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Michelex Corp (fka MLXO)

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Last Post: 5/7/2020 9:42:35 AM - Followers: 180 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

The SEC had no patience with MLXO and slapped their behind for not filing financial reports.  Thus, Finra deregistered their shares.  Thus, now "fka".





















Market Maker Signals on Level ll

100 - I need shares.
200 - I need shares badly,but do not take the stock down.
300 - Take the price down so I can load shares
400 - Keep trading it sideways.
500 - Gap the stock. This gap can be either up or down, depending on the direction of the 500 signal.
505 - Short on Shares
911 - Pending News

Market Makers Scams

Many market makers and organized clubs also get paid to manipulate stocks. In the case of a Market Maker, if they get a client who pays them to accumulate a particular stock at a certain price then the Market Maker will work either alone or in concert with other Market Makers to bring down the price of a stock in order for them to be able to accumulate the stock for their client. The only way to stop such devious practices is for individual investors to hold on to their stock if they have it and to support the stock by submitting their stocks as hot picks on here and for other investors to support the hot pick with their sentiments and/or recommendations. One would think that the SEC would put a stop to these Market Makers' practices but you see, the SEC is a mafia style organization whose top brass is in bed with the big players. For example, "shorting" a stock is equal to "defamation of character" and such practices must not be allowed at all. When you see an order for 300 shares, 600 shares or 900 shares know this: those are market maker signals to one another to manipulate the stock.
300 means bring the price down at least 30% and
600 means provide resistance and
900 means let the stock float.
You will usually see these trades early in the day, many times pre-market and when the volume slows down or around 1:30 - 2:30 PM EST
Whenever I see Canacrap, First, Annon and other brokerages (even Sprott 17% owner!) manipulating the SP with smal orders 100, 300, 400, 200... I know we are just before a pop in share price. The big boys are just trying to shake out the remaining weak hands.
Watching the trades go through you may sometimes notice very small executions. Some people believe, and remember this is just a theory, those small numbers could be the market maker signals to each other...

100 I need shares.
200 I need shares badly, but do not take the stock down.
300 Take the price down so I can load shares
400 Keep trading it sideways.
500 Gap the stock. This gap can be either up or down, depending on the direction of the 500 signal.

#35865   Wow! Congrats . All good stuff !! Deano361 05/07/20 09:42:35 AM
#35864   Glad job ok. Retired for 16 yrs. Out harr449 05/07/20 09:33:35 AM
#35863   Yes still working :) you too!! Deano361 05/07/20 09:30:46 AM
#35862   Stay safe. Working? harr449 05/07/20 09:23:44 AM
#35861   Hey, How are you?? Nope, wrong board. I Deano361 05/07/20 08:50:25 AM
#35860   MLXO? harr449 05/07/20 08:46:35 AM
#35859   CNBC reporting it every 30 mins. We Deano361 05/07/20 07:44:46 AM
#35858   harr moved to vsym. getmoreshares 03/27/20 09:22:11 AM
#35857   I’m still watching, hi all! Richard2 03/27/20 08:15:30 AM
#35856   Weeeee!!! bsdaddy 03/10/20 07:32:58 AM
#35855   Testing 123 lol! Deano361 03/09/20 08:46:20 PM
#35854   Funny, just read post on another board re: harr449 01/18/20 06:11:14 PM
#35853   CEO of the company can call OTCMARKET GROUP pennytradingnet 01/16/20 06:34:26 AM
#35852   Too much info. in Rule for me to harr449 01/15/20 05:20:13 PM
#35851   Never heard of it. Maybe someone else will harr449 01/15/20 05:17:42 PM
#35850   can this company can try"Expert Market' pennytradingnet 01/15/20 04:22:40 PM
#35849   Called long time ago. harr449 05/17/19 02:19:42 PM
#35848   did you phone them??? believe i sold for getmoreshares 05/17/19 12:01:26 PM
#35847   Anybody able to sell MLXO to broker for harr449 05/17/19 11:14:02 AM
#35846   Will look at tomorrow. Appreciate tips. harr449 05/09/19 09:13:33 PM
#35845   COHO and AHIX are both worth a look!. getmoreshares 05/09/19 06:52:56 PM
#35844   Thanx but too.pricey for me. Nice gain today. harr449 05/09/19 05:16:52 PM
#35843   Y’all check out egohd, post rm there should Richard2 05/09/19 01:58:12 PM
#35842   Oh yeah, maybe 10. Sold some on the harr449 04/10/19 12:08:36 PM
#35841   held it for YEARS(sound familiar?? LOL getmoreshares 04/10/19 12:04:36 PM
#35840   AHIX, watched the open and didn't dare pull harr449 04/10/19 11:59:42 AM
#35839   wow-- GL getmoreshares 04/10/19 09:24:10 AM
#35838   lol, need .0065 for break even. harr449 04/10/19 09:22:30 AM
#35837   FYI still have your other pos on watch. getmoreshares 04/10/19 09:14:02 AM
#35836   will look. harr449 04/10/19 09:12:32 AM
#35835   have two positions with news today- AHIX and getmoreshares 04/10/19 09:00:42 AM
#35834   I have been making money and taking profits harr449 03/20/19 12:06:24 PM
#35833   Believe Deano and I share a few positions! getmoreshares 03/20/19 12:04:02 PM
#35832   hope your making steady $$$ with the funds-- getmoreshares 03/20/19 12:03:08 PM
#35831   Nice. harr449 03/20/19 11:54:10 AM
#35830   Like "view systems" and RXMD-- those are next getmoreshares 03/20/19 11:51:20 AM
#35829   agreed-- but have had some good runners. getmoreshares 03/20/19 11:49:44 AM
#35828   I’m trying to get out someday, even money. harr449 03/20/19 11:35:10 AM
#35827   saw your post on another board-- was surprised getmoreshares 03/20/19 10:57:08 AM
#35826   Too bad someone didn’t have money harr449 03/20/19 10:51:23 AM
#35825   did not realize anyone was still posting here-- getmoreshares 03/19/19 07:15:30 PM
#35824   I had a life insurance policy and a harr449 02/24/19 09:19:51 AM
#35823   I’ll Let you know if that’s the case Deano361 02/23/19 09:49:06 PM
#35822   How do I buy IPO before it goes harr449 02/23/19 08:36:36 PM
#35821   Yeah I am running a plastics To fuel business Deano361 02/23/19 05:53:36 PM
#35820   Work okay? harr449 02/23/19 05:52:43 PM
#35819   Wow! What a difference a few years makes Deano361 02/23/19 05:45:20 PM
#35818   Great, 3 grandsons, 3 months, 3 years, 3-1/2 harr449 02/23/19 05:43:55 PM
#35817   Hey bud! Hope All is well?? Apparently so ???? Deano361 02/23/19 02:25:03 PM
#35816   In the meantime, I’ve read about delisted stocks harr449 02/23/19 02:07:10 PM
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