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NOHO, Inc.

is a publicly traded company (OTCQB:DRNK) in the beverage and hospitality industry. NOHO also operates in the advertising technology sapce, through its wholly owned subsidiary- Media360 Licensing. Through the company's point of sale digital signage, it provides awareness and branding campaigns to advertisers on a local and national basis in bars, restaurants and taxis.
As the company owns its own network, it is focused on the burgeoning cannabis industry, as it is able to offer advertising services to the rapidly expanding cannabis markets which remain largely unavailable to licensed dispensaries.


Share Structure

Common stock outstanding as of May 19, 2017 and March 31, 2017: 8,243,553,970 and 5,549,380,373 

(previous Shares Outstanding  5,290,162,415 on 12/31/16)

  Authorized Shares 25 BILLION 


CEO David Mersky, is an attorney (practiced law in the NY for 10 years as a litigation attorney) and was CEO of an elite and successful marketing firm (Time Jump) that specializes in developing products for web based offerings and uses its vast network of strategic partners to maximize sales conversions for its clients. Time Jump incorporates a comprehensive approach in the implementation of the sales process by providing solutions for inbound and outbound sales, customer service/CRM consulting and credit card processing.

Recent Developments
DRNK Closes Acquisition of 1Tapp - A Mobile Web Application Designed to Service the Cannabis Industry
SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2016 / NOHO, Inc. (DRNK), a Wyoming corporation (the Company) announced the following:
The Company has completed an asset purchase agreement to acquire 1Tapp from The Weaver Group, LLC, a mobile web application. The transaction was accomplished using a portion of the newly converted preferred stock already issued to the insider shareholders and there will be no dilution to the common shareholders.
1Tapp is the Company's new mobile web app that optimizes user interaction by providing an ease-of-use interface for customers to engage with the cannabis retail sector. The app allows customers to access and receive up to date information such as,
- Product promotions
- Rewards programs
- Gift cards
- Daily specials
- Store events
- Direct customer inquiry
- Pricing and new products
1Tapp gives cannabis dispensaries the ability to market directly to both patients and customers through a cost-effective web-based app.
CEO David Mersky, Chief Executive Officer of NOHO, Inc. commented, "This marks an enormous breakthrough in the Marijuana industry as dispensaries will no longer have to rely on stale directory sites that effectively prevent individual branding and do not provide metrics and user data. Dispensaries will now be able to take ownership of their own sales funnel, design their own engagement campaigns and compile their own customer data. "To facilitate our marketing plans for the 1TAPP app," continued CEO David Mersky, "We are opening a new state of the art telephone sales operation in Phoenix, AZ, located in the prestigious Biltmore area in January, 2017.
Currently, through our subsidiary, Meda360 Licensing, Inc., we are nearing completion of our proof of concept in Arizona, where we have 120 host sights installed, featuring the Company's digital signage and media technology. The point of sale model will serve as the base for the Company to offer 1Tapp and other services as part of a larger suite of products, all designed for the small business to enhance customer engagement.
Finally, it gives me great pleasure to report that this model will be rolled out nationwide. We look forward to announcing updates as developments occur.

Name change from NOHO, Inc. to IMBUTEK Corporation, seeking to trade under a new proposed symbol
The Company has authorized its counsel to effectuate a name change from NOHO, Inc. to IMBUTEK Corporation, seeking to trade under the new proposed symbol of IMTK, or if not available then IUTK or IBTK.
This change is intended to more accurately reflect the nature of the Company's core advertising technology business. Until that process is completed, the stock will continue to trade under its current symbol: DRNK.

NOHO Launches International Sales oF 2oz Shot; AccesswireDecember 8, 2016.  In addition to NOHO Gold soon cannabis infused NOHO will be offered:

DRNK Retires 2.5 Billion of Common Shares, SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / November 22, 2016
On November 21, 2016, NOHO, Inc., a Wyoming corporation (the Company) announced the following:
The 2,500,000,000 shares of NOHO stock belonging to Dolce B Investments that had been pledged to the company as collateral for Purple Investment Group, Inc.'s assumption of liabilities of NOHO following the Spin-Off Agreement dated September 9, 2016 are being cancelled. After the cancellation, the issued and outstanding shares total 3,655,216,110.

Expansion of Cannabis Advertising Platform and Business Solutions.
"We attended the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas last week and the company had several high-level meetings with a number of firms to discuss potential acquisitions and product sales," stated CEO David Mersky, Chief Executive Officer of NOHO, Inc. "As a result of these meetings, the Company's Board of Directors has agreed to form a major division that will focus on the development of specialized advertising platforms designed for the Cannabis industry. Further, we will expand our offerings of industry products, financial tools and services, including software. Such highly focused targeting within the Cannabis sector will speed up our acquisition efforts. We are currently in talks with companies situated in California, Colorado and Oregon."

Currently the Company has negotiated letters of intent to acquire the assets of two companies.
- Essential Marketing Systems, LLC, of Scottsdale, Arizona
-, Inc., operating as, of Yorba Linda, California., alone, has $350,000 in revenue in 2016 and is operating profitably. Its projected revenue for 2017 is well beyond $1,800,000. These companies presently operate in the advertising technology space and the acquisitions will expand the Company's product lines to offer customers a bundled suite of advertising and business services from a streamlined and direct platform. These acquisitions are anticipated to be completed by December 15, 2016. These acquisitions will be achieved by using the newly issued preferred shares and there will be no dilution to the existing common shareholders.
"I believe that the time to strike is now," continued CEO, David Mersky. "We aim to be a large and successful business presence in the Cannabis Industry. And we are grateful to our shareholders, new and old, for sticking by us. Retiring these many billions of shares is just one of the ways we are planning for success. We look forward to keeping you abreast of our progress in the near future."

Quarterly Report 3/31/17
Revenue $12k, Loss $392k, Loss from Ops $161k
Toxic debt paid in quarter $30k
Toxic debt issued in quarter $60k






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