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Reasons for investing, and for my original optimisim. FUNMAN 03/05/11 9:19 AM
Nice. Thx 90 West 08/17/22 2:49 PM
Up and running. postal72 08/17/22 2:46 PM
If you do a board search for oig 90 West 08/17/22 1:46 PM
I’ve asked admin awhile ago and still nothing. postal72 08/17/22 1:44 PM
Someone needs to create a new board. 90 West 08/17/22 12:20 PM
Ddd pauljack13 08/10/22 12:26 PM
Not sure. Haven’t checked in a little bit been sick… Benwahsauce 08/01/22 2:03 PM
Is there a new board or will they 90 West 08/01/22 11:41 AM
TICKER CHANGED TO OIC Benwahsauce 08/01/22 10:47 AM
You still rollin Nature Boy? Porterhouse10 07/27/22 11:11 AM
Technicals Benwahsauce 07/15/22 2:33 PM
What happened? Porterhouse10 07/15/22 2:22 PM
Bottom of channel Looking for swing then maybe a Benwahsauce 07/15/22 12:14 PM
The CEO is saying OMG instead of OEG spshond 07/14/22 11:52 PM
Swing coming Benwahsauce 07/14/22 10:54 AM
Let's breathe this back to life...telecommunication should be DarthYoshi!! 07/01/22 11:13 AM
Looking for it to trade sideways a bit Porterhouse10 06/30/22 5:34 PM
Every week there is a new bottom!! Pain spshond 06/29/22 2:59 PM
Have to say this may become a bottom Porterhouse10 06/29/22 12:08 PM
I’ll take some more. Doesn’t matter to me as Benwahsauce 06/29/22 11:49 AM
Down another 5.2% Porterhouse10 06/29/22 10:44 AM
I still think this is a steal. $3 was Benwahsauce 06/28/22 2:53 PM
Yup, we agree on that. ATLdoogie 06/28/22 12:01 PM
By November this will be big. Gotta be in Benwahsauce 06/28/22 11:54 AM
Dropping below 52wk lows Porterhouse10 06/28/22 11:16 AM
Wow this stock has definitely gone dormant, nothing spshond 06/22/22 3:07 PM
Really….. Just read Biden’s posts on Twitter. May we never Benwahsauce 06/21/22 6:01 PM
Just wow. I don't believe I've ever ATLdoogie 06/21/22 2:38 PM
Lmfao. Dude if the planet wants us gone. Benwahsauce 06/21/22 11:12 AM
Maybe it was all that hairspray that ruined peteypickem 06/20/22 9:21 PM
Really?….. Benwahsauce 06/14/22 9:02 AM
LOL......Target is having big sales. ATLdoogie 06/13/22 5:13 PM
Panic is not an answer. Greetings from Walmart. vjb2 06/13/22 4:08 PM
Turn off fake news it all goes away. 90 West 06/13/22 3:53 PM
So the oceans are warming, coral reefs dying, ATLdoogie 06/13/22 2:59 PM
And Al Gore is a F'n lier. Theres that. 90 West 06/13/22 1:56 PM
The ten most polluting cities aren't even in vjb2 06/13/22 1:45 PM
Summers are six months long now and you ATLdoogie 06/13/22 1:21 PM
I like anything under $2 bucks. Honest. I’m Benwahsauce 06/13/22 12:30 PM
How many more buy zones will there be 90 West 06/13/22 11:53 AM
Buy zone for me Benwahsauce 06/13/22 11:19 AM
I miss da burbs and melting pot Benwahsauce 05/27/22 3:45 PM
Dude my only life outside of work is Benwahsauce 05/20/22 5:50 PM
Balls deep bud!! Trying to sell as many garage Jaxon2010 05/20/22 8:22 AM
How’s my buddy doing? Will he be Benwahsauce 05/19/22 3:59 PM
Kinda!! Lol Jaxon2010 05/19/22 8:43 AM
Wish I could join in on all this 90 West 05/18/22 12:35 PM
He’s alive! Benwahsauce 05/18/22 10:04 AM
(-; Jaxon2010 05/18/22 7:38 AM
Back in da day Jaxx and I would Golf4Food 05/18/22 12:03 AM
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Orbital Energy Group (OEG)

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CUI Global is a publicly traded holding company dedicated to maximizing shareholder value through the acquisition and development of innovative companies and technologies. From its GasPT2 platform targeting the energy sector, to its subsidiary CUI Inc's industry leading digital power platform targeting the networking and telecom industries, CUI Global has built a diversified portfolio of industry leading technologies that touch many markets. As a publicly traded company, shareholders are able to participate in the opportunities, revenues, and profits generated by the products, technologies, market channels of CUI Global and its subsidiaries. We pride ourselves on operating with the same level of integrity, respect, and philanthropic dedication that was put in place by CUI Inc’s founder more than 20 years ago. It is these values that allow us to make a difference in the lives of our customers, our community, our employees, and our investors. Recently, a move was made to merge and streamline resources with its subsidiary CUI Inc in order to create a unified, international brand that now positions CUI Global for further strategic expansion.  


Subsidiaries:  and


CUI Global is dedicated to developing the infrastructure, expertise and platform necessary to acquire, develop and commercialize new technologies. Following are innovations that are scheduled to go to market in the coming year.


GasPT2, designed by GL Industrial Services (“GL”) and recently licensed worldwide and exclusively to CUI Global, is a low cost solution to measuring gas quality. It can be connected to a natural gas system to provide a fast, accurate, close to real time measurement of the gas physical properties, such as thermal conductivity, speed of sound and carbon dioxide content. From these measurements it infers an effective gas mixture comprising four components: methane, propane, nitrogen, and measured carbon dioxide and then uses ISO6976 to calculate the gas quality characteristics of calorific value (CV), Wobbe index (WI), relative density (RD), and compression factor (Z).

WayCool Technology

Thanks to the advanced capability of its architecture, WayCool™ technology delivered the industry’s first in system 400 Watt CPU cooler vs. typical 300 Watt results. Tests of the technology in an industry CPU cooler solution demonstrate the successful management of the thermal energy from as much as a 400 Watt heat source. The fully self-contained, hermetically-sealed liquid cooling device combines the efficiency of liquid cooling with the safety and convenience of air cooling.

WayFast Technology

WayFast™ 3D packaging technology includes layers of woven meshes in direct contact with semiconductor chip surfaces. The meshes may be made with electrical power delivery and/or wire line communications in one or two axis options and an optional short distance parallel optical fiber communications in the opposite axis. This allows high speed power management and data communications at enormously increased rates.



Press Releases can be found here
or here


Investor Relations

CUI strives to increase shareholder value through an uncompromising commitment to our customers, market partners, employees, and community. Furthermore, we are dedicated to financial responsibility in reporting, record keeping, accounting practices, and auditing. We seek sustainable continued corporate growth through technology and company acquisitions where a strategic fit exists. Ultimately, we understand that success comes through the creation of collaborative relationships with our customers and partners.


If you require additional information, please contact us:



 Company Information

Common stock :

325,000,000 shares authorized

169,837,626 shares issued and outstanding at September 30, 2010


20050 SW 112th Ave., Tualatin, OR 97062

Phone and Fax

Toll Free: (800) 275.4899
Local: (503) 612.2300
Fax: (503) 612.2385

Management Team








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