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OncoVista Innovative Therapies, Inc. (OVIT) 


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Company Information:

OncoVista Innovative Therapies, Inc.
14785 Omicron Drive
Suite 104
San Antonio,, TX 78245

Phone: 210-677-6000


CIK:  0001094847

The latest 10Q can be found here:

Link to clinical trials register: 

Neither of the two cordycepin studies registered with has been updated for over two years, which is a breach of registration conditions.



OncoVista Innovative Therapies, Inc., is a bio-pharmaceutical company that claims to be dedicated to providing innovative, safe and efficacious treatments for cancer through the use of biomarkers in order to extend and improve the quality of life for patients.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, OncoVista was incorporated in 2004 and says it utilizes state-of-the-art drug discovery technologies, innovative clinical development and registration strategies as well as emerging technologies to bring to market new, safe and highly effective anti-cancer drugs. Although no such drugs have yet been brought to market, and the "incubator" behind Onco Vista, Technology Innovations, LLC, has a long and inglorious history of transferring monies from its publicly held spin-offs such as Biophan and Natural Nano into private hands.





Claims made by Onco Vista regarding its Core Capabilities for Accelerated Drug Development

Lipitek International
Well-equipped research labs for chemical synthesis and biological evaluations; GMP manufacturing suite

UT Health Science Center (Prof. Luduena)
Biological evaluation and testing of new anti-mitotics, including tubulin isotype-specific assays

University of Alberta (Prof. Tuszynski)
Molecular modeling, computer simulation of new molecules, molecule design and in silico screening

AAI Oncology (Paris)
Global oncology-focused clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO)

Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC)/Institute for Drug Development (IDD)
In vitro and in vivo capabilities; Phase I/II clinical trials

Other Local Resources (nothing to do with Onco Vista per se: probably included here to give an impression of referred respectability).
Southwest Oncology Group
Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research




Press Releases:









News from AdnaGen site, which is majority owned by OVIT


OVIT used to own 78% of the issued and outstanding shares of AdnaGen*


* On November 2, 2010, OncoVista Innovative Therapies, Inc. (the "Company") entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement with Alere Holdings Bermuda Limited Canon's Court ("Alere Holdings"), whereby the Company sold all of its shares, representing approximately 78.01% of the total issued and outstanding shares, of its majority-owned German operating subsidiary AdnaGen AG ("AdnaGen").   Under the terms of the Stock Purchase Agreement, the Company and the other AdnaGen shareholders agreed to sell their respective shares of AdnaGen, and all AdnaGen related business assets, to Alere Holdings in consideration of: (i) a $10,000,000 up-front;  (ii) $10,000,000 in potential milestone payments contingent upon the achievement of various balance sheet objectives within 24 months; and (iii) up to $63,000,000 in potential milestone payments contingent upon the achievement of various clinical, regulatory and sales objectives within 36 months (collectively, the "Consideration").  The Company is entitled to receive its pro rata portion of approximately 78.01% of all Consideration.






Share Structure:

Authorized Shares

147,397,390 as of September 30, 2011


Outstanding Shares

21,370,725 as of September 30, 2011











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