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Welcome! to the MDTR Board

Company Websitehttp://www.Medtainerinc.com

PRODUCT WEBSITE : http://www.Medtainer.com


The Medtainer is versatile in it’s design, being able to traverse numerous consumer needs on the go. Through the product’s ability to embody both air-tite & grinding capabilities, we are able to transcend various markets and expand its everyday uses. Although originally engineered as a solution to break down medication for the needs of Pediatric and Geriatric patients, The Medtainer has now been adopted as an application into markets/industries such as tea, culinary , coffee ,  pharmaceuticals & veterinary medicine.

We are very proud and humbled to be able to simplify and assist countless consumers in their everyday lives from the fields mentioned with such a innovative product that is composed of FDA approved medical grade plastics and is environmentally safe.

Branding is a very important part and function of Medtainer, Inc.’s philosophy of product placement. Our state-of-the-art design and printing departments will keep YOUR company’s name and contact information squarely, literally, in the client’s hands. Ordering and re-ordering is easy and fast. Our Representatives will be pleased to come to your business or residence and demonstrate The MedTainer™ for your team, answer any of their questions and make certain that they are confident and efficient when they introduce their patients to the product.

Medtainer Inc. owns all intellectual property rights including casts and molds related to the medtainer product, The product has utility and design patents held by the company itself as well.


The MedTainer™ was originally developed for geriatric and pediatric patients who had difficulty swallowing pills or needed an effective alternative to costly name-brand medications. The MedTainer™ has been sold and is being successfully used throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America and Europe. 

The addition of three important and influential members of the medical community, Dr. Vince Nguyen, Director of the Hoag Hospital CARES Program, Dr. Michael Demoratz, Administrator of 24/7 Supportive Care Network and Dr. Josh Luke, Director of the National Re-Admission Prevention Collaborative, has given Acology, Inc. a vital and growing presence and acceptance in the national medical care community.

Medtainer Inc.
is well positioned In both cannabis and entertainment industries, citing various PR's, Social Media posts and sourced articles they have worked or been featured with entities including but limited to :

Aphria Aurora
Tilray James E. Wagner
Organigram Redecan
7 Acres Broken coast Cannabis
Bulldog Amsterdam Evergreen Organix
Bonaza Gift Shop Kush Holdings inc
Dessicare inc. Weedmaps
Dope Apparel Young & Reckless Apparel
LRG Apparel Ripndip Apparel
Green House seed co Cannabis Culture
Mass Appeal Hypebeast
Massroots High Times Holdings
High Snobiety Buzzfeed
CNN Mod Sun
Flosstradamus Ty Dolla $ign
Dizzy Wright Fetty Wap
Yelawolf Redman
Wiz khalifa Cool stuff (israel)
Third Chapter Apparel Audio Mack
Crowns Guam Apparel Snoop Dogg
Carrots by anwar carrots Ftc Skateboarding 

Current Domestic shop count: 8500+
Current Countries Carried in : 20+ 

Social Media Channels (112.7k):




@Medtainer_ Mexico







Medtainer Inc. finalizing distribution deal with Humble + Fume Company

 MedTainer Inc.announced today that they are in the final stages of negotiations with Manitoba based Humble+fume to distribute its signature product, the MedTainer™ throughout the entire country. humble+fume's successes include securing exclusive supply agreements with two of the Canadian Provinces where cannabis retail will be publicly sold and granted "Preferred Supplier" status in each of the other provinces who have announced their intentions. Both MedTainer Inc. and Humble+fume have agreed that the MedTainer should become one of the primary compliant packaging solutions on the market and expect unit sales numbers to increase rapidly and immediately after the agreement is finalized. Humble+fume works with many of the privately run cannabis retailers, who have been awarded licenses to do so, across the country, as well as most of the licensed producers.

This news comes in a week that will see the Canadian retail recreational cannabis market open. Financial experts are projecting that the Canadian cannabis market will exceed $9.2B CAD by 2025. Management of both companies expect to finalize the distribution deal within the next few days and have already begun production of Canadian-compliant MedTainers to meet the expected demand.



Letter to Shareholders from Curt Fairbrother, CEO

Dear Shareholders: I’m pleased to tell you that our application to FINRA has been approved and they have formally changed both our business name and stock symbol. We are now formally MedTainer Inc. and our new call letters are MDTR. (MDTR-OTCMARKETS) From the point that we determined to completely own all of the MedTainer intellectual property to this announcement today and the continuation of actions taken by the company over the course of the last two years I can confirm that our market share is steadily increasing, and our value has sharply risen
All the effort that we’ve put into our Canadian operations have begun to pay off. We continue to see new orders from all the major LPs and just recently received a large order from a new, emerging LP that shows great promise. This is only one of many new opportunities that are emerging for us in Canada. Aurora Cannabis’ (ACBFF-U.S.:OTC) order increased last week and we were featured in a story on EQUITES.COM which detailed many of our recent success. (https://www.equities.com/news/why-licensed-producers-like-aurora-are-choosing-meditainer)  Our production tables are filled with orders and our printing operations are in full gear. We are meeting every challenge and exceeding even our most ardent supporters’ expectations.
Obviously, we are bullish on the future. As our position in the California market continues to grow we fully expect to fulfill the needs of this rapidly-expanding market. To that end we are continually acquiring new data as state licenses are granted. Our sales department is very active in calling and selling new clients. These include dispensaries, smoke shops, retail sellers, wholesalers and various cannabis market opportunists around the world. This single aspect of our business has grown by more that 150% in the last three years. Our active customer downline has grown by more than 225% since 2015.
As I’ve said before, I share your impatience with certain aspects of our market and how it has evolved. However, it is my firm belief that we are seeing the end of that period. Our marketplace is only now just beginning to scratch the surface of its’ potential. I am very confident that our company, MedTainer Inc., will continue to lead in compliant packaging. I can also foreshadow new products being manufactured and shortly made available to our sales partners. As we near the end of 2018 and begin to narrow our focus on the year ahead I am pleased to tell you that our company has never been stronger or in a better position to take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves to us as we move forward. Thank you, as always, for your continued support and confidence.
Sincerely, Curt  



Aurora Orders Big; Larger Sized MedTainer Orders Surge

Corona, CA. October 1, 2018: MedTainer Inc. (ACOL-OTC) announced today that Aurora Cannabis (OTCMARKETS:ACBFF,TSE:ACB) has placed its’ 7th order for thousands of MedTainers in anticipation of the mid-October start to Canada’s legal recreational cannabis market. The company states that it anticipated and is well-prepared to fulfill the increased influx of orders for their signature multi-functional, certified child-resistant, FDA-approved container.
The company also introduced its’ new size 40-dram MedTainer to the market, doubling the size of its’ signature product. This is in keeping with the anticipated demand of consumers who will want larger quantities of retail flower cannabis and make it easier to classify and label over-the-counter containers, as demanded by Canadian federal law.
MedTainer Inc. feels that these events signal a continuation of its steady Canadian expansion, predicted last year and continuing this year once the Canadian Legislature approved cannabis for legal recreational use. MedTainer Inc. continues to see a steady expansion in North America and anticipates that with the offer of multiple-sized, multiple-function containers this trend will continue. MedTainer Inc. anticipates doubling its’ sales and profits in 2019.


Acology Shows Strong Quarter; 33% Business Increase; Canada Booming

Corona, CA. August 14, 2018: Acology’s latest quarterly report has been released. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Buisiness is up 33% over same period last year and trending higher
    Sales exceeded $1.1 M, which reflected a nearly 10% increase over the past
    Acology’s portfolio increased by an instant $2.5M with the purchase of the I
     Inventory control is well in hand despite the surge in product orders
    Acology remains one of the few fully-reported and audited stock companies in this sector
The cannabis industry has begun to take increased notice of Acology and the MedTainer as an essential pre-packaged retail partner, especially in the Canadian sector, where Acology products are perfectly positioned to fulfill the compliance rules that the Canadian Government has posted. In approximately 8 weeks, as licensed Canadian retailers open their stores and customers are finally able to begin purchasing legal cannabis experts predict that it will see sharp increases in the entire sector, including Acology. This was the main reason that Acology purchased and re-registered, at considerable expense, the intellectual property mentioned above. More Licensed Producers in Canada have ordered customized Medtainers. The company’s decision to invest considerable resources in April have been justified and the focus now is on increasing sales to all Acology distributors and landing Purchase Orders from the LPs. Acology’s LP orders have increased month-over-month. The company also continuing to diversify its’ product line and sales of the MedX 2-Way Humidity Packs are rising steadily. The market notes that this to the fact that the system is far superior to any other product on the market. This assertion is based on both the science and the performance of the product. Each MedTainer is now pre-packaged with a 4gm pack. Retailers and customers have been extremely enthusiastic with this extra-added bonus. Acology’s management believes that its’ position has never been better and the company’s financials bear this out.

MedTainer Orders Continue to Grow; More LPs Choosing Acology

Corona, CA. July 19, 2018: Acology Inc. (ACOL-OTCMARKETS) announced today that orders for its’ signature product, the MedTainer, continue to increase beyond the record pace set for the same quarter last year. In addition, more Licensed Producers have begun to order what Acology has positioned as one of the primary, if not THE primary, retail packaging containers for the emerging cannabis market. In addition, one of Canada’s premiere franchising companies, the Shefield Group, has begun a pilot program to introduce the MedTainer to its’ customers across the country. Both Acology and Shefield agree that retail cannabis will be a major market in Canada and that hundreds, if not thousands of stores, shops and boutiques will soon be selling cannabis products to the general consumer. The franchise sector in Canada currently generates over $68B in retail sales per year.
With legislation decided, and packaging rules now in effect throughout the country, Acology has begun manufacturing Canada-specific packaging with proper labels, child-resistant lids and two-way humidity packs in each MedTainer. Acology has focused on becoming the standard packaging system for across-the-counter, pre-packaged cannabis sales in North America. The MedTainer’s unique design, FDA-approved #5 polypropylene construction material, certified child-resistant caps and MedX 2-way humidity packs put the product in a class by itself.

Acology has also vigorously and successfully defended its’ intellectual property from counterfeiters in China. There are currently no restrictions on what chemicals are used in the manufacturing processes of Chinese products that come into the country. Plastics, ceramics, glass and paper products manufactured in North America and which are strictly controlled and monitored have no such restrictions in China. An alarming number of cases have been reported that plastics containing BPA (Bisphenol A) have made it to Canadian shores and are now being sold to consumers ahead of the regulatory process agreed on through Parliament. In part, this was one of the primary reasons that Acology acquired all the MedTainer intellectual property this past April. Acology feels that it’s extremely important to protect their customer’s health. The experience that one has with cannabis should be safe and pleasurable. Acology, by continuing to make the MedTainer available to as wide a market as possible, is doing just that.
Canadians Are Warned: Beware the Flood of Bad Chinese Cannabis Products

Corona, CA. July 18, 2018: Now that the Canadian Parliament has given the go-ahead, and Canadian companies are rushing to begin marketing legal recreational cannabis later this year, a disturbing trend is being noticed countrywide: Chinese manufacturers are flooding the market with cheap, illegal and, in some cases, dangerous products. Deliberate steps are now being taken to warn the public that the pipe you use, the paper you roll or the package that you carry could be harmful to your health.
Acology Inc. (ACOL-OTCMARKETS) maintains that there are currently no restrictions on what chemicals are used in the manufacturing processes of Chinese products that come into the country. Plastics, ceramics, glass and paper products manufactured in North America are strictly controlled and monitored. There are no such restrictions in China. An alarming number of cases have been reported that plastic containers containing BPA (Bisphenol A) have made it to North America and are now being sold to consumers ahead of the regulatory process agreed on by various state and provincial governments.
The harmful chemicals associated with plastics can be divided into three categories: ingredients of plastic materials, byproducts of manufacturing, and chemicals adsorbed from the environment. The possible toxicological responses caused by plastic can be a combination of all these chemicals. Some of these chemicals are defined as priority pollutants, which are regulated by governmental agencies because of their toxicity or persistence in organisms and food webs. These regulations are NOT followed by Chinese manufacturers.
Acology’s signature product, the MedTainer™, is manufactured from #5 virgin polypropylene. It is the only plastic that has been approved by the FDA and the CFIA for use in pharmaceutical and food containers. It is non-porous, dense and non-leaching. Leached additives and residual monomers from plastic containers purchased from Chinese manufacturers have been shown in laboratory experiments. Containers made of polyethylene (PE-China), polystyrene (PS-China), polyvinyl chloride (PVC-China), high-density polyethylene (HDPE-China) and polypropylene (PP-US/Canada) were kept in artificial seawater for 24 hours. Leachable components and dangerous chemicals were found in all the plastics except polypropylene, the only plastic that the MedTainer is made from. What is equally troubling is that landfills will soon be flooded with chemical-laden discards from Chinese manufacturers.
Bright colors, easy opening lids, garish graphics and zero information about content are strictly against state and provincial cannabis packaging policies. Yet these are the very ‘hooks’ that distributors and resellers are using to induce people into buying their products. Let’s face it; Chinese products are cheaper than their North American counterparts and profit margins can be higher. That’s what this is all about; making money, regardless of any danger that might even remotely be attached to the sold product.
Cannabis consumers should now begin to question what products they want to use and should question their retailers about what’s in the bags, containers, papers and glass that they’re purchasing.  The local, state and provincial authorities have been charged with keeping people safe as they transition to the legal cannabis market and, so far, they’ve done a pretty good job. Cannabis ingestion should be, if nothing else, pleasurable and non-toxic. Cannabis consumers should demand that their retailers and distributors are, at the very minimum, making certain that the products they are selling and, in some cases, giving to their customers are safe for them.

Acology Announces Big LP Order; Canadian Market Begins to Move

Corona, CA. June 18, 2018: Acology Inc. (ACOL-OTCMARKETS) announced today that Organigram Holdings Inc. (OGRMF: US-OTC) has renewed another order for Acology’s signature product, the MedTainer, which will be custom printed for the Canadian LP and equipped with Acology’s MedX 2-way humidity packs. This follows several other Canadian LP orders in the last month and reflects the run-up to the successful vote in the Canadian legislature to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Acology, having completed and submitted applications to each Canadian provincial authority delegated to adopt and enforce packaging compliance, is now finalizing steps in several provinces to serve as a primary retail package for legal cannabis in those provinces.
Shoppers Drug Mart, (SC-TORONTO) who petitioned the government for license to sell recreational cannabis, is making decisions based on safety information provided by Acology executives in Toronto last week and the advice of its’ LPs about specific packaging regulations, to use the MedTainer, possibly as a primary retail packaging solution.
There will be a refractive period of at least 14 weeks before the Canadian market can be fully operational, as there are several legislative hurdles still to jump and Ottawa cautiously moves to full licensing and operation. This means that there are still decisions to be made when it comes to packaging. Acology has and continues to position itself throughout this process as the preferred retail packaging system for most, if not the entire, Canadian market. The MedTainer fits all Canadian safety, labeling and content parameters perfectly and is the only patented multi-functional container on the market. Acology continues to aggressively market its’ products in developing markets world-wide and anticipates what compliant packaging would be once the US becomes a retail cannabis market.
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