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Pop N Go, Inc.  (OTC.PK: POPN)

POP N GO was established in 1996 as a manufacturer of specialty vending and foodservice equipment that targets the $60 billion vending and snack foodservice market. The Company's patented award winning hot air popcorn machine has been received with great enthusiasm worldwide. The ability to pop a fresh cup of popcorn on demand either oil free or with a transfat free butter flavoring meets the ever growing demand in the market for healthy freshly prepared snacks. POP N GO's colorful design includes a moving color LED display and neon lights, which draws customers to the machine wherever it is placed.


Popcorn Industry:

Americans consume 16 billion quarts of popped popcorn annually or 54 quarts per man, woman and child. It is one of the most wholesome and economical foods available.

Approximately 70 percent is eaten in the home (home popped and pre-popped) and about 30 percent outside the home (theaters, stadiums, schools, etc.). Unpopped popcorn accounts for approximately 90 percent of sales for home consumption.

Major popcorn producing states are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and Ohio.

The peak period for popcorn sales is the fall. Sales remain fairly high throughout the winter months then taper off during the spring and summer. Popcorn is a popular snack with all age groups.

Popcorn Abroad 
Most of the popcorn consumed throughout the world is grown in the United States. Although world-wide sales of popcorn are steadily increasing, Americans consume more popcorn than the citizens of any other country.

  • Popcorn contains fiber, providing roughage the body needs in the daily diet.
  • Popcorn is low in calories -- only 31-55 calories in one cup of unbuttered, and when lightly buttered, one cup still only has 133 calories.
  • Popcorn has no artificial additives or preservatives, and is sugar-free.
  • Popcorn contains energy-producing carbohydrates.
  • Popcorn is ideal for between meal snacking since it satisfies and doesn't spoil an appetite.

The Company expects to introduce its second product, a hot nuts vender called GO NUTS, in 2010. POP N GO is developing a flat screen video display to allow advertisers access to POP N GO's expanding audience. Advertising income will provide another revenue source for machine owners and the Company. POP N GO is uniquely positioned in the rapidly growing MTO (made to order) foodservice market. The combination of freshly cooked popcorn and a highly visible entertaining vender sets POP N GO apart from traditional vending machines and allows its placement in many diverse environments such as schools, chain retailers, hospitals and offices.


Demand for POP N GO machines has exploded in the school market as legislation requiring the removal of junk food has been passed. Pop N Go machines replace a lost revenue stream for schools while delivering a healthy whole grain snack that students and faculty enjoy. POP N GO has a proven worldwide appeal with machines exported to Canada, Mexico, Australia, England and other countries around the globe. Domestically, POP N GO has installed machines in a wide variety of locations

including McCarran International Airport, shopping malls, bowling alleys, military bases, hospitals, convenience stores and public schools. Many of the installations are installed under POP N GO's popular revenue sharing program that allows POP N GO and machine owners to share in the revenue produced by each machine and retain ownership of the asset.


Pop N Go's completely self-contained vending machine occupies a 24" x 24" space, and can fill a 46 ounce cup on demand with fresh, hot popcorn for each customer while allowing the customer to watch the popping process. Pop N Go's colorful exhibit includes a moving color LED display, neon lights, and big windows through which the popping process can be viewed. The combination of freshly cooked popcorn and a highly visible and entertaining display makes it attractive in diverse retail environments such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, convenience stores, bowling alleys, bars, military bases, shopping malls and gas stations, to name a few.


The many benefits of Pop N Go products include:

  • Profitability  :  Realize an 80% gross profit margin per entertaining vending machine (popcorn is the
       highest profit margin product in the Vending Industry)
  • Affordability  Enjoy a minimal investment
  • Ease-of-Use  Pop N Go Self-Serve products are fun and simple to operate
  • Reliability  Take comfort in owning a vending machine with a dependable dispensing system with consistent, high-quality output .

Hot Air Popcorn Vending Machines Pop N Go's patented hot air popcorn machines deliver single servings of fresh hot popcorn that meet  today's insatiable demand for nutritious snacks. The unique, self-contained vending equipment from Pop N Go provides fresh popcorn for each customer while enabling the customer to watch the entire popping process. Pop N Go vending machines are sized to fit almost anywhere (2' x 2'), and can be used as a stand-alone vending machine or in a manual mode for traditional food service applications. 

Important Design Components: 

·  Interactive & entertaining vending machine - customers can watch and smell popcorn as it's popping 
·  Eye-catching neon lighting, appearance & shape 
·  Unit can be operated at locations of varying degrees of supervision & AC input power 
·  Capable of delivering 100 vends without refill 
·  Popping cycle is computer controlled to guarantee a perfect cup of popcorn regardless of AC power voltage 
·  Fully programmable system parameters - cook time, temperature and butter dispenser 
·  Computerized Audit System allows for easy access to machine vend history 
·  All subsystems can be easily removed for cleaning & maintenance 
·  Hot air popped - no cooking oils 

·  LED message panel attracts customers
   - Instructs customer on use of vending machine
   - Provides countdown during pop cycle
   - Provides operator control feedback 

·  Internal butter applicator - consumer optional 
·  Dispenses large 46 ounce cup of popcorn 
·  Lightweight - approximately 130 lbs 
·  Countertop or Floor Model 
·  85% gross profit margin


Important Pop N Go Facts

  • Kids love the fresh, healthy popcorn produced by Pop N Go vending machines. Long known for its health and nutrition benefits, popcorn is a key nutritional focus of schools in the U.S., which have started a program to provide "healthy" vending machines, versus the typical soda, salty snacks, and candy items.
  • The National Cancer Institute (NCI), the federal government's cancer prevention agency, suggests fiber in the diet to reduce the risk of some forms of cancer. The agency currently distributes two booklets that name popcorn as a food of which Americans should eat more.
  • The American Dental Association includes popcorn on its list of recommended sugar-free snacks.
  • The American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association permit popcorn as a bread exchange on weight-control diets.
  • Pop N Go installed at no charge to the school
  • Turn key revenue sharing programs available.




Melvin Wyman, President, CEO, CFO, Secretary

Phone: (562945-9351 ...





Transfer Agent:  http://www.continentalstock.com/
uthorized: 3.5 Billion
No other share info available

Patent:   http://www.wipo.int/patentscope/search/en/WO1999023895

 News:  http://www.marketwire.com/AdvancedSearch/AdvancedSearchResults.aspx?sid=9c2261b5-669c-4204-a753-e4b1d8c7bc2c

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