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Mitopharm Corporation is a biotechnology company in the research, development, marketing, and sales of functional beverages, dietary supplements, and drugs. It focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) formulas for product sources, and employs the latest technology in Biochemistry and Pharmacology for scientific research and product development. Mitopharm products are about ANTI-AGING and STAMINA IMPROVEMENT. The key ingredient of the products is a novel compound (the Compound), which is the result of OVER 15 YEARS OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT BY ONE OF IT"S FOUNDING SHAREHOLDERS, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). There are over 67 RESEARCH PAPERS PUBLISHED on the Compound; ALL CONSISTENTLY CORROBORATING it"s REMARKABLE BIOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES in COUNTERACTING AGING and improving body stamina. *****MANAGEMENT"S RESEARCH INDICATES THAT THESE BIOCHEMICAL ACTIONS DIFFERENTIATE THE COMPOUND FROM OTHER EXISTING, KNOWN COMPOUNDS, EITHER SYNTHETIC OR NATUALLY OCCURING, IN IT"S ABILITY TO PROTECT ORGANS INCLUDING THE HEART, THE LIVER, AND THE BRAIN. *****MitoPharms Proffesor Dr. Robert KO and SHARE HOLDER has PATENTS PENDING reguarding the many uses of Schisanderin B in the human body. 15 years of Research and Development are now about to pay off for investors and consumers alike.Schisandra is a berry native to China and known for it"s powerful and uniqe medicinal properties. Published Studies http://www.ust.hk/bich/facultyprofiles/robertko.html Founding partner Dr. Ko, more published research /Resume and contact information http://www.mitopharm.com/robert.html#resume Mitopharm Corporation 601 Union Street Suite 4500 Seattle, WA 98101 USA Phone: 206-838-9739 CO Website-http://www.mitopharm.com/ New website pending. Also a quick source for all past PR"s. Investor Relations Mogul IR, Houston Investor Relations: Robert Adams, 713-401-9333 radams@mogulir.com Copyright Business Wire 2007 Notes -----Some of the biggest MLM Co"s in the country are very interested in some of Mitopharms products but better deals are are in final negotiations. 5-25-07 Talked with Robert @ IR today.He has been working for MitoPharm for 6 months. The share structure is 44M and there are no plans in changing it. He has 36 Press releases written and ready to go.Negotiations for national distribution and sales are about complete for the first products.Financing is in place. There is going to be national marketing and advertising programs.The Co has additional products in the pipeline which will be hearing about. Additional management from some big firms will be announced soon. Mitopharm is going to be uplisting and Coming out with a new website soon that will be taking product orders. News has allready started in rapid succession and will continue. 5/29-Robert is getting the share structure #"s together. FINANCING IS INDEED ALREADY DONE-NO NEED TO ISSUE MORE SHARES. O/S is 44M and float is very small with a # of shares restricted. MTPM is in final negotiations with Nationaly Big Name chains for national distrabution right from the start. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >IMPORTANT< May 23rd PR gives a good indication of where Mitopharm is headed.See .http://www.mitopharm.com/ for recent PR"s etc... *****MitoPharm Targets Baby Boomers,POSITIONS Functional Beverages, Dietary Supplements and Drugs- MitoPharm's Anti-Aging Products for the Baby Boom Generation By FUSING the latest BIOCHEMISTRY and PHARMACOLOGY technologies with TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINAL formulas, MitoPharm has developed CUTTING EDGE, PATENT PENDING solutions from unique and NATURAL PRODUCT sources.***** [b]SEATTLE, May 23, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- MitoPharm Corporation, Inc. (Pink Sheets:MTPM). The Baby Boom generation, some 78 million consumers strong, the wealthiest generation in history turns 60, and MitoPharm HAS POSITIONED ITSELF with its ANTI-AGEING PRODUCTS to attract some of that wealth, by making boomers lives better. As a group, they've got a lot of money to spend; altogether they earn an estimated two trillion dollars a year. Prospects for the $59 billion anti-aging market have never been brighter. With health-care costs rising, aging Baby Boomers and all other Americans are looking for ways to promote their own good health and avoid illness. About half of all U.S. consumers use vitamins and nutritional supplements and this percentage will rise as more consumers become educated about the value of these products. [b]SO THE POTENTIAL MARKET FOR MITOPHARM IS HUGE. MitoPharm products are about anti-aging and stamina improvement. THE KEY INGREDIENT OF THE PRODUCTS IS A NOVEL COMPOUND SCHISANDARIN B which is the result of OVER 15 YEARS OF RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT BY ONE OF IT"S FOUNDING SHAREHOLDERS, THE HONG KONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (HKUST). THERE ARE OVER 67 RESEARCH PAPERS PUBLISHED ON THIS COMPOUND; ALL CONSISTENTLY CORROBERATING its REMAKABLE BIOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES IN COUNTERACTING AGING and improving body stamina. *****RESTORADE - Available as a functional beverage or as a soft-gel capsule, the scientifically optimized provides holistic anti-aging benefits: -- COUNTERACTS DIRECTELY and EFFECTIVELY THE LEADING CAUSE OF AGING - mitochondrial decay, and simultaneously increases cellular anti-oxidant capacity. -- Enhances mitochondrial functional capacity of vital organs - delivering improved and balanced health as added benefits. --FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS WELL SUPPORTED BY SCIENCE -- NOT HORMONAL STIMULANTS/REPLENISHMENTS, NOR MERELY ANTI-OXIDENTS. *****STAMINA SOLUTION - Available as functional drink and as soft-gel capsule, the PATENT PENDING FORMULA of Stamina Solution delivers long-term and balanced energy improvement -- Improves stamina through rejuvenation of functional capacities of vital organs. -- Increases exercise performance and endurance by (i) enhancement of the metabolism of liver glutathione and, (ii) rejuvenated innate body conditions. -- Protects skeletal muscles from exercise-induced injuries through (i) the induction of the expression of Heat Shock Proteins and, (ii) enhancement of the metabolism of the liver glutathione. -- FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS WELL SUPPORTED BY SCIENCE. -- Not a short-term alertness stimulant. About the Company MitoPharm Corporation is a biotechnology company in the research & development, marketing and sale of drugs, dietary supplements, and functional beverages. The initial products are based on a newly discovered compound (the "Compound") that is the result of over 15 years of research and development by one of its founding shareholders, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ("HKUST"). www.ust.hk At HKUST, scientific studies have identified biochemical actions of MitoPharm's key Compound, demonstrating that it enhances the mitochondrial glutathione antioxidant status, a crucial factor in maintaining mitochondrial function and cell survival, and also induces the expression of heat shock proteins, another group of important molecules for cell protection. *****MANAGEMENT"S RESEARCH INDICATES THAT THESE BIOCHEMICAL ACTIONS DIFFERENTIATE THE COMPOUND FROM OTHER EXISTING, KNOWN COMPOUNDS, EITHER SYNTHETIC OR NATUALLY OCCURING, IN IT"S ABILITY TO PROTECT ORGANS INCLUDING THE HEART, THE LIVER, AND THE BRAIN.http://www.mitopharm.com/ **************************************************************** Company Releases for Mitopharm Corp See>http://www.mitopharm.com/ --MitoPharm's Test Findings Support the Notion That Schisandrin B Serves as an All-Round Protecting Agent Against Free Radical-Induced Cellular Injury - BusinessWire 8:00 AM Wednesday, May 23, 2007-In the IBOX above. --MitoPharm Targets Baby Boomers, Positions Functional Beverages, Dietary Supplements and Drugs- MitoPharm's Anti-Aging Products for the Baby Boom Generation - BusinessWire 8:00 AM Tuesday, May 22, 2007- --MitoPharm Test Results Indicate That Schisandrin B Not Only Protects Against Liver Damage Caused by Tacrine, But Also Produces Memory-Enhancing Effect - BusinessWire 8:00 AM Thursday, May 17, 2007- --MitoPharm's Schisandrin B Decreases the Death Rate of Brain Tissues that were Subjected to Oxidative Challenge - BusinessWire 8:00 AM Tuesday, May 15, 2007- --MitoPharm's Schisandrin B - Enriched Extract of Schisandra Berry Can Enhance Protection Against Physical Exercise-Induced Muscle Injuries - BusinessWire 8:00 AM Friday, May 11, 2007- --MitoPharm's Product Formulas Embrace the Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) Principle and Deliver Holistic Health Benefits - BusinessWire 8:00 AM Thursday, May 10, 2007- Business Description: Herbal pharmacology health and fitness products Primary State of Incorporation: Florida Country of Incorporation: USA Officers: Pak Peter Cheung, CEO/President CIK: 0001070503 Outstanding Shares: 44,512,764 as of 2007-03-28 Estimated Market Cap: 60.982M as of 2007-05-23 (based on Outstanding Shares as of 2007-03-28) Authorized Shares: 200,000,000 as of 2007-03-28 Transfer Agent: PacWest Transfer, Washington, VA 2274
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#90   Did the research Hong Kong University of science Real Knowledge 08/30/07 09:22:33 PM
#89   A 200% stock dividend-split announcement, Chimaera1950 08/25/07 08:50:48 PM
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