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Throughout the ages, gold has served as a currency and an investment of choice around the world. History suggests that, over the long term, gold has held its relative economic value. Today, many financial analysts believe that gold serves as an important part of a balanced investment portfolio as an effective hedge against inflation, recession, financial market and paper currency volatility.

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Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are no guarantees.





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#420269   $TYME seems very promising https://www.onclive.com/web-exclusives/sm88-shows-promise-in-advanced-pan axelvento 05/22/19 01:11:06 AM
#420268   https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=obln big move a/h [SMART MONEY] 05/21/19 10:10:11 PM
#420267   $OBLN .95 back to A/Hs high here Mark 05/21/19 07:58:04 PM
#420266   $GHSI 1.70 in A/Hs, as I said everyone Mark 05/21/19 07:41:05 PM
#420265   ONCS, I will be watching to see how Mark 05/21/19 07:38:55 PM
#420264   $OBLN .89 in A/Hs and ramping here into Mark 05/21/19 07:37:56 PM
#420263   Great day for $GHSI. PatiencePaysOff79 05/21/19 06:32:20 PM
#420262   ONCS...R/S 1:10 effected today. Then they announced an novicetrader 05/21/19 06:06:26 PM
#420261   IMUX (old VTL) might finally be ready to JonesBur 05/21/19 04:09:35 PM
#420260   Hope everyone got a full belly under $2...cause vlispxpert 05/21/19 03:54:43 PM
#420259   GHSI-no shares left...running on fumes...lmao vlispxpert 05/21/19 03:53:12 PM
#420258   mmmm, that chart: vlispxpert 05/21/19 03:33:24 PM
#420257   TENX I've also got quite the number of JonesBur 05/21/19 03:04:28 PM
#420256   TK TEEKAY CORP merger soon. CHARLIE125 05/21/19 03:02:05 PM
#420255   No Pinks vlispxpert 05/21/19 01:27:17 PM
#420253   ZOM .60 target! vlispxpert 05/21/19 01:18:59 PM
#420252   $GHSI nice! holding a chunk here. Waiting. PatiencePaysOff79 05/21/19 01:04:37 PM
#420251   CANF...nice action this afternoon,should be close to 4 novicetrader 05/21/19 01:01:21 PM
#420250   $ZOM still holding some of this, nice move Mark 05/21/19 12:49:08 PM
#420249   $CANF decided to buy back in, like the Mark 05/21/19 12:48:01 PM
#420248   $DFFN 5.20 low float ticker moving Mark 05/21/19 12:46:20 PM
#420247   Whoah, ZOM looks real good plus nice news vlispxpert 05/21/19 12:41:23 PM
#420246   GHSI really is "when"..tick tock vlispxpert 05/21/19 12:36:32 PM
#420245   I loved loading TENX down here...got a fat position! vlispxpert 05/21/19 12:36:04 PM
#420244   ZOM also could be back on the upswing. JonesBur 05/21/19 12:34:43 PM
#420243   TENX reversing here JonesBur 05/21/19 12:33:59 PM
#420242   in May IWM puts vlispxpert 05/21/19 12:31:35 PM
#420241   $GHSI 1.59 chasers will come in over $2 Mark 05/21/19 12:25:56 PM
#420240   $CAPR .35 off bottom here Mark 05/21/19 12:23:47 PM
#420239   $GHSI 1.55 was a 1.5m share IPO that Mark 05/21/19 12:01:37 PM
#420238   I did not buy more but I think Mark 05/21/19 11:56:24 AM
#420237   $GHSI 1.55 tiny float, reversing on chart, lots Mark 05/21/19 11:55:06 AM
#420236   Added more June market puts!! vlispxpert 05/21/19 11:31:13 AM
#420235   Very rare time that I bought both shares vlispxpert 05/21/19 11:18:51 AM
#420234   Looks like a long term tuck and put hardcore 05/21/19 11:16:28 AM
#420233   REMX meep meep ;) vlispxpert 05/21/19 11:10:13 AM
#420232   When Biotest owned Bivigam it was doing about matt24d 05/21/19 11:07:02 AM
#420231   Yes and it should be complete today. Also matt24d 05/21/19 10:58:33 AM
#420230   $NBIO Nascent Biotech Inc. .19!!! Captain Hindsight 05/21/19 10:55:43 AM
#420229   I'm ok holding...may be the worst IPO ever vlispxpert 05/21/19 10:54:58 AM
#420228   ADMA didn’t they just announce public offering? K-Pax 05/21/19 10:51:46 AM
#420227   Yes correct ADMA Imo is going to be matt24d 05/21/19 10:20:47 AM
#420226   $GHSI volume has completely died! Hopefully we can PatiencePaysOff79 05/21/19 10:08:28 AM
#420225   ADMA I assume this is the other one? JonesBur 05/21/19 10:08:27 AM
#420224   Thanks, I took 50% of my holdings off matt24d 05/21/19 09:55:23 AM
#420223   SESN nice sells! I definitely sold too soon, JonesBur 05/21/19 09:49:00 AM
#420222   SESN nice exit. Looking to add back in. K-Pax 05/21/19 09:48:01 AM
#420221   GBTC SODE INTV bitcoin stocks might do something StocksnCrypto 05/21/19 09:24:37 AM
#420220   SEEL news https://www.pressviewer.com/profiles/investor/NewsPrint.asp?v=6&b=2376 axelvento 05/21/19 08:52:00 AM
#420219   Adma Biologics Inc (ADMA) President and CEO Adam matt24d 05/21/19 08:24:50 AM