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MYGO GAMES HOLDING CO. (MYGG) was selection by Amazon as Developer Select, signifying a major milestone with its first round of mobile games under the “GO Hunting” franchise.


CEO Jonathan Pina and Willie Robertson at the Vegas Shot Show. 

My GO Games corporate offices  at 13785 Research Blvd,  Suite B-140, Austin Texas



Choose from hundreds of bow, quiver, and accessory setups from your favorite brands! From shooting targets, wild game to aliens and zombies, the playing combinations are astounding.

GO with your recurve, compound or crossbow and step up to the challenge of multiple bowsports; including 3D Shoots, Big Game, and Wild Arcade shooting events, all set in spectacular outdoor locations.

GO Hunting: Archery Edition allows users to experience the thrill of the hunt virtually anywhere with amazing quality and a range of features:

- An assortment of sights, rests, arrows and more provide hundreds of bow setups!
- The only game with equipment accurately modeled from the bestselling brands you know and love!
- A variety of environments, weather conditions, camera angles and target types provide incredible depth of play. 
- Highly detailed 3D art and scenery make the most of your Android device!

     Whether you enjoy archery or shooting sports, 3d target shoots or hunting, Go Hunting is the game for you. Level up your skill in bow, rifle, or shotgun. Participate in target shoots and hunts to try and gain the high score. There may even be a few surprises along the way. You never know what kinds of targets you will be shooting at next.



As MYGG expands operations to support growth projections, the team eagerly anticipates the launch of its series of games at the end of the second quarter of this year. The online versions of “GO” Hunting, Archery and Shooting Sports editions will be released at the end of this month, with the Android and iOS versions scheduled for release by the end of June.


GO Games Sponsors


Management Team        

G. Jonathan Pima

CEO, CFO, Director 
Mr. Pina brings a wide range of finance, transaction and reporting experience.  Mr. Pina has advised public and private companies of various sizes through strategic transactions and reorganizations.  Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Pina was the Managing Partner and co-founder of Pimuro Capital Partners, a boutique financial advisory firm serving small-cap companies. Prior to founding Pimuro, Mr. Pina led the Energy group at a boutique investment bank in Houston, Texas.  Mr. Pina started his career in finance at Randall & Dewey (now, Jefferies' Energy Investment Banking Group).
Mr. Pina received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Rice University and his Master of Business Administration degree from the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University.

Mr. Pina was selected as the 2008 Emerging Businessman of the year by the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
Mr. Pina is not related by blood or marriage to any of the Company’s directors or executive officers or any persons nominated by the Company to become directors or executive officers. The Company has not engaged in any transaction in which Mr. Pina or a person related to Mr. Pina had a direct or indirect material interest. To the Company’s knowledge, there is no arrangement or understanding between any of our officers or directors and Mr. Pina pursuant to which he was selected to serve as a director.


Frank Lucero, Senior Vice President, Global Studios

Frank is a 20+ year industry veteran who has been employed at many AAA game studios, including 2k Games, Zenimax Online, Sega, EA / Origin Systems, Midway, and Ubisoft.  Frank originally began his career as a programmer, and has worked in a wide variety of production positions, giving him a well-rounded view of product development from the inside out. He has worked on such top selling titles/franchises such as The Elder Scrolls, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wing Commander / Privateer, Ready to Rumble, NFL Blitz, Spy Hunter, MLB Slugfest, Shadowbane  and many others.  Frank has extensive online and mobile experience.

Jared Twing - Technical Director

 Programming for over 15 years, Jared's experience includes everything from Video Games to Government Contracting for the likes of the US Army Corp of Engineers and NASA. When he isn't slaying bugs or playing with the latest technologies, he spends time with his wife and son. He is an avid gamer, from card games to video games and everything in between.


Allen Rutledge QA Lead

Allen began his gaming career at Kings Isle Entertainment doing QA and scripting on their award winning
flag ship Wizard 101. After departing Kings Isle he gained experience at studios such as Pole to Win and
Sony before tackling products such as Bioshock Infinite, Civilization 5, and Borderlands 2 at Aspyr Media.
He now manages QA needs for MyGoGames and assists with programming tasks. 
Mr. Rutledge lives in Austin.

Andrew Vought
Customer Service/Social Media

Andrew brings over 6 years of customer service experience in various fields, including most recently at Blizzard Entertainment. He has a passion for games of all kinds, and regularly plays video, pen-and-paper, board and card games. Andrew likes theatre, renaissance faires, cats, and music, and at any given time has some song stuck in his head. He currently heads up Customer Support for my GO games and manages its social media as well.

Henry Gordon -Director
On September 3, 2014, the Company appointed Henry Gordon as a director of the Board of Directors. In accordance with the Board of Directors staggered board policy, Mr. Gordon was slotted to a directorship in Class One of the Board which is up to re-election at the next annual meeting of stockholders.

Henry Gordon has been an Investment Banking professional with a focus on Asian markets for the past 18 Years. He has worked in Sydney, Hong Kong, London and Singapore.

Mr Gordon is currently CEO of BTIG Singapore. Prior to that he was Executive Director of Lehman Brothers, also in Singapore. Between 2003 and 2008,  Mr Gordon traded Asian Equity at Hedge fund Peloton Partners in London and was also a director at both BNP Paribas and Credit Suisse. Mr Gordon started his career at Goldman Sachs JBWere in Sydney in 1996.

Mr Gordon has been an active investor in early stage technology focused companies and brings with him a very strong understanding of the Asian markets and investor base.

He lives in Singapore with his wife and three children.
Anthony CastoroI co-founded multiple start-ups, raised tens of millions in venture and debt financing and shipped games on just about every platform including online, mobile, social and console.


  I'm passionate about building high performing teams and creating amazing products that delight and engage players for years. I have deep experience in building and managing games as a service and I enjoy the unique challenges that are particular to the game industry.

I've co-founded multiple start-ups, raised tens of millions in venture and debt financing and shipped games on just about every platform including online, mobile, social and console. I

Greg Meador


Highly motivated team player who has a passion for building games and other applications to help businesses succeed in today's marketplace.

Utilizes strong oral and written communication skills to establish effective relationships with internal teams and customers.

Proven veteran of the game industry with 20 years of management experience, as well as a corporate background with a Fortune 500 company.

Mike Sellers

I'm a seasoned, collaborative leader and mentor with twenty years experience in making successful, award-winning games. 

I have deep experience with social, mobile, and massively multiplayer online games. I've worked in designing, producing, and running each of these. Personally, I gravitate toward mid-core role-playing, strategy, and builder games. My main strengths are in setting the design early on for success later: I know how to approach a design to integrate important social and monetization elements, rather than trying to bolt them on at the end.

I'm also an experienced serial entrepreneur, university-level instructor, and artificial intelligence researcher/developer. 

Gordon Walton

35+ years of making computer games of all kinds, 18+ years of working on massively multiplayer games and two years of social game experience.

Specialties: Executive management of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games including game development, live service delivery, business, operations, community management, customer service and QA.

I build, lead and manage teams that build great games, and doing so is my great passion.


Investment Highlights

New Games Penetrate $50B+ Mobile App Market
Positioned to Capitalize on Top Gaming Trends
Operating in Four Key Gaming Segments
Leveraging Strategic Growth Strategy
Key Partnerships with Innovative Gaming Developers


In order to serve the needs of an ever-expanding gaming industry, MYGG has implemented three distinct, cooperative game development divisions to design, market and monetize titles across three separate categories: healthcare, education and fun.

Healthcare Games

The booming global wellness market represents a tremendous opportunity in mobile gaming. MYGG’s healthcare game division is focused on the development, marketing and monetization of games designed to improve patients’ quality of life. These range from games that collect biometric feedback and help improve hand eye coordination to games crafted to connect patients with similar ailments through social platforms.

Educational Games

Educational, training and corporate games focus on interactive games designed with a purpose. MYGG goes beyond simple gamification of lessons by developing titles capable of helping users learn a new language, improve time management skills or internalize important safety training.

Fun Games

Every hit gaming title has to be an enjoyable experience in order to connect with consumers. This division is dedicated to building titles that challenges players while engaging them in an interactive forum. From fantastic fantasy worlds to simple diversions, MYGG is working to deliver the excitement of old-school arcades and modern consoles to social and mobile platforms worldwide.


Bluff Wars

Think you can DECEIVE your friends? Play Bluff Wars, the #1 ADULT PARTY GAME, today! It’s hysterical. It’s absurd. It’s pure deception! In this game of wits and trickery, you earn points for guessing the correct answer, as well as bluffing opponents into believing your made-up answer.


Phantasmic is an auto-running game that allows the player to progress more throughout levels depending on skills. This game is two-dimensional with a shadowy-”steampunk” style.

Creature Taverns

Creature Tavern is a strategy and time management video game with all of the fun and nerve-wracking excitement of classic mobile console games like Diner Dash. Players will take on the challenge of serving surly and exotic monsters, trolls and goblins in a medieval tavern, taking care to earn as much money as possible as the characters circulate in and out of the watering hole.

Growth Strategy

MYGG is continuously identifying and acting on trends in the gaming market. The company’s particular focus is currently on planning its strategy to exploit the trend toward biometrics — the electronic measurement of unique human characteristics such as fingerprints, irises and more.

The industry is in the very early stages of a biometric gaming revolution, and Obscene Interactive plans to be well-positioned to share in extraordinary growth.

Biometric applications for medically themed games are plentiful, and MyGoGames plans to add a twist to this application by providing fun and interactive apps for the global health industry.

But medicine is just the tip of the iceberg.

The company is also in talks with potential partners that are developing social games that use biometrics to detect lies, horror games that can ramp up intensity based on a player’s fear response and more.

Obscene Interactive is currently investing in the future of gaming by building a robust portfolio of mobile games and applications. As global demand for engaging new gaming content grows, the company is seeking out new acquisitions of developers using emerging technologies such as cloud computing, discrete product placement and micro-transactions to capitalize on the explosion in console, smartphone and tablet usage across the globe.


Creating the next generation of fun and intuitive digital games is no small task – but MYGG continues to launch new games.

That’s why the company has enlisted the aid of partners who are just as passionate about social and mobile gaming as it is. If you are interested in becoming part of MYGG's expanding list of innovative and proactive partnerships to develop, market and/or distribute social and mobile games, please contact MYGO Games directly.

Through its joint venture with Texas-based gaming company Source Street LLC, MyGo Games has co-founded Novalon Technologies LLC under the brand name Novalon Games. Novalon is a dedicated, in-house game development and consulting firm tasked with turning MYGG's dreams into reality – one touchscreen at a time.

Through MYGG's most recent funding strategy with Bluff Wars Android version, Obscene Interactive is just as excited about expanding the partnership with FangTooth. FangTooth Studios is a new game development company with a focus on unique social experiences. Founded by two graduates of the top-rated Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship in Houston, and joined by a team of highly experienced and professional programmers, the company is committed to bringing quality and innovation to mobile platforms.

Industry Forecast

A series of new reports from DFC Intelligence forecasts that the global market for video games is expected to $82 billion in 2017 from $67 billion in 2012. This forecast includes revenue from dedicated console hardware and software (both physical and online), dedicated portable hardware and software, PC games and games for mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, music players and other devices that can play games as a secondary feature.

PC game revenue continues to increase at a solid pace and is expected to pass $25 billion in 2017, up from about $20 billion forecasted for 2012.

Meanwhile mobile gaming is expected to be the fastest-growing video games sector over the next five years, with revenues increasing to $14.4 billion in 2017 from $8.8 billion in 2012 by a CAGR of 10 percent as an increasing number of consumers turn to smartphones for entertainment.


My Go Games
13785 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX, 78750



MYGG is fully reporting. Filings can be viewed here.


Preferred Stock, $0.0001 par value; 10,000,000 shares authorized; no shares issued and outstanding at February 28, 2014
Common Stock, $0.0001 par value; 500,000,000 shares authorized;  

 Float - 24,686,535

Item 8.01 Other Events

On April 29, 2014, OBJE relocated its principal executive office from 677 N. Washington Blvd. Sarasota, Florida 34236 to 1707 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 215, Houston, TX 77056.
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