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OmniShrimp, Inc. (OTCBB: OMSH)
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Shrimp is a well-known and globally-consumed commodity, constituting one of the most important types of seafood and a staple protein source for much of the world.  According to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, the world consumes approximately 9.5 billion pounds of shrimp annually. Approximately 65% of the global supply of shrimp is caught by ocean trawlers and the other 35% is produced by open-air shrimp farms, mostly in developing countries.
Of the over 1.7 billion pounds consumed in the United States alone, 1.3 billion pounds were from imported sources.   The two largest exporting countries are Indonesia and India, which both export over 250 million pounds each.
Demand for shrimp has been increasing globally and is expected to continue to do so. According to James Anderson, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems, production for shrimp should increase at an annual growth rate of 7.7% through 2017. Between 2011 and 2013, shrimp production declined 14% due to EMS which lead to astronomical increases in the price of all forms of shrimp. However, even with greater production since 2011, shrimp prices have remained fairly high due to tremendous demand for the product.
The leading competitor to shrimp is tilapia. Tilapia is a similar seafood product which provides a comparable taste. However, according to, many tilapia producers have switched to raising shrimp given the strong price levels of shrimp, but may switch back to tilapia in the future. Other sources of shellfish, such as lobster and crab also provide competition to shrimp.
Trends in Shrimping
Shrimp boats, catch shrimp through the use of large, boat-towed nets.   However, the world’s oceans can only supply a finite amount of shrimp each year, which somewhat limits yields Shrimp farming, known in the industry as “aquaculture,” has ostensibly stepped in to fill this demand/supply imbalance.  Shrimp farming is typically done in open-air lagoons and man-made shrimp ponds connected to the open ocean.  Because these ponds constantly exchange water with the adjacent sea, the farmers are able to maintain the water chemistry that allows the shrimp to prosper.  However, this method of cultivating shrimp also carries severe ecological peril.  First of all, most shrimp farming is primarily conducted in developing countries, where poor shrimp farmers have little regard for the global ecosystem.  Because of this, these farmers use large quantities of antibiotics and other chemicals that maximize each farm’s chance of producing a crop, putting the entire system at risk.  For example, a viral infection that crops up in one farm can spread to all nearby farms, quite literally wiping out an entire region’s production.  In 1999, the White Spot virus invaded shrimp farms in at least five Latin American countries: Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama and Ecuador and in 2013-14 EMS (Early Mortality Syndrome) wiped out most of the Asia Pacific region and Mexico.  Secondly, there is also a finite amount of coastline that can be used for shrimp production – eventually shrimp farms that are dependent on the open ocean will have nowhere to expand.  Again, this is an ecologically damaging and ultimately unsustainable system for producing shrimp.
We believe the ecological benefits of responsible shrimp trawling so as not to deplete shrimp beds to extinction outweigh aquaculture. Global demand has the potential of outstripping the oceans’ ability to maintain the natural ecosystem’s balance, resulting in a permanent decline in yields.
Key West Pink Shrimp
Omni Shrimp’s focus is on Key West Shrimp also called “Pinks”. Key West Pinks are the highest of quality and best tasting of all shrimp species available.
We pride ourselves on domestic wild caught shrimp which are free of Phosphates and other unhealthy additives.
These Wild Caught shrimp are harvested from the crystal clear waters of Dry Tortugas to Tarpon Springs, Florida. Seasonality of the Key West Pink Shrimp is typically November through June. With their sweet and mild flavor, they can be enjoyed as peel and eat shrimp or incorporated easily into any other recipe.
Like most shrimp that turn pink after cooking, Key West Pink Shrimp are a beautiful pink color and turn opaque after cooking. The shell color is indicative of the species and the environment in which they live. Key West Pink Shrimp live in the clean coral sand off the west coast of Florida which contributes to the pink shell color as well as the sweet taste. Key West Pink Shrimp are not only unique in color but can also be identified by the red dot on the shell.
Nearly 85 percent of the pink shrimp harvested in the United States comes from the west coast of Florida. Prized for their sweet, tender meat, pink shrimp are caught fresh year-round, but are more abundant during winter months.
Florida “Pinks” or Gulf Shrimp as they are sometimes called can reach 11 inches and can live up to 24 months.
Ship to Shore
Our fishermen catch the Pinks then immediately place them in on-board freezers to assure the highest quality is maintained.
Upon returning to the dock, the shrimp are kept frozen and shipped in a frozen container to our main processing facility, Gulf Crown Seafood Company located in Louisiana.
Processing & Distribution
Gulf Crown has taken every precaution to make sure you are getting the freshest shrimp available and has invested heavily in modernization and quality control to stay on the technological edge. The process starts the moment the boats leave the docks and begin to fish the Gulf of Mexico. The harvested shrimp are taken back to the docks, unloaded into refrigerated trucks and delivered to the plant for processing.
During the processing phase, the shrimp pass through several stages from sorting to peeling and are graded to size before being packaged and ready for shipping. Their cold storage space is maintained by a computerized thermostat insuring that the product stays at a constant temperature guaranteeing your shrimp stay fresh.
Thanks to Gulf Crown Seafood’s state of the art processing equipment, shrimp can go from the gulf waters to your dinner table within 2-3 days. Their
refrigerated reefer trucks make sure to maintain the quality of the shrimp as they deliver shrimp from Delcambre, La to its final destination all over the US.

Gulf Crown has the capabilities to process over 200,000 lbs. of shrimp per day and has become one of the largest SQF and USDC certified processing plants on the Gulf Coast.

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