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Kinda. Didn't expect that they were Elkay11 03/11/22 12:11 PM
Vegas Conmen lol - in Vegas... surprised? Drugdoctor 03/10/22 9:28 PM
Yo Toxic, check the board for a January Elkay11 03/10/22 9:17 PM
Is it coming up on 10 years already.... Elkay11 03/10/22 9:14 PM
PNTV & GLFI Shareholder Report (1/20/22): NANOHUB 01/26/22 11:57 PM
I'm just a messenger with info and tickers dealerschool2006 01/26/22 8:57 PM
Is this play dead or can it be Green Leaf Smoker 01/26/22 8:00 PM
dunno what you mean... dealerschool2006 01/26/22 7:50 PM
Any activity going on w/ the Boyz? Green Leaf Smoker 01/26/22 7:45 PM
Good info. Thanks for posting the links. Renee 01/20/22 1:26 AM
$PNTV ht dealerschool2006 01/19/22 9:50 PM
I wonder what the boys are doing? Miro Slovnik 08/11/21 9:20 PM
This was a scam for decades. It was Toxic Avenger 03/29/21 9:27 PM
This seems like good news! Now all we ShadowCopper 02/11/21 12:11 AM
What was her name? NosajEwad 02/08/21 5:16 PM
Have you not contacted the SEC or anything? NosajEwad 02/08/21 5:03 PM
Straight from mouth of Mark Bradley. Elkay11 02/07/21 11:24 AM
I have a question. Where did you NosajEwad 02/07/21 11:10 AM
I recall a video in which they were NosajEwad 02/01/21 5:09 PM
Shareholder update 01-29-21 D_A_N_ 01/29/21 8:54 AM
LOL, another one bites the dust. Toxic Avenger 01/27/21 4:29 PM
What a mess. I think they can move Djdjdjdj 12/19/20 11:32 PM
Mark Bradley and Brett Poojunas should be in Elkay11 12/19/20 8:02 PM
Well time will tell. As far as rose FasterEddy 12/18/20 12:38 PM
No misleading going on, just those that value Green Leaf Smoker 12/17/20 10:20 PM
That may be some point in time. FasterEddy 12/17/20 8:40 AM
Your shares are wall paper.... lol Drugdoctor 12/17/20 8:37 AM
Ummm I still have shares? It is a FasterEddy 12/17/20 8:35 AM
Incredible... He still thinks he is a public Drugdoctor 12/16/20 10:02 PM microcappatty 12/16/20 12:01 PM
I am not liking this news one bit. Navy Chief1 12/14/20 3:39 PM
How pitiful is that? He didn't CHOOSE Drugdoctor 12/13/20 10:32 AM
Shareholder update 12-10-20 DUMBnEASY 12/11/20 1:07 PM
Argentina hemp news: NANOHUB 11/02/20 3:59 PM
How ya lookin now, o'le wise one? He Green Leaf Smoker 10/06/20 10:19 AM
SCUMMERS Djdjdjdj 10/05/20 2:40 PM
The Respondent filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding Green Leaf Smoker 10/01/20 4:35 AM
$PNTV registration revoked, tsk tsk tsk.... The only TheRealMrPirate 09/30/20 7:31 PM
The Securities and Exchange Commission (“Commission”) deems it lucky, mydog 09/30/20 9:41 AM
PNTV registration revoked: Renee 09/30/20 9:36 AM
Sigh.... yup! It's just an insult to Drugdoctor 09/21/20 9:38 PM
I knew he would blame the accountant, how Nelly 15 09/21/20 8:12 PM
Crazy, he even typo’d his name... LOL I Dspetry 09/21/20 7:41 PM
Mark wrote it of course... He lives in Drugdoctor 09/21/20 4:06 PM
Whomever wrote that PR doesnt know what they elkonig 09/21/20 3:52 PM
The responsibility lies on the shoulders of the Botley46 09/21/20 3:39 PM
Per CEO Green Leaf Smoker 09/21/20 2:36 PM
Green Leaf Smoker 09/21/20 2:35 PM
INVESTORS have lost at least 95%, or more, Drugdoctor 09/21/20 2:21 PM
Yes - it's not Mark's fault... It's those Drugdoctor 09/21/20 2:15 PM
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Players Network Inc. (fka PNTV)

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WeedTV.Com is a niche social network and lifestyle channel destination for the marijuana industry. They are developing the “go-to” source for information, entertainment, products and services for people who relate to the marijuana lifestyle and an active social community. features daily stories sourced by correspondents and contributors from around the world.

Programming includes, political news, business news on the industry, financial analysis from industry experts, growing tips, cooking tips, the “Weed101” section, medical applications/issues, lifestyle features, and entertainment specials.’s first original series is titled “High Stakes.” High Stakes was developed by Michael Berk, the company’s Chief Creative Officer and creator of one of the most popular cable series of all time, Baywatch. High Stakes is docu-series that follows the team at Green Leaf Farms as they build their facility and launch their marijuana business.

By leveraging media, builds long-term brand equity and connects consumers to businesses. This is accomplished through fresh and relevant content such as professionally produced branded television segments, user-generated videos, blogs, editorials, tweets (twitter), photos, special offers, events and custom-designed contests to engage both consumers and businesses with their brands and services.

The initial launch strategy is to broadcast Live videos. Built into the WeedTV software are tools to help content creators maximize their reach for “Going Live.” Currently, most social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter/periscope prioritize Live content and encourage their members to “Go Live.” They reward their members who Go Live by distributing the Live content to a larger audience thus leading to more viewers.




Marijuana Accelerator is an ecosystem for the marijuana industry designed to connect entrepreneurs and investors to our network and develop partnerships. Marijuana Accelerator’s mission is to “identify and develop ventures in the marijuana industry.

PNTV acquired and further developed it to launch Marijuana Accelerator. The main purpose of Marijuana Accelerator for PNTV is to identify resources to further PNTV’s businesses as well as identify new acquisition targets. Specifically, PNTV will utilize Marijuana Accelerator to achieve the following:

Identify Companies, Entrepreneurs, and Ideas. This will be a fantastic source for our own deal flow. We published our plan to identify seed to sale ventures (cultivation, production, and dispensaries) in target states as well as technology ventures.
Continue to Build our Network. We hope to identify partners and potential joint ventures to enhance the distribution of our products and services.
Identify Investors and Investment Groups. In addition to investing our own capital, PNTV would like to identify other strategic investment groups to invest with us.
Identify Leaders. Identify leaders, advisors, officers and directors to place in our portfolio companies as well as PNTV.

New ideas are what drives us and we are always on the lookout for ideas we can get behind. Marijuana Accelerator is used to identify ventures focused on seed to sale solutions and new technology.

We like to partner at the earliest stage, however, we are open to all stages of a company.

Company Information:

Founded January 2017
Marijuana Accelerator is a division of Player’s Network
Authorized Shares:               1,200,000,000

Shares Outstanding:

12-31-2016  524,394,239

10-1-2017    568,209,581

3-15-2018    588,247,236

5-31-2018    598,881,060



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