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Investing in Megatrends: Maximizing the Profits Puzzle

Studies have found that half of a stock's movement is a function of what its sector is doing. So if one is right about the major sector trends, one may take positions in the best stocks and let them ride and trade only for very good reasons - "be right and sit tight" as the saying goes..

And therein lies the art of megatrend investing. One needs not only to recognize the trends, but also recognize when they are running out of steam.

Long lasting trends that are at or near the top or bottom tend to last for years... translation: spot these trends at their apex and profit for many years after taking a position.

We will discuss opportunities that are outside of the major MegaTrends we now see in Metals, Energy, Food and Water.


Metals Exploration & Mining & All Related Services

There is no secret around here: I have a very high respect for silver fundamentals and have been actively involved in trading silver futures & equities since 2003.


Energy In All Forms & Supporting Services

Energy - everyone needs some form of it whether needed for transportation, lighting, heating, cooling, etcetera. In my view, the greener the better. However, with the current infrastructure already in place to support the petroleum industry, getting to all green energy will be a supreme challenge to overcome.


Food & Agriculture With All Supporting Services

Everyone needs to eat. Period. 


Water & All Supporting Services

Everyone needs to drink water. Period.

Jim Rogers on the Dangers of Price Inflation, the Promise of Commodities and America's Continued Decline
Sunday, April 03, 2011 - with Anthony Wile


Comments on water:

Daily Bell: Any comment on water shortages? Is potable water the next big investment?

Jim Rogers: I don't know if we discussed water last time but I have discussed it many times. There are huge shortages of water developing. We have wars developing east of the Red Sea over oil, and we are going to have wars west of the Red Sea over water. Northern India has a staggering water problem and so does northern China. Southwestern part of the US has big water problems. If you can find a way to invest in water, you are going to be extremely successful and rich.

You shouldn't own water, though, because if you own water the politicians are going to snarl and sneer and say you are capitalizing on God's-given-right to water, you filthy capitalist. If you are lucky, they will hang you in the public square. If you are unlucky, it will be worse. But if you can transfer water or clean water or provide water, they will build a monument to you in the public square, and you will be extremely rich.

The Daily Bell Afterthoughts:

Jim Rogers is in fine form in this interview. We believe it is easily the best interview we've done with him in the sense that he was unusually frank and forthcoming and made some points that we have never read anywhere else, especially about water and how to invest in it.


Special Situations & Opportunities 


Treasury Bear Market ETF -

Betting Bonds Will Fall


Nikkei Bull Market ETF -

Betting An Uptrend

More text goes here.


And what about options on some of these MEGA opportunities???
Like 30 PAL $2.00 calls for Jan 14 @20 cents each... executed 12/19/2012.


Where Should You Fit In???


We Report, You Decide


PHYSICAL SILVER... the most no brainer investment ever:

Under Constant Scrutiny & Continuous Reconstruction...

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