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OTC & Pink Forward Splits & RM's

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WELCOME TO THE FORWARD SPLITS & REVERSE MERGERS OTC & PINK STYLE Forward Splits are high-risk high-reward investments. They can be one of the best ways to make money in OTC and Pink Land or lose it. They are usually announced in news releases, filings or appear on the Daily List. Lots of times a small investment can become a nice windfall and sometimes you've picked a real loser. I have created this board so we can quickly and easily share info on upcoming Forward Splits and Reverse Mergers too. In addition you'll discover by actual examples what make some Forward Splits work and some fail. Most importantly - remember the name of the game is to make money and preserve your capital. Sell some when you have a profit. If you realize you've got a dog sell it. If you're undecided sometimes it's best to sell half. That way if you were right the second half rides and if you were wrong, you'll limit your losses. So...bring your Forward Split & RM plays here and let's Rock! Norms DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed on this board are just that. Opinions. I am not a licenced broker. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable for all investors. If you are losing money in the market, you may wish to seek the advice of a licenced securities professional. NO ONE is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk. Many of the stocks discussed here are high risk and some WILL decline in value. Some are very high risk, and you could potentially lose ALL OF YOUR INVESTMENT. I post here because I enjoy sharing my market experiences and strategies that have been succesful for me, but there is NO GUARANTEE that these strategies will be succesful in the future. Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market.
#2750   $FLES the new $MCGID ! Once the name change DansLoft225 04/26/19 10:03:16 AM
#2749   NICE!!! samplescave 04/25/19 12:21:54 PM
#2748   MCGID D Drops tom. LVL2 set up for parabolic DansLoft225 04/25/19 10:57:19 AM
#2747   I really hope I have a reason to samplescave 04/25/19 10:54:44 AM
#2746   Hmmmm.... Interesting Board here. I’m gonna bookmark this samplescave 04/25/19 08:25:51 AM
#2745   Thanks Pasha Trader 10/25/16 11:20:28 AM
#2744   Ah ok dan komt het in orde. Green Grit 10/25/16 11:11:49 AM
#2743   Nog niet. Het kan allemaal eventjes duren zeiden Pasha Trader 10/25/16 11:00:09 AM
#2742   Received your divy yet? Green Grit 10/25/16 10:55:46 AM
#2741   #MRNJ Pasha Trader 10/16/16 06:46:45 PM
#2740   #MRNJ Pasha Trader 10/16/16 06:46:38 PM
#2739   IDNG. Before I lose my rear end on Good2GoGo2 06/21/12 10:17:34 AM
#2738   Janice: It sure seems better than a R/S. daleb2130 06/13/12 04:46:22 PM
#2737   No, not a thing. I see that janice shell 06/13/12 04:42:58 PM
#2736   Janice: Do you know anything about this company? TIA daleb2130 06/13/12 04:33:00 PM
#2735   Dr. Robert J. Michet Appointed President & CEO Troy Lando 12/08/11 03:29:24 AM
#2734   !!AVOP MGRN. And now CDMA all did kevin911 10/13/11 07:46:17 PM
#2733   Anyone know if gtll is still doing there kevin911 10/13/11 07:34:32 PM
#2732   POTG didn't split today. At least one janice shell 08/11/11 03:44:56 PM
#2731   POTG just split today, made $2000 with just MrLingo 08/11/11 02:34:08 PM
#2730   If u guys look at the stock DIII, alertme 05/27/11 12:13:34 AM
#2729   TEMN just got authorized at nevada sos for inside guy 01/30/11 08:19:40 AM
#2728   me too deadjim 01/25/11 02:00:43 AM
#2727   like to see this active again.. V63 12/15/10 01:32:13 AM
#2725   Thanks. I like when its 85 to $hellKing 09/27/10 02:24:56 PM
#2724   I am glad you were able to revise 032798 09/27/10 02:17:50 PM
#2723   It could of gone up and probably will $hellKing 09/26/10 12:57:07 PM
#2722   Is the 6 mil o/s statement a fact 032798 09/26/10 12:42:30 PM
#2721   COUV (formerly INIA) Forward Split is bona fida ChangeDirector 09/24/10 12:48:22 AM
#2720   thanks, ill take a look Truman321 09/22/10 12:25:24 PM
#2719   DSPA .10x.15 6 mil OS shell just $hellKing 09/22/10 12:15:25 PM
#2718   COUV news today, f/s in 3 days, Inicia Truman321 09/22/10 08:40:39 AM
#2717   ASZP RM 8K out today. $hellKing 09/10/10 12:23:00 PM
#2716   INIA will be announcing ex date anyday now, inside guy 09/07/10 04:38:23 PM
#2715   INIX Current Share Structure as of 6/21/2010 wallymac 09/01/10 12:16:11 PM
#2714   INIA Inicia Incorporated Announces Specifics of Forward Split inside guy 08/30/10 11:19:03 AM
#2713   INIA will be announcing ex date for 10-1 inside guy 08/28/10 06:01:53 PM
#2712   HUGE! INIA News.. Just spoke to John Ahearn. inside guy 08/20/10 01:29:58 PM
#2711   INIA level 2 this morning, low float: ChangeDirector 08/19/10 10:36:37 AM
#2710   INIA closing today level 2 much improved and ChangeDirector 08/18/10 04:37:04 PM
#2709   I just made an INIA level 2 screenshot. ChangeDirector 08/17/10 03:16:33 PM
#2708   INIA moves like there is a 1m float. ClarkKant 08/17/10 01:53:01 PM
#2707   INIA 10-1 forward split (read pr from aug inside guy 08/17/10 01:11:13 PM
#2706   DVCO RM and 2.5 for 1 FS imminent. $hellKing 08/04/10 01:55:39 PM
#2705   ICNB 5 for 1 forward-split SEC approved. backtrax 08/03/10 03:43:01 PM
#2704   WCRM files form 8k, interesting revenue agreements http://sec.gov/Archives/edgar stock_MD 06/08/10 10:38:57 PM
#2703   KGRM 7 for 1 FS on the daily DFLY 04/15/10 01:37:21 PM
#2702   sweet bro its FS time!)) DFLY 04/07/10 01:24:07 PM
#2701   PBDH - Pay By The Day Holdings, Inc. THUMBS 04/07/10 01:21:11 PM
#2700   PBDH 10 for 1 FS..watchin closely.. DFLY 03/16/10 01:17:55 PM
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