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Next Galaxy Corporation is a leading technology and content solutions company, developing dynamic, innovative Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences for consumers.
                             The Company's flagship consumer product in development is CEEK.

            CEEK is a next-generation fully immersive entertainment and social virtual reality platform.

                    Features a combination of live, virtual and augmented events and experiences.

              Next Galaxy's CEEK aims to simulate the communal experience of attending live events;

               Concerts, sporting events or business conferences.through Virtual and Augmented Reality.

               Next Galaxy To Provide Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiary Richline With ECommerce Virtual Reality Content 

           MIAMI BEACH, Fla., May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Next Galaxy Corp. (NXGA),  a leading developer
        of innovative content solutions and fully immersive consumer virtual reality...

#1 Ranked University of Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari Teams Up with Next Galaxy for
CEEK Virtual Reality Experience

MIAMI BEACH, Fla.March 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Next Galaxy Corp. (OTC: NXGA), a leading technology and content solutions company developing dynamic, innovative consumer Virtual Reality content and technology, is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into an agreement with iconic basketball coach John Calipari to create an...

Next Galaxy Develops First-In-Class Consumer Virtual Reality Audio Headset For Use With Oculus Rift

Next Galaxy Corp. (OTCBB:NXGA), a leading developer of innovative content solutions and fully immersive Consumer Virtual Reality technology, is proud to announce the release of a first of its kind virtual reality audio headset - Ceekars™. Ceekars™ is the world’s first integrated Virtual Reality (VR) audio headset specifically
optimized to work with the Oculus Rift and other head mounted VR devices that lack audio to provide dynamic,
reactive sound in parallel with immersive video, completing the ultimate VR experience.

   "Next Galaxy Corp., a leading developer of innovative content solutions and immersive             consumer virtual reality technology, creating a dystopian universe surrounding the band,
                and allow fans to virtually enter, engage and explore  this parallel world.  

Released on 
January 22, 2016, fans will be able to purchase the new album,  a CEEK Virtual Reality cardbox headset with instructions, and a download code to access and unlock exclusive content which wll be simultaneously launched with the release of Dystopia to begin their VR Experience.   Special CD package will be available at all physical and online retailers."

About Us

Next Galaxy Corp is a leading developer of innovative content solutions and fully immersive Consumer Virtual Reality technology and applications.

Next Galaxy's flagship application - CEEK is a fully immersive social VR hub for accessing entertainment, education and branded experiences.

Ceek simulates the communal experience of attending live events, such as concerts, movies, sporting events or business conferences.
Next Galaxy is building the meeting places of the future.


Next Galaxy Corp’s mission is to harness the power of technology to make everyday life fun and easier for people all over the globe.

Mission Statement

   We believe imagination is the audacity to take an unknown path and the courage to 
redefine convention by deriving expressions that linger in the minds of others.

Next Galaxy’s passion is building and launching the next generation of market 
     – based solutions to push emerging technologies to its outer limit.

Our corporate culture quality is not an accident;  it is always the result of 
 high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.

“Overstanding” our market’s needs, and creating new ideas
and concepts of profound contemporary impact.


 Understanding a new idea, Einstein once said "is not like erecting a skyscraper in the place
     of an old barn, but like climbing a mountain, gaining new and wider views, discovering            unexpected connections and perspectives.  We must go up into the high country of the
      mind and breathe the thinner air. We must weigh in at 100% capacity, must we not?" 

President & Founder
Mary Spio

Among Mary Spio’s many accomplishments, she is best known for creating and holding patents on the technology used to digitally release feature films. Mary and her team at Boeing worked with LucasFilms to be the first to digitally distribute major motion pictures over satellite. Since then, the platform is an accepted, cost saving, modern alternative used for scores of high-grossing blockbusters. Mary is on the USA Today panel of CEOs, Presidents, Founders, and Chairmen where she advises on leadership trends a few times a year. She is named alongside Oprah in NBC News and the GRIO’s 100 History makers in the making. Ms Spio has provided marketing expertise and technical direction to over 200 Leading Retailers, Radio Station Groups, Microsoft XBOX, TiVO, Tribune News Company, Coca Cola, Toyota and much more.


If I could pick one person from history to have lunch with, it would be Arthur C. Clarke – science fiction writer who said in 1945, “I think this whole idea of satellites in space could work!” He also predicted space shuttles, super-fast computers, lightning quick communications and that man would reach the moon. Dare to take BIG AUDACIOUS steps even if they seem impossible to others. Innovation is the audacity to take an unknown path and the courage to redefine convention by deriving expressions that linger in the minds of others. True innovation doesn't happen by accident; it is always the result of high imagination, creative effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution, “overstanding” challenges that are placed before you and creating new ideas and solutions of profound impact


Lee Hilton
Chief Technology Officer

Lee Hilton started in information technology as a teenager, taking his first step as a Microsoft contractor shortly out of high school. After several years in a number of system engineering roles, he moved on to work in database and software engineering at Expedia and Zillow in Seattle. In 2009, Lee was named Vice President of Information Technology at the LA-based film studio Saddle Ranch Productions. Lee spent several years as the Director of IT for the Pierce County Community Newspaper Group prior to starting his own firm.

“I have enjoyed the privilege of working for some of the best and most diverse organizations in the world. If I could only choose one piece of experience to share with a new engineer it would be this: You are part of a whole. Take time to learn from and understand the business, marketing, and executive branches of your company. It is all too common that engineering teams feel at odds with business or advertising teams. The products we make need to solve problems for all kinds of people.”

Nicholas Stephan
Chief Video Technologist

Nicholas Stephan, Director of Photography and Editor for 2007's FIFA's World Player of the Year Ricardo Kaka's feature length documentary “O Ritmo Do Meu Jogo," created for the 2010 South African World Cup has a radical passion for transformative technologies. Nick was instrumental in establishing the foundation for ESPN’s Wide World of Sports in-house editing, camera crews, optimizing and editing work-flows, best practices, on-site equipment purchases, and proper editing between Grass Valley Servers & Online Distribution.

Adventure Online TV was where Nicholas Stephan took his first steps professionally in the film and television industry.  As a high school student, he created action sports videos for online distribution through BrightCove’s Beta 1 release, which progressively grew to syndication through Limelight, Daily Motion, and other major platforms. Working with Adventure Online TV allowed Nicholas to learn about new technologies from passive/shuttering 3d, underwater bullet cameras, 4k, and the importance of familiarity with stringent standards and guidelines for global distribution. This knowledge propelled his future projects and evoked a passion that would ignite a desire for film and technology, choosing an education full of innovation and creativity at Full Sail University where he pursued a BS in Film and Television.

While not tinkering with the latest creative suites, Nick also enjoys creating websites, developing successful SEO campaigns, creating interactive widgets, marketing and utilizing social media for numerous International & New York Times Best Selling Authors, medical companies and the YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy.

Nicholas, like Next Galaxy is striving to be a paramount force in the technological transformations today, and yet to come.

"I find myself in a pivotal time, where technology is catching up to our imagination.  We are living and breathing a transformation once thought to be ideas of a very distant future. Never stop learning, and surround yourself with unique individuals. Embracing the vast array of cultures and ideologies around us, forces growth. It is what inspires and allows creativity to continue to flow." Nick Stephan


Laurie Clark
Chief Operating Officer

Laurie Clark has held Executive Level positions in marketing, merchandising and business development for over 30 years. Ms. Clark has worked in all areas of the retail supply chain and has had direct responsibility for over $4.0 billion dollar P & L’s.
She has consulted to many top 100 retailers in the areas of merchandising, CRM, .com merchandising, acquisitions, marketing and advertising. Ms. Clark also works with domestic and off-shore suppliers in the areas of business development, marketing and sales planning. Ms. Clark has successfully lead the development and implementation of Loyalty and Targeted Marketing programs for retailers in the entertainment industry since 2000. Ms. Clark served as EVP of Merchandising & Marketing with Trans World Entertainment, a public company (TWMC) Retail industry and launched the companies first e-commerce site. Ms. Clark from 1994 to 2000 held positions of VP/DMM Supplies; VP Merchandising and Marketing, Contract & Commercial; SVP/GMM of Merchandising Retail and E-commerce at Staples (SPLS). Ms Clark is a graduate of Havard Business School, Laurie also holds a BS in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts. Ms Clark has served on several boards including School and Home Office Board and the Plymouth Plantation and Mayflower Trust Board.


 Michel St-pierre
  Chief Financial Officer and Director

Mr. St-Pierre, is a University of Montreal graduate in Business Administration and a Certified Public Accountant. He has held positions as Finance Director and Corporate Treasurer with companies such as Symbior Technologies Inc. and SPB Canada Inc., as well as Chief Financial Officer and Director of public companies such as EcoloCap Solutions Inc. and Tiger Renewable Energy Limited.

He has been the Company’s principal financial officer , secretary treasurer and director since inception in May 2009. From 2009 to June 19, 2014, he also acted as President and CEO at which time the Company acquired the assets of Next Galaxy Corp. and Mary Spio, the founder and principal of Next Galaxy took over the overall management of the company.


1680 Michigan Avenue Suite 700
  Miami Beach, FL 33139

 Contact: Tina Brown
 Next Galaxy Corp.


Date Time Source Headline Symbol Company
04/22/2016 9:53AM Edgar (US Regulatory) Statement of Ownership (sc 13g) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
01/19/2016 4:59PM Edgar (US Regulatory) Quarterly Report (10-q) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
01/15/2016 11:46AM Edgar (US Regulatory) Statement of Ownership (sc 13g) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
01/14/2016 2:40PM Edgar (US Regulatory) Notification That Quarterly Report Will Be Submitted Late (nt 10-q) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
01/06/2016 6:01AM Edgar (US Regulatory) Current Report Filing (8-k) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
12/28/2015 12:02PM Edgar (US Regulatory) Current Report Filing (8-k) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
12/23/2015 10:58AM InvestorsHub NewsWire Next Galaxy and Universal Music to Launch Virtual Reality Experience USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
11/16/2015 5:03PM Edgar (US Regulatory) Information Statement - All Other (definitive) (def 14c) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
10/21/2015 2:05PM Edgar (US Regulatory) Proxy Statement - Other Information (preliminary) (pre 14c) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
10/15/2015 3:01PM Edgar (US Regulatory) Quarterly Report (10-q) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
09/28/2015 6:04AM Edgar (US Regulatory) Amended Annual Report (10-k/a) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
09/15/2015 5:23PM Edgar (US Regulatory) Annual Report (10-k) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
09/14/2015 9:33AM Edgar (US Regulatory) Amended Statement of Ownership (sc 13g/a) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
09/14/2015 9:29AM Edgar (US Regulatory) Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership (4) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
06/29/2015 8:00AM PR Newswire (US) Former NFL Lineman Akim Millington to Head Next Galaxy's VR Sports & Entertainment USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
06/18/2015 8:00AM PR Newswire (US) Next Galaxy To Reach Millions Of High School Football Fans With Exclusive Virtual-Reality Sports Agreement USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
05/19/2015 8:00AM PR Newswire (US) Next Galaxy to Provide Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiary Richline with eCommerce Virtual Reality Content USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
05/01/2015 8:00AM PR Newswire (US) Next Galaxy's Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Platform and 4D Audio Headphones Chosen as top Innovator at the eMerge Americas... USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
04/27/2015 8:00AM PR Newswire (US) University of Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari and Next Galaxy President Mary Spio Interviewed on Bloomberg's "Taking ... USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
04/20/2015 8:30AM PR Newswire (US) Next Galaxy Selected as a Top 10 Startup for MobileWeek 2015 USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
04/14/2015 2:36PM Edgar (US Regulatory) Quarterly Report (10-q) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
04/14/2015 8:00AM PR Newswire (US) Next Galaxy Founder Mary Spio Interviewed by USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
03/16/2015 8:30AM PR Newswire (US) #1 Ranked University of Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari Teams Up with Next Galaxy for CEEK Virtual Reality Experience USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
03/11/2015 8:30AM PR Newswire (US) Next Galaxy to Develop Virtual Reality Applications for Miami Children's Hospital USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
03/02/2015 8:30AM PR Newswire (US) Next Galaxy President Mary Spio Featured in Forbes Article as a "Game Changer" for Technology and Virtual Reality USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
02/25/2015 9:45AM PR Newswire (US) Next Galaxy Founder and President Mary Spio Updates Shareholders as Virtual Reality Products Near Release USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
01/27/2015 8:30AM PR Newswire (US) Next Galaxy's BIG Summit A Huge Success, Highlights Increasing Mainstream Adoption Of Virtual Reality Technologies USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
01/14/2015 5:30PM Edgar (US Regulatory) Quarterly Report (10-q) USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
01/07/2015 8:30AM PR Newswire (US) Virtual Reality Innovators Rally In Miami Beach For Business Innovation And Growth (B.I.G) Summit. Early Facebook Executive,... USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL)
01/07/2015 8:30AM PR Newswire (US) Virtual Reality Innovators Rally In Miami Beach For Business Innovation And Growth (B.I.G) Summit. Early Facebook Executive,... USOTC:NXGA Next Galaxy Corp. (PL



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