxillium Energy Inc (AXLM) - on list since beginning see report here

Harbor Island Development Corp (HIDC) - we had HIDC on our watch list for a future paid promotion since day 1 when our website first launched.  We did a more detailed report on October 12, 2013 found here.

  • On April 15, 2013, Victory Mark announced HIDC as their next promo after days of relentless dumping to get the stock down to a range that VM is capable of managing for a short term promotion.  See our thoughts about VM and HIDC here.  We do not expect it to be a long promotion.

Polar Petroleum Corp (POLR) - we profiled POLR back on December 30, 2012 see that report here.

  • In early April a 1 page mailer showed up at the house of one of our members (no compensation).  A few weeks passed then an email promo showed up from Ken Williams Hard Asset Report.

Eco-Trade Corp (BOPT) - we profiled BOPT on 2/20/13.  See that report here

After having been pumped earlier by moverzandshakerz, BOPT became the official SMA pick today at 2:00 pm.  Most already strongly suspected that the SMA pick was going to be BOPT and were just waiting while SMA teased the pick for about 2 weeks.$/SMA-12042013.html$/PSW-12042013.html

As a recycled ticker we expect this to be more of a list burner/money grab type of pick that won't last very long or do very well

Northumberland Resources Inc (NHUR) - we first offered research on NHUR back in September in our NGRC report.  We did a full individual report on NHUR on 3/8/13 alerting it as a slow climber and future paid promotion. 

  • On Monday, April 8, 2013, NHUR officially became a Financier Times $3,000,000 promotion. See disclaimer at this link.


Nostra Energy Inc (NORX) - we first profiled NORX on March 5, 2013 - see the report here.

  • On April 2, 2013 after several days of slow climbing action, NORX officially became a GMM stock promotion followed by an Eric Dany promotion.

Goff Corp (GOFF) - added to list on 1/23/13 - we predicted it would be APS on 3/12/13 see our research here

  • On Monday, March 18, 2013, APS officially made GOFF their pick around 9:52 a.m.

Cloud Star Corp (CLDS) - added to list on 10/07/12

  • Cloud Star Corp officially became a Jonathan Kolber promotion on Thursday, March 14, 2013.  We had already found the landing page midday on Monday, March 11, 2013 giving our members a 3 day head start.  Even before that we had been profiling the slow price rise daily from the $.20/share range.

American Graphite Technologies Inc (AGIN) - added to list on 7/18/12

Lot78 Inc (LOTE) - profiled by us on 11/22/12

On Monday, 3/11/13 LOTE will be promoted by Global Marketing Media LLC - $60k compensation for a 2 day pump.  GMM does not have the best track record.  Opportunities for profit could be limited.  On 3/12/13 a hard copy mailer from CFM hit.  CFM hasn't had a successful solo promotion for a long time. This is a Stock Castle type ticker so could get some added muscle in the background to help the stock run.

Be Active Holdings Inc (JALA) - added to list on 8/22/12

  • On Friday, 3/8/13 at approximately 2:45 pm, JALA officially became a Cloud Focus Group promotion (same group that did DIMI).  We found the potential JALA landing page on 2/25/12 and when the landing page finally went live at 2:34 pm on 3/8/13 we alerted our members 10 minutes ahead of the official announcement.

Endeavor Power Corp (EDVP) - added to list on 11/13/12

  • EDVP became a Penny Stocks VIP promotion starting 3/7/13 - $55k compensation

China YCT International Group (CYIG) - we profiled this ticker as a low float Chinese ticker to that could easily be manipulated for huge gains in our undervalued/forgotten Chinese ticker report on January 22, 2013

  • On March 4, 2013, Tribeca made CYIG its latest low float Chinese play

Red Giant Entertainment Inc (REDG) - added to list on 8/28/12

  • REDG became the new Victory Mark pick on Thursday, February 28, 2013 following Victory Marks ugly dumpathon with DMHI into speculators.  REDG was not a fresh ticker like Victory Mark promised in their teasers, but it was definitely a ticker that had promo written all over it since we put it on our watch list and wrote a report on 8/28/12.


Sollensys Corp (SOLS) - added to list on 8/26/12 - more research here

  • On 2/23/13 elitepicks officially started promoting SOLS - see report here (nice landing page and presentation video)

Global Entertainment Holdings Inc (GBHL) - we predicted this would be a future xtremepicks promotion several months ago - see latest report here.

  • On 2/21/13 xtremepicks began promoting GBHL

Wild Craze Inc (WILD) - profiled by us on 2/7/13

  • On 2/20/13 WILD became a Stock Brainiac/Equities Awareness Group promotion (claims $1.2 million compensation) combined with various 'D' list promoters - similar circumstances to LFAP

Solar America Corp (SOLX) - added to list on 2/14/13

  • On 2/19/13 SOLX officially became a confirmed promotion

Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc (SOUL) - added to list 11/02/12

  • On 2/18/13, SOUL officially became a John Pentony / Stock Guru stock promotion. The Pentony Enterprises LLC is a 'D' list promoter that has dozens of stock promotion websites and has been in the stock promotion for years. Only small compensation was mentioned so we might see some other promoters jump in down the road.

Eco-Tek Group Inc (ETEK) [formerly Sandalwood Ventures Inc]- added to list on 8/25/12

  • On 2/13/13, ETEK will become a promotion ($25,000) compensation. Past promotions have had limited success (most recently with NANI), but with over 76,000,000 free trading shares of stock and lots of dirty debt Notes this one could get ugly. ETEK will probably see many more of these 'D' list promotions in the future too.

VOIS Inc (VOIS) - we profiled this company on 12/19/12 - see our research here.

  • On 2/12/13 VOIS became a Stock Mister promotion ($100,000 compensation from M. Elliott Media LLC). We didn't like the ticker on 12/19/12 and we still don't like it now. No surprise to us that it was picked up by a 'D' list promoter.

US Tungsten Corp (USTU) - added to list on 8/10/12 - more research here

  • After a nice slow steady climb like we predicted, as of February 9, 2013, USTU is officially being promoted by the Allan James Group ($35,000 compensation) and some other 'D' listers. The Allan James Group doesn't have a strong history of success. Their most recent promotion was a re-pump of IMNG (it was originally promoted by an Andrew Carpenter mailer in early-December) starting on February 4, 2013.

Green Innovations Ltd (GNIN) - added to list on 9/2/12

  • After a nice slow steady climb like we predicted, as of February 9, 2013, GNIN is officially being promoted by affiliates of World Street Fundamentals/Brighton (same group that promoted PUNL and IDNG) as we expected would happen.

Primco Management Inc (PMCM) - added to list on 10/19/12 - updated research here

  • As many were expecting after the late day action yesterday, PMCM became a paid promotion right at the open on 2/7/12 with Stock Psycho, Tribeca, and GMM all tag teaming it

YaFarm Technologies Inc (YFRM) - added to list on 2/2/13

  • YFRM officially became a TBX pick at 9:56 a.m. on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013. We already had a research report out on the ticker on 2/2/13 and were the first to mention the ticker as a possible TBX pick in our chat room around 9:39 a.m. that morning.

Swingplane Ventures Inc (SWVI) - added to list on 9/4/12 - additional research here.

  • SWVI officially became an AwesomePennyStock pick on 1/23/13 as predicted. Many of our members made thousands of dollars from this pick.

Kabe Exploration Inc (KABX) - added to list on 12/23/12

  • KABX became a paid promotion starting on January 16th involved several 'D' list type promoters

Crown Marketing (CWNM) - added to list on 10/12/12

  • CWNM officially became a Global Marketing Media (Nix and Ciccarelli) promo as well as Equities Awareness Group (stockbrainiac) on January 15, 2013

Dethrone Royalty Holdings Inc (DRHC) - added to list on 7/12/12

  • DRHC officially became an Andalusian pick ~ Pennystocksvip, pennystock guru and others on January 14, 2013

Echo Automotive Inc (ECAU) - added to list on 11/29/12

VuMee Inc (VUME) - added to our list on November 3, 2012

  • VUME official became the latest Victory Mark pick at the open on January 8, 2013

Hanover Portfolio Acquisitions, Inc (HVPA) - on list since the start

  • HVPA officially became a pennystocksprofile and affiliates pick on Tuesday, January 7, 2013. This group doesn't have a great success rate and often get called on to help toxic convertible debt holders dump shares. HVPA being a fresh ticker is new territory for the pennystocksprofile group.

World Moto Inc (FARE) - added to list on 11/11/12

  • FARE became the latest APS pick on 12/17/12. We correctly predicted for our members days in advance that FARE was the favorite to be chosen

Livewire Ergogenics Inc (LVVV) - added to list on 12/05/12

  • As was widely expected by many, LVVV officially became a TBX pick on 12/06/12

USA Graphite Inc (USGT) - added to list on 11/25/12

  • USGT officially became a paid promotion on 12/04 (after hours) - Stock Castle will receive $800k to promote USGT. Past Stock Castle promotions include BRND, IDOI, and MSTG. Stock Castle is the promotion group that George Sharp likes to pick on.

iMing Corp (IMNG) - we alerted IMNG as a possible future promotion on 12/01.

Pub Craw Holdings Inc (PBCW) - on our list from the start.

  • We predicted it would be a Victory Mark promo on Friday 11/30 and today (12/3) VM officially made PBCW their current promotion.

Superior Venture Corp (SVEN) - added to list on 9/11/12. In our report we pointed out some connections between SVEN and APS. Follow up report found here.

  • APS official made SVEN their next pick of month on 11/27/12. We had SVEN high on our list as the next APS pick and spotted the very first trade on 11/27/12 in our chat room well ahead of the APS official alert. Many of members bought in at or below $.20/share.

Nilam Resources Inc (NILA) - we predicted this would be the next GMM promo on 11/24/12

  • On 11/25/12 GMM as well as some other D list promoters official made NILA their pick for 11/26/12

Massive Dynamics, Inc (MSSD) - on list since the beginning

  • MSSD became an internet ad campaign promotion starting around 11/25/12

Greenway Technology (GWYT) - added to list on 9/3/12 - additional research here.

  • GWTY officially became a Stock Psycho promo on 11/19/12

Abby Inc (ABBY) - added to list on 10/21/12 - more research here

  • ABBY officially became a paid promotion on 11/13/12

Global Stevia Corp (GSTV) - added to list on 6/19/12

  • GSTV officially became a paid promotion on 11/13/12

Amazonas Florestal Ltd (AZFL) - added to list on 10/24/12

  • AZFL started getting lightly promoted on 11/09/12

Nano Labs Corp (CTLE) - added to list on 8/10/12

  • CTLE became a Rocket Alerts promo starting on November 9, 2012. 2 month promo with an alleged $675,000 budget. Rocket Alert promos have a history of being short lived (1 day or 2). Their last promotion was HYII on 5/22/12.

LifeApps Digital Media Inc (LFAP) - we alerted this stock to our members on September 16, 2012

  • LFAP officially became a StockBrainiac promotion (along with some other D listers like Penny Stock VIP) on November 4, 2012. This stock has been a nice climber since we first alerted it to our members several weeks ago. On November 9, 2012 a hard copy mailer hit mailboxes. Images found here and here.

Graphite Corp (GRPH) - on our list from day one.

  • GRPH officially became the new Paragon/Bedford promotion on October 29, 2012.

Grizzly Gold Corp (GRZG) - alerted by us on August 29, 2012

  • GRZG became the month long promo pick of PennyStocksChaser starting on October 28, 2012.

FreeButton Inc (FBTN) - we alerted this ticker as a future paid promotion on September 28, 2012. On October 7, 2012 we did a follow up report and predicted that FBTN would be the next Atomic Pennies pick.

Premier Brands Inc (BRND) - added to list on 6/10/12 and update provided on 10/4/12 alerting subscribers that a paid promotion was near

  • BRND became an official paid promotion on 10/13/12 - now being promoted by the same group that promoted IDOI and MSTG

Valor Gold Corp (VGLD) - added to list on 7/24/12

PacWest Equities Inc (PWEI) - added to list on 8/19/12

We predicted that PWEI would be a promoted stock because of Andrew Coldicutt and several connections with VLNX. On 10/09/12 PWEI officially became a VM/PPS pick.

Maxwell Resources Inc (MAXE) - alerted by us on 9/23/12

  • MAXE became an official paid promotion on 10/08/12 including a hard copy mailer

Santo Mining Corp (SANP) - added to list on 9/19/12

  • We predicted that SANP would be the next SMA pick on 9/19/12 before SANP was even a thought in anybody else's mind and we were right. SMA made SANP their official pick on 9/28/12.

Petrosonic Energy Inc (PSON) - alerted by us on 8/22/12

  • We told our members that PSON looked like a future paid promotion on 8/22/12. On 9/18/12 PSON officially became a paid promotion with a $2.5 million promotional budget.

Night Culture Inc (NGHT) - added to watch list on 9/6/12

  • We predicted that NGHT would get promoted by Quality Stocks and on 9/15/12 NGHT officially became a DreamTeamGroup stock promotion (QualityStocks, MissionIR, and others)

Viking Minerals Inc (VKMD) - alerted by us on 9/3/12

  • We predicted that VKMD would become the next TBX pick and on 9/6/12 TBX officially made VKMD their pick

Face Up Entertainment Group Inc (FUEG) - alerted by us on 9/1/12

  • Became a PennystockVIP and sister sites promotion on 9/3/12 - this is not a highly respected promo group

Clear Systems Recycling Inc (CLSR) - added to list on 7/7/12

  • In late August, CLSR began a long run promoted by an unknown catalyst going from $2.10/share to over $6.00/share

Punchline Entertainment Inc (PUNL) - alerted by us on 8/14/12

  • Became a Bollinger/Brighton promotion during week of 8/27/12 (same group that did IDNG)

Pristine Solutions Inc (PRTN) - added to list on 8/23/12

  • We predicted this would be promoted by AwesomePennyStocks before the open on Friday, August 24th while it was still trading at $.15/share. We already had PRTN on our watch list starting on Thursday evening, August 23rd.
  • On Monday, August 27th it officially became an AwesomePennyStock pick

Pazoo Inc (PZOO) - added to list on 7/19/12

GroveWare Technologies Ltd (GROV) - on list from the start

Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX)

  • We identified VLNX as the next APS pick before the open on 8/16/12 - well before APS released the pick to their paying members. Many of our subscribers got in under $.20/share. It was our team that started the VLNX IHUB forum.

Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) - added to list on 8/16/12 (on watch since December)

  • Became a confirmed paid promotion on 8/19/12 - Promoted by BDPS.

Chimera Energy Corp (CHMR) - added to list on 7/10/12

  • Became a confirmed paid promotion on 7/31/12. Now being promoted by the same group that promoted DOMK and NVMN

Global Resource Energy Inc (GBEN) - added to list on 7/16/12 been on watch for months because of Harry Lappa and Douglas Roe connections

  • Became the official Global Marketing Media LLC promotion on 7/23/12
  • Global Marketing Media LLC has a poor track record

Preventia Inc (PVTA) - added to list on 7/2/12

  • Became the official TBX promotion on 7/9/12
  • Some of our subscribers made huge profits on this one because they were ahead of everybody else thanks to our very early alerts for this ticker

Centaurus Diamond Tech Inc (CTDT) - added to list on 6/24/12

  • This became an official Victorymark promotion on 7/9/12
  • We predicted that the paid promotion wouldn't start until after the name and symbol change and we were correct

Liberty Gold Corp (LBGO) - on list since beginning

  • Fernwood Ventures Group Inc. has paid two hundred thousand dollars for the dissemination of this info to enhance public awareness for LBGO.
  • Many smaller promoters also promoting LBGO

Nova Mining Corp (NVMN) - added to list on 6/18/12

  • Landing page, Internet ad promotion by
  • is owned & operated by Obsidian Financial Communications Inc (OFC) and we have been compensated in the amount of one hundred twenty five thousand ($125,000.00) dollars, by a third party for NVMN We could receive up to another one hundred twenty five thousand ($125,000) dollars for NVMN from this same third party.


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#253   New report published about Eric Van Nguyen and nodummy 12/16/14 01:18:43 PM
#252   morning bro , FRAUD GOING ON ,PLEASE MAKE -TEFFY-TRADER- 11/20/14 05:58:53 AM
#251   Promotion Stock Secrets top long alerts for 9.22 ALiVE 09/28/14 11:03:35 PM
#250   Promotion Stock Secrets top long alert 9.15 to 9.19 ALiVE 09/21/14 09:11:56 PM
#249   ty Z~ ALiVE 09/21/14 08:55:04 PM
#248   DDAmanda Chart on: $VOIS: Click on chart twice Zardiw 09/14/14 12:51:00 PM
#247   Promotion Stock Secrets top long alerts for 9.8 ALiVE 09/13/14 10:13:13 PM
#246   Promotion Stock Secrets top long alerts 9.2 to 9.5 ALiVE 09/07/14 04:31:02 PM
#245   Promotion Stock Secrets top alerts 8.25 to 8.29 ALiVE 08/31/14 05:28:53 PM
#244   PSS Top Alerts for the Week 8.18 to 8.22 ALiVE 08/23/14 10:50:40 PM
#243   80 + posts on that POS in 2 days, Wildbilly 06/28/14 11:24:03 AM
#242   FOGC$ Keep on radars, about to have a PennyStockPickz 06/28/14 10:32:14 AM
#241   thanks bro! - we appreciate you! ALiVE 06/24/14 10:03:06 PM
#240   More peeps signed up to PSS like I -TEFFY-TRADER- 06/24/14 08:24:53 AM
#239   LPPI - Worth A Look - Low Float - Top Penny 04/30/14 01:43:54 PM
#238   HHII ,Imagine if everyone knew who found HHII first? -TEFFY-TRADER- 04/12/14 12:45:58 PM
#237   RISK FREE MEMBERSHIP (if not satisfied) ,nuttin to -TEFFY-TRADER- 04/10/14 08:08:06 PM
#236   Thanks bro! Awesome! ALiVE 04/10/14 09:40:31 AM
#234   If anyone is interested or has questions about ALiVE 03/08/14 06:39:42 PM
#233   SFOR Big window to make some cash $SFOR$$$$ pmello3 12/02/13 02:23:54 PM
#232 -TEFFY-TRADER- 10/07/13 08:49:23 AM
#231 softballdaddy 08/23/13 12:05:04 PM
#230   OMG there are crooks in the penny world softballdaddy 08/16/13 08:37:57 AM
#229   Thanks Janice, regular site appears to be back Jbob 08/04/13 09:49:59 AM
#228   It doesn't seem to be. It's janice shell 08/03/13 06:36:53 PM
#227   Is the otcsecret site having issues also? Jbob 08/03/13 04:34:51 PM
#226   The board is really where they post reports KnowProphet 07/30/13 03:35:15 PM
#225   Awesome Board! Just found it, thanks guys! AaronAbility 07/30/13 12:50:55 PM
#224   Nice work PSS crew, appreciate all the reports Jbob 07/08/13 05:14:52 PM
#223   ARTH - Our May 29th report showing the nodummy 07/08/13 10:59:24 AM
#222   Boardmarked PromotionStockSecrets looking at your past history very interesting! Xzibit 07/02/13 05:12:05 PM
#221   $LATF news last night after the close !!!! the_little_farmer 05/15/13 09:01:53 AM
#220   hmmmm... That's an interesting thought. janice shell 04/11/13 06:43:49 PM
#219   Maybe it's easier to explain away payments to east600 04/11/13 06:42:22 PM
#218   LOLOL!! janice shell 04/01/13 07:44:07 PM
#217   I so desperately these guys alive and kicking Modern_Rock 04/01/13 07:43:30 PM
#216   Hush. You'll give them ideas. janice shell 04/01/13 07:39:31 PM
#215   Ummm if you're banking tens of millions of Modern_Rock 04/01/13 07:36:28 PM
#214   I could be wrong, but I think the janice shell 03/21/13 04:36:01 PM
#213   Thanks ND. A_1daytrader 03/21/13 04:31:58 PM
#212   CFM Hard Mailers hitting for GOFF - $1.5m compensation nodummy 03/21/13 04:30:54 PM
#211   Excellent DD. Board marked. Caveat Emptor 03/18/13 02:54:28 PM
#210   I appreciate all you guys do! Definitely turned Jbob 03/18/13 12:53:32 PM
#209   GOFF + APS + VM nodummy 03/18/13 10:14:07 AM
#208   Board marked here - looks good. ;o) stockman69 03/11/13 08:27:22 AM
#206   Thanks boss ~ you rock. Thanks for all ALiVE 03/07/13 10:57:56 PM
#205   EVER beachlover 03/07/13 09:51:18 PM
#204   BEST PRE PROMO SITE . A_1daytrader 03/07/13 09:13:54 PM
#203   Awesome work. Great job guys. A_1daytrader 03/07/13 03:34:37 PM