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$RAMO Running!! Up 48.48% -XXXsir90 10/01/15 2:38 PM
RAMO Up 27.27% Breakout in progress -XXXsir90 10/01/15 12:34 PM
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TVOG is garbage man. i've moved on... ROCKNROLLA 05/20/15 3:34 PM
$QUES press release detailing Credit Line with Wells RyGuy 01/07/15 4:41 PM
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HIIT on pace for approximately $14 Million in RyGuy 10/29/13 10:33 AM
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here is some information one of the current ROCKNROLLA 10/24/13 11:41 AM
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sup man. noticed you're in on HIIT and ROCKNROLLA 10/22/13 11:09 AM
FOYJ 80M + bid Support! bottomed out!!! innovationrich 03/14/13 1:01 PM
They don't use that much. That's a long MIKEY501 03/06/13 12:02 AM
$GESI 45-50 million dollar funding to be announced BeardOfWallSt 07/21/12 10:53 PM
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This doesn't help you out Dante, but I'm Snevey 03/09/12 10:58 AM
I second that. Juicy buy-in prices for all. emeraldcityking09 02/24/12 7:38 PM
All undervalued IMO hotdogwater 02/24/12 7:29 PM
As of yesterday close RyGuy 02/24/12 12:30 PM
HLNT is done bro. pdgood 02/24/12 11:41 AM
SEGI volume has slowed to a trickle. wadirum1 01/20/12 10:40 AM
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TDGI and SEGI! Making 2012 the year of hotdogwater 01/16/12 9:23 PM
SEGI going up tomorrow on today's news. wadirum1 01/16/12 7:23 PM
TDGI name change to HHSE is in progress... HHSEwealth 01/09/12 1:22 AM
This is the real Mikey501 choppers 01/07/12 4:17 PM
Really looking forward to Hannover House Shareholder meeting. Head Clown 01/07/12 12:31 PM
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Micro Cap Investments and Brokerages

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Moderator RyGuy
Assistants snakecorleone southernnoise Engineerbl Mick Dodge Head Clown mgplayer247

This board is to discuss investment worthy microcaps, as well as various issues with brokerages. Recent troubles with brokerages and DTCC Chills are now a part of our every day investment decision making process in the micro cap markets. 

---Please read Information regarding what we believe are greatly undervalued stocks---

Due Diligence Information:

IDLM - Idle Media, Inc. --
Idle Media, Inc. is a social media technology company that delivers cutting-edge content and online gaming through its wholly-owned operating companies, including DatPiff, Hip Hop Early, Prison Block, Backyard Buddies, and others.  Idle Media went public via a reverse merger into National Golf Emporium (NGLF) on Feb 24th, 2010.  Idle Media, LLC was formed on September 29th, 2008 operating the DatPiff website.  


IDLM currently has the following share structure as of  August 2nd, 2011


Authorized Shares: 100,000,000
Outstanding Shares: 58,483,250
Restricted Shares: 45,425,000
Public Float:  13,058,250

TDGI -  Target Development Group, Inc., is a Wyoming based corporation and a publicly traded entity on the PinkSheets Exchange under the trading symbol: (TDGI). Target  owns Hannover House which is the releasing label for Truman Press, Inc. The company is an Entertainment Media Distributor, specializing in the manufacture and release of pre-recorded movies and programs onto DVD and Blu-Ray video devices, Video-On-Demand, and the publication of literary and non-fiction books. Hannover owns or controls a significant library of film, video, television and literary properties. The company's senior executives are proven top professionals in the film distribution and banking industries, and the company's release philosophy fits into a market niche with limited competition. Completing the company's vertically integrated growth plans, Hannover is also active in the release of higher-profile films to theaters and to the domestic (North American) television markets.


TDGI currently has the following share structure as of August 2nd, 2011

Authorized Shares: 700,000,000
Outstanding Shares: 486,495,139
Restricted Shares: 160,325,186
Public Float:  326,169,953

Authorized Shares Reduced by 93% from 10 billion to 700 million on 4/7/10.
Wyoming Secretary of State website

Transfer Agent
Standard Registrar and Transfer Co., Inc.
12528 South 1840 E.
Draper, UT 84020

Phone: (801) 571-8844

Transfer Agent is NOT gagged.



Sycamore Entertainment Group - The Art of Entertainment

SEGI - Sycamore Entertainment Group, Inc., is an independent film marketing and distribution company led by an Oscar-nominated team with over 50 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Important article on SEGI's business plan:



SEGI currently has the following share structure according to Pinksheets as of  August 2nd, 2011

Authorized Shares: 750,000,000
Outstanding Shares: 156,607,608
Restricted Shares: 144,907,608
Public Float:  11,700,000







George Foreman Enterprises - GFME

POTENTIAL REVERSE MERGER with HOMECLICK.COM. Homeclick has a similar business model to 
Important Due Diligence regarding GFME:



GFME currently has the following share structure according to Pinksheets as of  August 2nd, 2011

Authorized Shares: 25,000,000
Outstanding Shares: 5,097,116
Restricted Shares: 3,875,937
Public Float:  1,221,179









Moderators and Users Disclaimer: This is an unofficial discussion group. Any accurate information should be attained through an official investor representative of the company portrayed. This is not investment advice. Everything depicted is for educational purposes only. You are responsible for your own decisions.

STOCK DISCLAIMER: Nothing in the contents transmitted on this board should be construed as an investment advisory, nor should it be used to make investment decisions. There is no express or implied solicitation to buy or sell securities. The author(s) may have positions in the stocks or financial relationships with the company or companies discussed and may trade in the stock mentioned. Readers are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to considering buying or selling any stock. All information should be considered for information purposes only. No stock exchange has approved or disapproved this information. You are responsible for your own money and the decision to buy or sell is all yours and no one elses.

The main rule here is to Follow Ihub rules: located at

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