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New Website is Live at


"Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have made important progress in designing a drug that could recover brain

function in cases of severe brain damage due to injury or diseases such as


By Sally Robertson, B.Sc.Feb 12 2019 Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)


Here is a look into the next frontier of Nanotech Bio-chemcial medicine coming to MILV

To understand what the Nano Tech R/M with MILV is all about, and why it is the future of medicine, pharmaceurticals, health

supplements and drinks one must understand what a Liposome is and how and why they are so usefull.

Here is link to an image Library of them with labels. Think of them nano probe drones that can navigate and deliver stuff the

right address in the the human body on demand.


Here is what the MILV / CCA partner University of Pennsylvania is working on.



20 years ago a prior company called the Liposome company,

that earlier Michael W Fountain patents and work was a big part of

what was bought for $585 Mil dollars in 2000 by ELAN Pharma...

Methods of dehydrating, storing and rehydrating liposomes


Patent number: 5922350

Abstract: Dehydrated liposomes are prepared by drying liposome preparations under reduced pressure in the presence of one or more protective sugars, e.g., the disaccharides

trehalose and sucrose. Preferably, the protective sugars are present at both the inside and outside surfaces of the liposome membranes. Freezing of the liposome preparation

prior to dehydration is optional. Alternatively, the protective sugar can be omitted if: (1) the liposomes are of the type which have multiple lipid layers; (2) the dehydration is done

without prior freezing; and (3) the dehydration is performed to an end point which results in sufficient water being left in the preparation (e.g., at least 12 moles water/mole lipid)

so that the integrity of a substantial portion of the multiple lipid layers is retained upon rehydration.

Type: Grant

Filed: June 16, 1997

Date of Patent: July 13, 1999

Assignee: The Liposome Company, Inc.

Inventors: Andrew S. Janoff, Pieter R. Cullis, Marcel B. Bally, Michael W. Fountain, Richard S. Ginsberg, Michael J. Hope, Thomas D. Madden, Hugh P. Schieren, Regina L. Jablonski

Patent number: 4610868

Abstract: Lipid matrix carriers are described which provide for the sustained release of bioactive agents in vivo or in vitro. The properties

of the lipid matrix carriers of the present

invention include high entrapment efficiencies; release of entrapped compounds in their active form; biodegradability and avoidance of

vascular occlusion in vivo; and avoidance

of sequestration of the bioactive agent in the liver and spleen.

Type: Grant

Filed: March 20, 1984

Date of Patent: September 9, 1986

Assignee: The Liposome Company, Inc.

Inventors: Michael W. Fountain, Steven J. Weiss, John J. Kearns, Alan L. Weiner, Mircea C. Popescu

Patent number: 4588578

Abstract: A process for the preparation in a monophasic solvent system of a new type of lipid vesicles, called monophasic lipid vesicles

(MPVs). MPVs can be made to

encapsulate one or more bioactive agents. MPVs are stable during storage and can be used in vivo in the treatment of disease.

Type: Grant

Filed: August 8, 1983

Date of Patent: May 13, 1986

Assignee: The Liposome Company, Inc.

Inventors: Michael W. Fountain, Steven J. Weiss, Mircea C. Popescu

Patent number: 4522803

Abstract: A new and substantially improved type of lipid vesicle, called stable plurilamellar vesicles (SPLVs), are described, as well as the

process for making the same. SPLVs

are stable during storage and can be used in vivo for the sustained release of compounds and in the treatment of disease.

Type: Grant

Filed: March 24, 1983

Date of Patent: June 11, 1985

Assignee: The Liposome Company, Inc.

Inventors: Robert P. Lenk, Michael W. Fountain, Andrew S. Janoff, Marc J. Ostro, Micrea C. Popescu


Related Univ of Penn Patents that might be involved with the formation of NDT Pharmaceutcal Inc


US4610868A - Lipid matrix carriers for use in drug delivery ...


Application number: US06/591,576; Inventor: Michael W. Fountain: Steven J. Weiss: John J. ... Liposome Co Inc; Original Assignee:

Liposome Co Inc; Priority date (The priority date is ... US20100098773A1 (en) *, 2008-09-26, 2010-04-22, The Trustees Of The

University Of Pennsylvania
, Polymer ... Non-Patent Citations (7) ...


Earlier Historical Info

The R/M Custodial Letter that first allerted us to what was R/M with MILV
Oct. 24, 2019

More to come shortly, check back soon


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