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OTC Penny Stock Paradise

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OTC Penny Stock Paradise

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If you or your group has a play that you want to post here ..... ALL ARE WELCOMED TO DO SO!  Please post your play so other traders can see and do their DD about it.

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Please respect all posters here ..... we are ALL here to share information to make money!  Any posts that is considered a personal attack against anyone will be removed and that poster will be banned from this board!

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Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp. is a Colorado-based financial technology company focused on providing our clients with financial services designed for the greater good. We harness blockchain technology to provide secure, real-time, peer-to-peer payment systems. Our growing product line has web and mobile apps, including credit and debit products for fiat and cryptocurrency markets.

With dozens of enterprise clients and growing in the consumer sector, Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp. continues to execute on its vision of becoming the financial brand for the next generation of blockchain technologies.

BitPass App


The BitPass app is a token marketplace where people can buy and sell digital assets peer-to-peer. This revolutionary app moves closer to decentralized exchanges by creating a place for you to be in control of your cryptocurrencies and to own your private keys. 

We set out to make it easier to buy a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Right now, the process is incredibly long and frustrating: you need to set up multiple accounts, wait for multiple verifications, wait to get approved, lose money on transaction fees due to costly transfers between accounts, and on top of that, you also need to be an expert in “pair trading”. We don’t think it should be this hard.

Our team of experienced blockchain engineers has designed an easy solution so that even your grandmother can buy a diversified bundle at the click of a button.

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BitPass is available on Google Play Markets and the Apple App Store

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Outstanding Shares



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Image result for DisclaimerAlways do your complete DD before you buy/invest into any stock.  Always use funds that you are                    WILLING TO LOSE and KNOW YOUR RISKALWAYS PROTECT PROFITS!
#203  Sticky Note $CRBTF *** LOW FLOAT BEAST!! *** $CRBTF is Papa Bear 06/23/19 10:26:33 AM
#61  Sticky Note EVCC...200M A/S! (around a 19M float) New President $b_rich$ 06/09/19 06:50:35 PM
#42  Sticky Note Board followers at 9. Not bad after Papa Bear 06/09/19 11:27:43 AM
#235   $MJLB Products >> http://ultrack.ca/en-US/Products.aspx BCNstocks 01/14/21 12:57:33 PM
#234   $HOILF ~ On December 31st Hunter Technology announced BCNstocks 01/08/21 12:11:16 PM
#233   EVCC looks to be bottoming Papa Bear...any significant $b_rich$ 08/07/19 11:49:38 AM
#232   Wanna get rich ? I normally don’t throw winnotlose 07/19/19 07:40:30 AM
#231   $TMGI-SEVERELY UNDERVALUED....149 MILL TO 200 MILL FLOAT = OTCKING2021 07/12/19 10:50:32 AM
#230   $TMGI----https://simplywhim.com/ 0005 gift of decade...buy/hold/prosper OTCKING2021 07/08/19 10:34:01 AM
#229   $RLBD..People are talking about Real Brands!>>>https://nysenewsanalyst.com/2019/ Bruce the Stock Guy 07/08/19 08:09:42 AM
#228   https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=148033284 OTCKING2021 07/05/19 10:38:50 PM
#227   ;-) TOUCAN 07/03/19 03:05:04 PM
#226   Thank you my friend and welcome! Papa Bear 07/03/19 03:01:32 PM
#225   nice board Papa... TOUCAN 07/03/19 02:57:36 PM
#224   Good morning to all! Happy Wednesday Papa Bear 07/03/19 07:58:37 AM
#223   It is awesome my friend! Checkout the Papa Bear 07/02/19 09:01:36 AM
#222   $CRBTF Check out the information about this GREAT Papa Bear 07/02/19 08:59:09 AM
#221   Is this good or bad rezivor321 07/02/19 08:56:44 AM
#220   $CRBTF $1.1M in revs $166K debt Papa Bear 07/02/19 08:54:02 AM
#219   $CRBTF 48M Float OTCQB CRYPTO! Papa Bear 07/02/19 08:53:12 AM
#218   Good morning to all Papa Bear 07/02/19 08:50:27 AM
#217   $WMTM Papa Bear 07/02/19 08:50:01 AM
#216   #DDAmanda Chart on: $WMTM WMTM #WMTM : Zardiw 07/02/19 08:48:35 AM
#215   Hi Papa Bear. TSOI is the real McCoy subslover 06/30/19 06:04:15 PM
#214   Thanks O. carlson 06/26/19 11:42:53 PM
#213   LOAD CUBV (.0004) TARGET IS .015 oilin07 06/26/19 06:55:55 PM
#212   $CRBTF .051 GOING! 48M FLOAT HERE Papa Bear 06/25/19 11:54:40 AM
#211   $TMGI---..buy/HOLD/prosper to 005-01 OTCKING2021 06/25/19 10:13:41 AM
#210   $tmgi--0008 ask market cap there is 64,000 bux OTCKING2021 06/24/19 01:13:21 PM
#209   With a float of 6M shares TRBO can WinningPennyStocks 06/24/19 06:58:25 AM
#208   ABSOLUTELY amazing! $TMGI Papa Bear 06/23/19 10:44:22 PM
#207   if floats still only 79 mill as of OTCKING2021 06/23/19 10:33:30 PM
#206   $TRBO on major watch alert for a bottom WinningPennyStocks 06/23/19 10:31:59 PM
#205   MC of only $120K ..... DAMN!!! Talk Papa Bear 06/23/19 10:29:09 PM
#204   $TMGI---ON DEC 14 2018 TMGI MARKET CAP WAS OTCKING2021 06/23/19 10:22:54 PM
#203   $CRBTF *** LOW FLOAT BEAST!! *** $CRBTF is Papa Bear 06/23/19 10:26:33 AM
#202   $CLCI ~~~> *** BOUNCE ALERT! *** .27 Papa Bear 06/21/19 08:58:46 AM
#201   DDAmanda® Chart on: $AMRN AMRN #AMRN : Zardiw 06/20/19 08:31:22 AM
#200   $CLCI ** Clic Technologies ** 29M FLOAT/CRYPTO/CBD https://t.co/yldifXu9Be Papa Bear 06/19/19 10:54:10 PM
#199   $CLCI *** OVERSOLD ALERT!! *** .758/29M FLOAT/CRYPTO/CBD Checkout Papa Bear 06/19/19 01:20:03 PM
#198   $CLCI .705 now! Buying pressure coming back! Papa Bear 06/19/19 12:24:38 PM
#197   $TMGI Papa Bear 06/19/19 12:24:03 PM
#196   $TMGI-0008 MARKET CAP ONLY 160K....UNDERVALUED 5X OTCKING2021 06/19/19 11:23:23 AM
#195   $CLCI CLIC Technology, Opporty Team For Amazon Papa Bear 06/19/19 11:10:38 AM
#194   $CLCI ~ CLIC Technology to Offer Support for Papa Bear 06/19/19 11:09:16 AM
#193   $CLCI *** CRYPTO *** https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/03/12/17519 Papa Bear 06/19/19 11:07:12 AM
#192   $CLCI .69 from $2.70 on Monday! Papa Bear 06/19/19 11:05:58 AM
#191   $BLIS ~ *** 2K FLOAT *** Papa Bear 06/19/19 08:31:49 AM
#190   $BLIS Papa Bear 06/19/19 08:31:07 AM
#189   $EVCC ~ 19M FLOAT Papa Bear 06/19/19 08:30:04 AM
#188   $EVCC Papa Bear 06/19/19 08:29:23 AM
#187   $GMGI Papa Bear 06/19/19 08:29:11 AM
#186   $CLCI Papa Bear 06/19/19 08:28:42 AM
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