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Share Structure
Authorized: 500,000,000 (as of March 31, 2012)
Oustanding: 283,402,805 (as of March 31, 2012)
Float: 39,747,514 (as of March 31, 2012)

2011 Revenue:
$3,126,708 (unsubstantiated)
2012 Revenue: $13 Million+ (unsubstaniated)


Transfer Agent: Signature Stock Transfer


The Company


Perla Group International Inc, (PERL:PK). is an emerging leader in the international military, police and security solutions sectors. It was established with the vision to become the industry's leading turnkey solutions developer and services provider. Perla Group's success is built on a combination of the trust, backing and support of top industry specialists and a talented team's unwavering commitment to service excellence. With its four divisions; Perla Aviation, Perla Armored Cars and Perla K-9 Services, it places Perla Group in a unique position to service many of its existing clients with value added services and attract key new clients.

The company was founded in 2007 by entrepreneur, Charles D'Alberto, after having established himself in the market with a reputation of being first to market with innovative, "best of breed" products and services.

Perla International Group is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with regional offices in Dubai, UAE, and Kabul, Afghanistan and plans for offices to be established in Melbourne, Australia, and Lagos, Nigeria early in 2011.

Perla Telecoms Group has positioned itself as a total 'turnkey' solutions developer and provider. It will remain independent as to have the ability to work with many leading services providers in the industry from large Telcos to small SMEs, network integrators, military customers and any company, wanting a specialist solution or product.

Perla Aviation - primarily in the Middle East, the division provides a host of aviation services include charters, sales and leasing of aircraft; aircraft repair and maintenance. Perla Aviation is the exclusive distributor for the AK1-3 helicopter known industry wide as the finest two seat helicopter available.

Perla Armored Cars -This entity specializes in armored VIP Mercedes Benz, as well as 4 x 4s, APCs, Cash in Transit, Buses and ATVs. The division has recently secured direct supply contracts with the US military, and it has plans to expand rapidly with a view to investing in manufacturing facilities in both the Middle East and the USA.

Perla K-9 Services - Through the world renowned Von Forell facilities in Melbourne, Australia Perla offers the finest breed dogs trained under the best in the industry. Perla K-9 services are utilized by law enforcement and as detection dogs. They conduct training seminars as well as tactical, anti-terrorism and security training services.

Veloce - our first division primarily aimed at the Retail and consumer markets. Being the manufacturer and controlling the distribution process right down to customer level, gives Veloce a leading edge in this ever growing business sector.


Board of Directors


Charles S. D'Alberto, CEO/Founder
An experienced, highly respected figure within the burgeoning, fast-paced satellite telecommunications industry. In 2002, Charles employed his in-depth knowledge of satellite technology, weaved it into a workable business model and raised the capital for its implementation in the Middle East market. The enormous resultant success inevitably led to an increase in competition as people began to understand the current and future applications of satellite technology and its application in the marketplace.

Charles has continued to lead through a willingness to take calculated risks and his insatiable appetite for innovation. His passion and success particularly in 'start ups' have paved the way for Perla Group International. Perla Group's success is built on a combination of the trust, backing and support of top industry specialists and a talented team's unwavering commitment to service excellence. More about Charles D'Alberto.




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